Best Email Marketing Templates to Grow New Business

Best Email Marketing Templates

On average the return on investment i.e. ROI for an email marketing campaign is around $32 for the expenditure of 1$. Isn’t it great? This means email marketing is an excellent way for new businesses to grow. Apart from this, email marketing is the second most easy way of digital marketing to get high ROI. This means that email marketing, if done correctly will pay you well and it is super easy to do. This means you can do it on your own, without much learning or expert help.

All you need to do for a successful email marketing campaign is some high performing and strategic email templates that will help your startup to grow rapidly. Here we bring to you five email marketing templates that are vital for the growth of new businesses.

Email marketing templates that help new business to grow:

1. Welcome your new subscribers:

It is a special time when you get a new subscription for your mailing list. This means that the customer has started building a relationship with your business and if you make the right moves then this relation can last long and benefit both of you mutually. You cannot afford to make a mistake here because the first impression matters a lot.

When someone subscribes, make sure to send them a welcome email. This is proven to result in an increase in long-term engagement with the brand by around 33%. These emails are known to get 5 times the click rates and 4 times the open rates as compared to other bulk email promotions. And they can surely get you money. Welcome emails generally make 3 times the revenue and transactions per email as compared to other promotional emails.

What you can include in it:

You can mention the benefits that the subscriber would get. You can say like we are delivering the latest offers and inspiring ideas directly to your inbox. You can also add an exclusive discount code for your subscribers. You can even add some quiz to the welcome email, that will give you a better idea about your new customer and you can send out custom newsletters to them.

Example of a welcome email template:

It is simple, short, and beneficial to the recipient.

Welcome Email Template

Subject Line: Welcome to “name of the business”

Body: Hi “Name of Subscriber”

We are excited and welcoming you to the “business name” community.

Each email which you will receive will be featuring the key benefits.

Plus, Thank you for subscribing to our business emails.

The discount code for your order number “discount code”

2. Follow up on Abandoned Carts

70% of the online shopping carts have been abandoned. It seems a shame as it is failing on the last hurdle. Online retailers are losing around 4 trillion dollars for the abandoned card each year. It is estimated that around 63% have been recovered by the savvy retailers. The best way for doing this is a well-written abandoned cart email.

What you can include in it:

You can mention in the email the images, names, and prices of the products that the customer had added to the cart. You should add a button to restore my cart that can help complete the purchase with a single click.

You can inject urgency in these emails by using sentences such as “ Items in your cart are almost out of stock”; “ Hurry, the deal is about to expire soon” or “ Last 2 items of this product are left, Fetch the items before it is late”.

In some cases, you can even market a similar variant of the product at a competitive price range or some different color or size option. Mentioning user reviews and ratings in this email can also be a good idea.

Example of an Abandoned cart email template: 

Subject line: Do not worry, we have you covered.

Body: Hi [Receiver’s name]

We know that things can be uncertain and so you might forget what you added to your shopping cart, even if it has your favorite items.

So we have saved your cart and they are waiting exclusively for you. You added the following products to the cart:

Item name, image, price.

Complete your order with a discount [%] today.

Button to [complete my order]

In case of questions or support write to us at [sales email address].

3. Follow up with new customers to make them repeat customers:

so you have got a new customer. It is not the time to relax, sit back, and have a party. Instead, if you are looking to make real money then look out for customer retention. Just a 5% increase in customer loyalty can improve your profits by 25-95%. Isn’t it extraordinary?

Repeat customers are more likely to spend 67% extra as compared to new ones. So it is important to play smart and focus on back-end revenue. Front-end revenue is the one that you get from your new customers. Back-end revenue is the revenue generated by the additional purchases that your repeat customers make for your business.

What you can include in it: 

You can give a discount code or voucher to your customers after their first purchase as a reward. This you can send along with your order confirmation email, rather than sending a separate dedicated email. This is because the open rate of order confirmation emails is very high i.e. around 71% instead of the average open rate of other emails which is 22% only. This means that your offers can get maximum attention from your customers if you send them receipt emails.

Example of New Customer Email Template:

Subject Line: Welcome gift for “Recipient Name”

Body: Hi “Recipient Name”, We want to thank you for your recent purchase, we are very excited, and “business name” officially welcomes you.

Welcome Gift from “Business name” to “recipient name”

You can use the promo code:” Insert Code” in your next purchase and you would get “number”% off.

Business Sign off

4. Ask for Review

According to the spiegel research center, nearly 89% of the shoppers are reading the online reviews and purchasing the items. They are displaying the reviews and increasing the conversion by 270%. When you are having only five reviews then it will result in the purchase increase by a factor of four times.

Reviews are very effective. When something is known as the social proof then it is referred to like the fact for the people and it is also heavily influencing the buyers. In other words, They are secure in the crowd. Social proof will also reassure the visitors who are making the right decision in buying things from you. So it will also ensure that you are getting as many positive reviews as possible.

What you can include in it:

You can ask the customers in the email “Help our business grow by writing a review for us”. You can mention that your review will be helpful for other shoppers. Ask for honest reviews positively. Make sure that you do not incentivize people so that they give unhelpful, bad, or ambivalent reviews. You can list out the products with a link to review each of them separately. This way the customer can review the product that they liked the most.

Example of Email Request Template

Subject Line: What are you thinking? Write the review

Body: Hi “recipient name”

We hope that you loved your recent purchase with us. If you would like to know the product then we will appreciate it and request you to write a review for us.

Customer reviews are helping us in improving our service and this will also help others in making the right choice.

[How to write the Review]

I will take this moment to thank all of the people who have provided their valuable feedback and I am grateful for it.

We are constantly making efforts to improve our service and with your feedback, we will get the opportunity for working in the right direction.

For some reason, if you are not happy then we request you to reply to this email and let us know your problem so that we would be able to correct the situation immediately.

Thanks again for purchasing with us and we will appreciate onboarding you. We are always here to help you.

Business Sign off

5. Engaging Inactive Subscribers

Let’s get practical for the moment. Many of the customers and subscribers are losing interest in the business after some time. They are still trusting your brand and like it as well, but it is something that time is short and something needs to give up.

But in this don’t let your business be given up. Use proper re-engagement campaigns that could stay at center-of-heart and top-of-mind. Plus it will also help you in bringing additional sales for your business. You are also required to show the different email providers that people want and like your emails. Otherwise, you would be in big trouble.

The anti-abuse team of Gmail is saying that they will need the evidence that your recipients are loving your email and want your emails to reach them. So if the large portion of the email database is inactive, they are not even clicking and opening your emails then email providers will start sending your emails to the promotions tab. And worst in the spam folder.

Does Re-engagement Email work?

From the study of MarketingSherpa, they have managed to re-engage around 9% of the email from the database. And 9% come under list-cleansing email. So total it comes around 18% reactivation. So never underestimate the importance of re-engagement email campaigns.

Other studies from Return-path have found out that 45 percent of the recipients who are receiving the emails are already reading the subsequent messages. This will consider a huge increase in engagement from just a single email. It would be crazy when you are not doing this.

What you can include in it:

You can keep this email text simple and about your brand only. You can make use of emojis and other design elements too. You can offer a small discount code or amount as a small bribe.

Email template for the Re-engager email:

Subject line: We miss you ( so here is a discount ..)

Body: Hey [Receiver’s name],

It has been very long and we are missing you. When you were not around, we were a bit busy. Come and see what we have new for you [ product details].

Plus, we have something special to celebrate our friendship.


Shop Now button

Not interested? If you are looking to say goodbye, then click here to unsubscribe.

20 Email template tips for new businesses:

Bear these tips in mind to create your custom email templates:

  1. Thank your customers for subscribing.
  2. Mention the benefits of being on your mailing list.
  3. Provide a means to improve your customer relationship, such as a quiz, discount code, or simply ask a question and tell them to respond.
  4. Inject your unique brand personality.
  5. Humor and personalization can improve email marketing.
  6. Give an extra incentive to your customers like free shipping or an exclusive discount.
  7. Keep email snappy and short.
  8. Include a time-sensitive discount.
  9. Add them to your business loyalty program.
  10. Add lots of product images so that visitors will be lured to visit your website.
  11. Keep the tone friendly and light.
  12. Be upfront and open about your communication.
  13. Encourage customers that are dissatisfied so that you can solve their issues and prevent negative reviews.
  14. Use playful humor in email marketing.
  15. Add your brand personality in the email.
  16. Give some incentives to the buyer.
  17. Issue an irresistible offer.
  18. Be completely honest about the time that the survey would require.
  19. Keep your focus on the benefits that you can provide to the customer for their time.
  20. Show appreciation to your customers.

Email marketing can be super powerful because it can give you high ROI and you can use analytics to review and improve your marketing campaigns. Share your best offers and new products regularly for an effective email marketing strategy.

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