Best Testing Tools for Android and iOS App Development

Best Testing Tools for Android and iOS App Development

The testing of android and iOS apps has always been challenging for developers due to its complex language and non-compatibility with other devices. It is difficult to run unit tests outside the Xcode in case of iOS apps. Though the Apple community has expanded its tech support, if compared with android apps, it is still not easy for a developer to test iOS apps. Luckily, there are tools available that make the life of a developer a bit easier. And I have listed some of the best testing tools which are used by most of the android and iOS app development agency.


appiumIt is an open-source testing tool with large community support.
-It is a simple and widely adopted in the market.
-Known to be one of the favorite testing tools of developers in iOS app development.
-It is a most versatile, user-friendly and flexible tool available in the market.
-It uses standard API, no need to install SDK.
-Supports almost every frameworks and programming languages like python, PHP, Java, etc and iPhone iPad and Android as well.

XCTest/ XCUITest

-These are the libraries present within the Xcode.
-It is fast and easy to use.
-XCTest is used to test the commercial layer and XCUI Test is for the presentation layer.
-Both tests provide the best environment for iOS app testing.
-It supports native iOS language, making it easy for a developer to test the iOS apps.
-It can work commendably when used within XC.
-No cross platforming available, so you have to stick to two programming languages i.e Swift and Objective C.



-Simple and open source testing tool.
-No technical knowledge required to use.
– One of the main features is its ability to write in plain English.
-It supports Xamarin and cucumber functionality.
-Not as versatile as Appium but is well cable of testing both local and hybrid apps.
-Cloud devices can be accessed very easily.
-Able to run on different devices like physical devices and simulators.



-An open-source tool is compatible with all most every device.
-It is mainly used for android app testing.
-It allows you to test user interface for android local and hybrid applications.
-Test code is done by selenium 2 and WebDriver API.
-It supports JSON wire convention.
– This tool can get associated with multiple android devices simultaneously.
-It has got a feature called Selenium Inspector, which can help in knowing the real condition of the app’s UI in the present time.

KIF- Keep it functional
-This tool is ideal for testing the user interface.
-Known to be very simple to set up, again it’s free.
-Can Simulate a variety of user interactions.
-Realism is key features for this tool, testing is very user like.


seetest-This a cross-platform solution supporting both android and iOS apps
provides a continuous integration environment.
-Used in phone testing, battery testing, browser testing and more.
-Known for responsive UI testing.

FBSnapshot Test Case
-This is a tool invented and powered by Facebook.
-It is ideally suited for verifying UI code by working in a different section of the screenshot.
-It allows you to work on the granular level of a UI view.


-It is a user-driven testing tool.
-Supports the Digital Automation Intelligence Suite.
-Allows testers to test app from the UI perspective, along with advance images, text, and pictures.
-Another advantage it offers is it does not require android or iOS messages which makes it suitable for testing when writing automated testing scripts.

-It is an open-Source tool.
-No solid technical background is required to work on this tool.
– This instrument has got 3 segments that are Operators, IDE, and scripts.
-This tool is used for both Android and iOS apps testing.
-Works with intelligently computerized testes.
-IDE takes help of the recording and playing back for test contents.
-Supports both XML and HTML and can capture the screen if any failure happens.



-It is a manual testing tool which is a cloud platform for cell phones.
-Free trial available without using the credit card.
-It has features like multi-touch signals, camera, and speaker control, GPS  re-enactments which can help you have full control over almost every mobile phone.
-It can record every activity happening in the procedure of testing so that if any issues arise it can be solved easily.


-Another cloud-based platform for testing android and iOS apps.
-It is also a cost-effective tool which can reduce operational and whimsical costs.
-It is the speediest tool which develops and tests applications in a very agile manner.
-This tool is one of the strongest tools to test android iOS gaming apps.
-It is a premium tool but has a feature which calls for API through GitHub’s open-source program.



-It is a performance testing tool.
-It has a free edition available for use.
-It can give clear data of how many android or iOS users a site can deal with.
-Can give re-enactments of what a mobile user can encounter during the use of the site.

UI Automation
-This tool is provided by Apple for performing iOS functional testing in iOS app development.
-It is a lightly documented tool which is written in javascript, which is the downside of it using with the iOS apps coded in Swift or Objective C programming language.

-It is ideally used for end to end app testing.
-It also supports Cucumber and Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) for iOS testing.
-It also helps in creating feature files.

In Conclusion

This wraps up my list of some of the best testing tools used in most of the android and iOS app development agencies. But remember no testing tool alone will make you a better developer. You also have to develop discipline, patient mindset and lots and lots of practice. Then In addition to using these tools, you can become a better developer. So, now go on by trying these tools and surely you will reap the benefits whether you are an individual developer or working with an android and/ or iOS app development agency. Good Luck!

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