The Best WordPress hosting providers for 2024

Blogging is now becoming one of the choices for many people who don’t want to do boring jobs and want to earn money online and this has led to an increase in the count of blogs. Most of the people choose to blog as their full-time career to earn money from it. However, there are some other reasons also to start a blog that is if you want to share an idea, thoughts, or sell services online. A blog has the power to reach out to millions of people at the same time which seemed impossible back then but now blogging has revolutionized the online market.

Now you can set up your blog in just a few steps without having coding knowledge. Most of the blogs and websites are set up using the WordPress platform. WordPress offers a very simple and interactive user interface to work on your blog and website.

However, the important part is to choose the right web hosting for your WordPress site and blog. This can be quite lengthy and time-consuming if you don’t have the knowledge of web hosting companies and don’t know what features to look in the hosting plans. don’t worry I got you covered. I will tell you the points to look in web hosting plans and which are some of the best companies to choose for your blog and websites.

best WordPress hosting providers

The hosting companies offer different plans according to the need of the users. You can choose which plans are best for your site. Now, what is the point to look at.  These are the most important points to look at a hosting company.

  • Disk space
  • Bandwidth
  • Customer support
  • Price

The above points are useful to decide which companies are the best for you.  Every company will offer different amounts of disk space, bandwidth, support, and the price of the plan. The price totally depends on the above points.

Now you know what are the points to compare in hosting plans. Now I will list down some of the best web hosting companies and their offerings.

Best WordPress hosting providers for 2024

1) Hostgator

Hostgator is a well-renowned company in the blogging market and is rated as one of the best companies to have. Most of the bloggers Hostgator for their blog and also used by many big companies. They offer good premium features at a very affordable price. The company has gained the trust of many people and is recommended by everyone. They also offer 30 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service. Hostgator comes with different plans according to the need of customers. Which are “ starter, hatchling, baby and business” I will only list the best plan for beginners as well as professional bloggers.

Hostgator  Baby plan

  • Unlimited storage space: It means you are not limited to store data on the server. You can store an unlimited amount of data without any worries.
  • Unlimited bandwidth: with this, you can easily able to transfer data from user to site and are sufficient for handling large traffic on your site.
  • Unlimited emails: you are not restricted to only 1 business email account. You can create as many you want.
  • 3 domains hosting: Hostgator offers in this plan to host about 3 domains which are the good offers in my view as compared to the price.
  • Price: Baby plan comes at approx 6$/month which is good when we look at the features. However, there are basics plans also who want to spend less money.

2) Bluehost:

Bluehost has increased its trust in recent years and is considered a good web hosting company. They provide some awesome features with some extras with their plans. they offer different plans according to the need. The company is also recommended by the WordPress company itself.

  • Unlimited transfer(bandwidth): It provides unlimited bandwidth and helps you to transfer data to each other. This plan is capable to handle huge traffic easily on your site.
  • Unlimited storage: it offers unbound storage means you can easily store large data on your servers without being down or slow.
  • Unlimited email: you will get unlimited business email accounts to manage and create.
  • Free domains and SSL certificate: you will get 1 domain free for 1 year and a free SSL certificate with the purchase of any plan.
  • Price: 5.45$/month which is good. you can get a discount on Wpx hosting

3) Godaddy:

Godaddy is a well-renowned company in the market and is providing some of the good offers for new as well as old users. They offer different plans according to the country and also plans for WordPress hosting.

  • 1- click install: GoDaddy offers 1-click install features in which you can able to install the company in just 1-click.
  • Unlimited bandwidth: GoDaddy comes with unlimited data transfers which are good for your site if you are dealing with large traffic.
  • 1 GB database: You will get 1 GB database storage space for your blog which is less as compared to others.
  • Free domain: you will get 1 free domain for 1 year.
  • Price: approx 6$/month which is quite reasonable for new bloggers.

However, the price and plan may vary as per their schemes. In my recommendation, if you are very serious about blogging then only choose otherwise it will be of waste. One of my favorite and trusted companies is Hostgator which I am using for 5 years and I still didn’t get any issues. The price of each plan varies on the basis of year and month. If you are choosing by month then it will cost you more than the yearly plan. So I suggest you purchase for a longer period and make it successful.

So now you all know about the features which matter in comparing the web hosting companies. However, be careful in choosing hosting plans. if some company is offering the same features in less amount then that doesn’t mean that the service will be good. So first check the reviews of the companies.

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