Why Should Small Businesses Shift to Cloud Computing and Database?

Cloud Computing and Database

Computing through cloud servers can bring about significant changes for small and mid-level businesses. Many companies today, close to 40%, have entirely shifted to cloud computing and by 2024 the number will almost double up. Cloud redefines the manner through which business is conducted.

In this article, you will learn about some of the essential benefits of shifting your computing work to the cloud and how it can help you with protecting your business database.

#1 Lower functional costs

A critical aspect of any change is its costing which determines how people can adopt it as a practice. Cloud provides business owners with significant savings. For instance, computing via cloud involves using only hardware. Virtualization increases the importance of a physical server’s hardware.

As a result of this, more can be done with lesser hardware with the cloud. Because of this many businesses have reduced consumption of power usage, requirements for IT equipment and even rack spaces. It leads to lower costs of installation, upgrading, maintenance of hardware, support expenses. For business owners, such savings are vital.

#2 Better opportunities for collaboration

The collaboration will become quite easier in the cloud. Having the capability to save while also accessing many files through your cloud will enable your employees to work simultaneously from one master document. Collaboration tools of cloud like Google Drive will allow your users to upload or edit or even comment on various documents which will result in a better collaboration in the workplace. You can also opt to check and limit what your employees can access.

#3 Increased flexibility in various aspects

Cloud computing has an important function, and it is a very beneficial function also: cloud allows to access files and allied information from multiple devices simultaneously and even from different places at different times. It helps in functioning in today’s mobile world. These days, because of cloud, files do not have to be stuck into a single server in a single computer.

Today the workplace caters to a lot of remote workers and need to have flexible arrangements for working, thus being able to access various work materials while being not at work is very important to employees. Cloud computing makes this possible by allowing employees to work from outside their offices also. It helps business owners to manage their work at various hours of the day as per their convenience from anywhere.

#4 Greater chances for integration

Cloud gives many opportunities for simplified integration and business owners can integrate with other cloud-based services. Thus various back-office jobs and operations can be combined with marketing and accounting for resource management. It will help save your time and allow to focus on other important business aspects.


You can store all your important business information in an organized database, like your clients’ information, on cloud and access them from anywhere.You can visit RemoteDBA.com for information on clouds.


The benefits of shifting to cloud computing are many. It is safe, secure, reliable and easily accessible from various locations. You should try cloud for your business.

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