Countries That Have The Fastest Internet Speeds In The World


There are a number of innovations that have taken place all over the world in the past few years. This resulted due to the advanced technology and innovations granted to us by the Internet. That is one of the reasons that internet is regarded as one of the most innovative technologies in human history. It has connected people with the other citizens of the world. Not only this, a vast pool of knowledge that is increasing and expanding its horizons on a larger scale even today.

The Internet has not only made these inventions possible it has provided people with means to get connected. They can share the knowledge they have in a more effective way. So much so that, people get to know about the events and changes taking place around the world on a timely basis. So we have decided to list down countries where users enjoy some top internet speeds and services. You can test your own internet speed on this site (

# Hong Kong:

Hong Kong is considered one of the strongest countries to exist in the world. It is a haven for foreigners who want to invest in the country’s economy. As far as the internet and the offered internet speeds are concerned, the country has been advancing at a fast pace. Hence, the current success of the country in various fields is the result obtained. Hong Kong is considered to be on the 3rd number as the country providing the highest speed internet. The policies the country has for internet services makes Hong Kong, one of the leaders of the world. The technology the country offers to the people of Hong Kong ensures availability of the internet connection to almost every citizen of the country. The speeds being 54.1 megabits per second. The speed of their broadband connection was recorded to be 10 to 100 Megabits per second.

# South Korea:

The internet speeds offered in South Korea was the highest in the previous years. It led other countries of the world when it came to providing the fastest average internet connection. The number was recorded to get around 45 million that made around 93% of the total population of South Korea. This makes things evident enough for the country that there has been considerable growth as far as the internet is concerned. The government of South Korea formulated the best policies and measures that facilitated the people of South Korea. South Korea became the Asian country that has the highest amount of internet connections and speeds that are of about the average broadband connection. The internet speeds on an average are about 48.8 Megabits per second.

# Japan:

Japan is one of the countries that are considered as one of the leaders and to have the best technology that is reliable and long-lasting as well. The country got familiar with the internet in the year 1996. Hence, the country showed considerable success and growth as far as providing high-speed broadband internet in the year 2000 is concerned. Apart from this, Japan is also one of the leaders when it comes to having the largest number of mobile internet users in the world. The number has reached to more than 100,000,000 users with more than 95 percent of them being people who use it for business purposes. The citizens of Japan are also familiar with 5G services and make many areas of the country use the high-speed fiber optic cables and get speeds of around 42.2 Megabits per second.

# Latvia:

Although Latvia is not as advanced as other countries of the world, it is reaping more benefits out of technology. Especially when it comes to communicating with the world through the Internet. The country got introduced with the internet and related technologies in the year 1999. After a year, that is in the year 2000, the number of internet users was nothing more than 75000 users. The number increased substantially and reached to more than 2.4 million users who use super speed internet services. Internet speeds also reach to more than 37 Mbps without any restrictions of getting access to the internet. People can freely view their online content as the government or communication media.

# Romania:

Another country that provides some of the best internet services to its citizens in Romania. According to different sources, the internet speed in the country declined to 3 percent. Even after that, the country is graded to provide the best internet connections. The number of internet users in the region reached to an amazing number of 15 million according to a recent survey. As far as the internet, speeds are concerned you won’t be able to find such speeds all over Europe. Cristesti is the city that enjoys the highest speeds in the country and reaches to up to 139 Mbps and this gets to 37.4 on an average in Romania.

Apart from that, Internet service providers in America provide users with best speeds at very affordable rates. You can look out for Mediacom packages for more services and the best prices as well. So that if you are traveling to the USA, you can experience the amazing internet services all over America.

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