Create a Pet-Friendly Home Using These 7 Straightforward Techniques

Pets, especially dogs, are our friends, our buddies, and our motivation to go outside for a walk or jog. They are indeed, our best comrades. But you can’t always live with them easily. You probably find yourself dealing with an unwanted litter and clutter, or endlessly seeking for the leash.

Yes, pet stuff isn’t pretty as always, but combining their things to your home doesn’t have to end up in an interior nightmare. Continue reading to learn how to strategically decorate your home to make you and your furry friend comfortable.

Invest in Durable Floors

You should have a hard-surface floor to keep the area occupied by your pets in an elite condition.

Thus, materials such as stone or ceramic tiles, painted concrete or laminate flooring are stain-free and are easier to keep clean than carpet. Moreover, these floors are cooler during hot weather, also essential stuff for pets with long and thick fur.

Opt for Fur-Free Fabrics

When building a pet-friendly home, think carefully about the fabrics and materials you choose to dress your furnishings and how likely are they going to attract fur.

Hence, avoid fabrics that stick to your pet’s fur such as corduroy, velvet, chenille, or mohair. Drive clear of any sensitive materials that can be destroyed by your charming little friend. Instead, choose leathers, synthetic fibers, and smooth tapestries. Also, invest in quality cloth that will endure those sharp claws.

Don’t Block their View

Not to mention, every pet loves to gaze out of the window to wait for their owners to come home or to enjoy the sunshine on some sunny days.

Thus, avoid those curtains with thick fabrics so that you won’t deprive them of their leisure.

Instead, choose those lightweight, smooth fabric curtains that will let them enjoy their view.

Further, if you have window blinds, ensure to pull them up, so your little friends won’t accidentally drag them down.

Choose Furniture Carefully

A pet-friendly home has to make special consideration to avoid many accidents that can happen around clumsy paws and fluffy tails. On that note, avoid tables that are too low since the glasses, candles, and other breakables lying on top of it may fall to their unfortunate end if the tail of your pet swings.

Instead, carefully consider the space in your home and think about how you can prevent such unfortunate events. Pets are not always conscious of their surroundings.

Elect for Semi-gloss Paints

Even if you bring your pets regularly to the salon, they will still drop dirt smears on door jambs and walls. Indeed, flat-finish paint is almost impossible to clean. So it is recommended to use semi-gloss since it’s easy to wipe out.

However, its finish will draw attention to every imperfection in your walls. Also, eggshell or satin finishes are more balanced and gentle to clean like the glossy paints.

Keep Your Charming Kitchen

Pet-friendly interiors are all about maintaining your space as clean as possible, letting that beautiful new kitchen to shine without ugly blemishes of doggy bowls or poop.

Consequently, you should avoid leaving those food bowls in plain sight. Instead, slide them beneath your kitchen cabinets, drawing them out for feeding time.

Be Material-Creative

Instead of recreating your whole area by purchasing all new furniture, you can swap out some items to quickly get a distinctive mood in your room. Consider switching out throw pillows or replacing a simple vase with a more artistic one to transform your room in an instant.


If you have pets in your home, you know that they may get into trouble as much as kids do. They are naturally curious, they like nosing around your house, yet you don’t want to get them into something that can hurt them.

So you have to strive to keep your home as pet-friendly as possible. To do so, there are various online stores such as Black Mango and other retailers that sell pet-friendly items.

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