Custom Car Covers

Car covers are one of the best products available to car enthusiasts who are looking to protect their vehicles. Most car fanatics spend tons of money on fixing up, restoring or customizing their automobiles, so it only makes sense to do everything you can to protect the money you invest. You will receive far superior results with a custom car cover over a universal or semi-custom one, especially if your car has unique modifications. However, with that being said you do not have to own a hot rod or racecar to take advantage of the benefits custom car covers can provide.


As with all protective car covers, custom covers help to protect your vehicle against the harsh elements it is exposed to while being stored. This includes bird poop, tree debris, dirt and dust, severe rain, blistering winds and potential theft. Having a tight fitting cover is the key to making this product work to its fullest potential. If the cover is loose then the chances are that the elements will not only find their way under the cover but they will be trapped there. In the case of rain and moisture this could be totally devastating and actually corrode your vehicle. Most covers include a tie-down rope however this should not be the only reason why your car cover stays on your vehicle. The cover should fit each contour and curve as well as any special modifications in order to achieve the maximum level of protection.

Depending on where you store your vehicle and the length of time it needs to be stored will depend on what specific kind of custom car cover you need to purchase. For example if you live in Las Vegas and do not have a garage but are restoring a Plymouth Super bird with a custom spoiler, you will want to make sure you purchase an outdoor custom car covers that fits snuggly and has added UV protection. Without this type of cover the harsh rays of the sun would completely destroy the upholstery and your painted finish.

Cover craft is the leading car covers manufacturer and has a computerized pattern library with over 80,000 listings. If the pattern you need is not in their database, or if you require something entirely unique, a dimension sheet can be downloaded off their web-site. From there, your measurements are put into a CAD system which will generate your custom pattern. This feature is great for vehicles with hood scoops, roll bars, grille guards, winches, and any other special modification.

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