Understanding a Cellphone:

A cellphone can be defined as any telephone, which is portable and depends on cellular network technology in its operations that including making and receiving calls. There have been confusions for a long time about smartphones being a completely different thing from cellphones, but technically, every mobile phone is a cellphone. It is important to note that, be it the latest mobile phones with a list of features to a simple mobile phone, all of them are categorized as cellphones. The critical thing here is the type of technology applied in the transmission of calls from one party to the other and not the capabilities of the handset itself. As long as the phone’s signal transmission is based on cellular networks, it falls under the category of a cellphone.

It is still correct to interchangeably use the names of mobile phones, cellphones, or cellular phones. In the contemporary world, the name smartphone is understood to be a cellphone that offers a variety of additional and advanced features than just basic accessible communication and ordinary software organizer. In the day to day mobile phone conversations, most people tend to refer a cellphone as only a primary feature phone while, on the other hand, see a smartphone as the more advanced touchscreen phone.

Understanding a Cellphone

The first-ever phone that was made available for commercial purposes was developed between 1973 and 1983 by Motorola. The phone was named DynaTAX 8000x which held power for only thirty minutes of use. According to records, DynaTAX 8000x would cost around four thousand dollars. Those cellphones are almost not the same things if they are to be compared with what is now available in the market.

Cellular Networks

The name cellphone came from the term cellular network. A cellular network comprises of towers or cellular masts that are placed in a grid-like design in the areas that they are supposed to cover. For instance, a single mast has been designed to cover approximately ten squire miles. When a person uses a cellphone to make a call, the signal is transmitted to the nearest tower, and it is, in turn, transferred to a switching network then the messages finally relayed to the cellphone of the person that is being called. Coverage

Cellular coverage might be available in almost every region of space in some countries. Theoretically, as you must think, the network in the growing areas is better and effective than in more marginalized areas. Regions characterized by minimal or no coverage at all are the regions that have poor access.

Cellular Networks

There are a significant number of mobile phone carriers that are entirely in charge of their particular cellular networks, and thus they have control of the coverage of the cellular networks. There are four large and notable mobile carriers in the United States, including AT& T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. All four major national carriers are classified as Mobile Network Operators (MNO).

You might be shocked that you did not see the name of the company that you use or that you already know as a carrier. Some of them include boost Mobile, Cricket, Straight Talk Wireless, and Ting. All these carriers that are not recognized as Mobile Network Operators but recognized as resellers. How resellers operate is that they purchase the network from either of the recognized MNOs and resell the access to their customers. Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) is the name given to a network reseller. TheMobile Virtual Network Operators are relatively smaller but are cheaper compared to the MNOs.

Should you use an MVNO or an MNO?

Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)

The MVNOs save money as they do not need the cost of network infrastructure maintenance and licensing, and thus, they can provide their network at relatively lower rates compared to the MNOs.

A significant advantage of using resellers is that they are cheap despite the transmission of the exact network from the particular MNO. It sounds crazy, right?

Apart from the affordable rates enjoyed using MVNOs, there are additional pros that attract a lot of customers. They include:

  • They do not need a credit check. In case your credit is not excellent, you do not need to panic as the mobile service resellers do not require credit as almost all their plans are pre-paid.
  • There are never surprise overages. The advance payments play a significant role in avoiding unexpected charges or overages.

Mobile Network Operators (MNO)

As much as the Major National Carriers supply network to the resellers, they still supply mobile network to the rest of the population and thus still competing with the same resellers who buy from them.

Some of the pros of using Major network operators include:

  • On the occasions of high network traffic, the MNOs always give priority to their direct customers.
  • The MNOs has the of a post-paid account. In case you do not readily have the funds, you still have the option of picking up a post-payment plan.
  • You do not need to pay all the cost of a cellphone upfront as they have the flexibility of allowing their customers to buy a cellphone with the monthly payment plan.

Cellphone Repairs

You might be taking the cellphone out of your pocket, sending a text, taking a picture, and then bam! The gravity miscalculates its equations, and your cellphone goes down.

Sometimes you might be lucky, and sometimes you may not. In the case that luck was not on your side, your cellphone might get internal or external “injuries” or both. You will definitely need to take it to a cellphone repair expert.

Cellphone Repairs

Cost of Cellphone Repair

Honestly, the cost of repairing a cellphone depends on different factors. Some of the factors that will be examined by the experts include the following:

  • What particular issue is to be fixed: An overall cellphone repair-which can be everything from batteries repair to screen replacement.
  • The type of phone to be fixed: Sometimes, an older cellphone is less expensive to repair compared to a new one.

For all the cellphone repairs, you can always get in touch with reliable experts to get the best deals.

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