Everything You Need to Know About Being Sponsored in Australia?

Next, to working holiday Visas, 457 visas are the most popular visa. Temporary 457 Work Visas (formerly called Temporary Business Visas) is an employer-sponsored visa that allows foreign workers to work in Australia for up to four years. It is for employment in jobs where there is a shortage of labour. The changes announced on April 18, 2017, will be completed in March 2024. According to the government’s announcement, temporary work visa (subclass 457) will be replaced by temporary skill short visa (TSS).


Some things you do not know about 457 Visas!

After four years you can renew your 457 visas for another four years.

  • The procedure for each applicant is different. For example, 457 visa applications for a nurse can be more complex than the 457 visa application.
  • After your first four years on 457, you should consider applying for your permanent residence (PR) visa.
  • With 457 visa-eligible dependents, husbands or real partners can work and study in Australia without worrying about their visa status in Australia.
  • Due to having private health insurance during Australia, 457 Visas are required.
  • You can lodge the visa application yourself or registered migration agent in Adelaide, au can do this for you.

457 Visa requirements change:

  • There is no visa restriction on the 457 visa, which means that employers can request or sponsor many foreign national applicants as needed.
  • 457 visa holders now have 90 days to find new sponsorships. Increased from 28
  • Market wage assessment rebate limit has been increased to $ 250 000.
  • All new company sponsorship applications will now have to determine how many places they want to be able to enroll in the life of the sponsorship agreement.
  • An English language exception for some businesses has gone away. If they are not UK, USA, Ireland, Canada or NZ passport holders, then everyone has to prove the English language ability (e.g. IELTS test). If you have five years regular secondary schooling or higher in English which will meet the requirement.
  • Now for the project and program administrators and specialist managers, the 457 visa requirement skills assessment is not classified elsewhere.
  • Start-up businesses that are doing business for less than 6 months will be given only 12 months sponsorship agreement and 457 visa related ants will be given for only 12 months.

How long will it take to obtain your 457 visa approval?

It may take several months for DHA to consider your visa application, there is no specific date. For instance, you will not get a visa in 25 days. This varies from applicant to applicant. If you submit all your documents at the same time as your visa application normally changes around 90 days.

Migration agents in Adelaide suggest that you submit all your documents at the same time as if you forget your police clearance, then it can add a few days to your application.

How much does 457 visa cost?

Each of the three approvals (Business Sponsor Approval, Enrollment Approval and 457 Visas) charges the fee with the Immigration Department (DIAC) at the residence of the application. A program of fees and fees applicable to the applications filed in DIAC is issued frequently.

DIAC fees for standard business sponsorship applications are now $ 420. DIAC fee for enrollment applications is now $ 330. DIC charges for 457 visa applications are now $ 900 and additional fees apply for secondary applicants (visa application fee is $ 1,035 for more than 18 applicants, with some extra $ 700 in some circumstances)

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