Your Business Needs an Explainer Video: 13 Reasons Why

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Every business, that wants to survive the online competition today, needs an explainer video. As marketers, we need to realise that the online audience is showing a great demand for video, and this demand is not going to die out in the near future. In fact, if we go by Cisco predictions, 80% of all online traffic will be video by next year.

But that reason alone might not make you invest in an explainer video because these just show a very small aspect of the story. So here we have compiled a list of factors that highlight why your business needs an explainer video, right now!

 1) Videos are easier to process than textual content

For the human brain, visuals are much easier to process as compared to text. Also, 90% of the information that reaches our brain is visual.

As visual beings, our ability to process and recall visual content thus becomes higher when compared to textual content. So an explainer video has a great potential to outperform your textual information.

2) Your videos get preferential treatment from the search engines

Videos get preference, not just from your audience but also from search engines.

These videos are 53x more likely to rank higher in Google search results. This boost occurs because a video can help increase dwell time (the time your user spends on a page of your site). Your landing page explainer video can help you achieve this goal and can significantly improve your online presence by taking you up the SERP.

preferential treatment

3) Explainer videos are now ruling app stores too

If you see the top ranking apps in the app store, you will notice a common feature amongst them – they have an explainer video. So explainer videos don’t just find utility on your landing pages, they also have the potential to trigger app downloads. If you have an application on the app store, it’s time to place your explainer video there.

4) Buying intent increases after watching a video

Explainer video can help you sell your product more easily. Videos drive a significant increase in purchase intent. A study of Youtube video campaigns revealed that purchase intent for audience who completed the video was 19% higher, clearly indicating that a video has the potential to incite action.

Here are 8 explainer videos that caused a big bang of sales.

5) Videos foster engagement

Videos have the potential to keep your customers hooked. When it comes to an explainer video, as seen previously, it outperforms text in terms of engagement. Additionally, by increasing the time user spends on that page, you also have a better chance of ranking higher in the search results. That factor alone can help you gain more engagement. Just make sure to knit a compelling story.

6) Of all content formats, videos offer the best ROI

According to 52% of marketing professionals worldwide, videos offer the best ROI. The role of your explainer video doesn’t end with its placement on a landing page. Videos come with the benefit of recycling and can be effectively used on social channels too. These videos can be cut short to suit the optimisation needs of a particular platform. So your explainer video can find a place on your social profiles without demanding more investment from you.

7) They fit well in all marketing channels

The benefits of explainer videos aren’t restricted to landing pages alone. In a previous point, we discussed how these videos are a common thread amongst best-performing apps. And how videos find a place on social channels too. But that’s not the end of the story.

Including these videos in emails can amplify your open rate by 19% and click-through rate by 65%.

In fact, explainer video in cold emails can help you in getting your business noticed.

8) Explainer videos help you showcase your brand personality

There is much more to a video than one can explore in a single article. Videos are a great content format when you are looking to boost brand recall. This can be attributed to their memorability over text.

These videos can showcase your brand personality more effectively and help you tap into the psychological aspects of marketing. As videos come with the benefit of color-emotion relationship, relatable character effect; they allow people to associate more with your brand as they are more likely to feel connected because of these factors. Text alone cannot help you tap into these marketing tactics.

9) They build credibility for your product and brand

Earning credibility for your business can be quite challenging if you are just relying on text or other visual formats. Videos have a greater chance of building credibility since they present a visual insight into your business – what it does, how it resolves its audience’s pain points, what makes it unique.

In fact, explainer videos really come in handy when your business is in the startup phase. Explainer video, as a pitch, can help you gain investors for your business idea. And it relies on video’s ability to create trust and drive people to associate with your brand.

10) Videos have a high shareability factor

Videos generate 1200% more shares on social channels than any other content format. So they do come packaged with a high shareability value. Your explainer video can thus help you expand your reach and bring more people on board.

11) Explainer videos help transform your FAQ section

Most businesses don’t pay attention to the FAQ section of their sites. They forget that this section helps you ‘explain’ your business more effectively by answering common user queries.

By offering these FAQs as videos, you can generate more buzz and improve engagement as well as shareability.

Explainer videos help transform your FAQ section

12) Help direct your viewer to the destination through visual CTA

An explainer video that ends with a compelling CTA can help you achieve your goal – be it creating more awareness or generating more sales.

In a textual interaction, your audience is highly likely to miss the CTA. With an explainer video, you can deliver the core message within the first few seconds thereby driving more conversions.

13) Videos rule the mobile world

Imagine a user lands on your site via a mobile device. They are more likely to interact with your brand if you deliver the information in an engaging and concise manner. This is where your explainer video can benefit you by directing mobile audience to interact with you.

Closing thoughts

For your audience, learning about your product or your business can be much more fun if you give them an explainer video. Not only does it break the monotony of text, it could be the icebreaker in your first interaction with potential customers. Above, we have given you 13 reasons why you should have an explainer video. So are you ready to take this wagon that only takes you higher?

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