Apple Might Release New iPhone Colors & the Rumored Shades are So Unexpected

It’s August – that time of the year again! You know when tech junkies start predicting what the new iPhone is expected to look like? Exactly! It is ‘that’ time.

iOS Apple Colors

Two new colors, three different sizes, and God knows how many different new models is all I get to read or hear about these days. Sometimes I wonder if the tech junkies could wait until the release of the iPhone itself and save their brains the effort that goes into assuming the possible shapes and sizes it might have. Then I realize that is what they do for a living.

Anyway, I myself am an Apple fanatic and do not let go of any news related to the tech giant. Only recently, Apple made headlines by becoming the first trillion dollar company in the world. That is the digit 1 with nine zeroes to its right (what Siri told me). Anyhow, recently, I was bombarded with a lot of new information regarding the upcoming models and I am finding it hard to contain all of it in the little space I have up there.  Hence, I will share all the rumors (related to the forthcoming models) with you. Apart from my iPhone, Charter Spectrum Internet with its great speed is enabling me to do so. Here it goes.

Rumor #1 – The Models:

Like every year, the heated debate over the various possible models that the iPhone would have continued. Looking back at the history of iPhones, every model was succeeded by its ‘S’ version the following year. It was only until the release of iPhone 6 that we were introduced to the ‘plus’ versions. Last year, Apple launched not just one but two different models- the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. The latter was released later in the year and was a special 10th-anniversary edition. However, its sales were higher than the iPhone 8. If we go by the trends, the possible models that Apple could introduce this year are as follows:

  • iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 plus
  • iPhone XI and iPhone XI Plus
  • iOS Xs and iPhone Xs Plus
  • Apple iOS X Plus.

The mystery remains unsolved!

Rumor #2 – The Sizes:

With different models come different sizes. The possible sizes that the new iPhones can come in are as follows:

  • 8-inch OLED display
  • 5-inch OLED display
  • 1-inch iPhone with an LCD display

While the former two are possible sizes of the successors of the X and 8 series, the third size will belong to a new (less expensive version) that the company is said to introduce.

With this comes the next rumor.

Rumor #3 – A Newer, Cheaper iPhone Model:

Do you remember the colorful, cheaper versions of iPhone 5? The iPhone 5cs? Well, Apple is said to release another such model that will feature a 6.1-inch LCD screen and a lower price tag. The rumored device will have an aluminum frame instead of a stainless steel frame that will help keep the cost of the mobile low. Apart from this, it will lack a couple of features including 3-D Touch and wireless charging. It might have a single lens-rear camera. By eliminating these features, Apple will cut down on the price of the iPhone.

Rumor #4 – How Many Bucks Will It Cost.

Apple has always been in news for its expensive products. But people end up buying the over-priced mobiles anyway. The expected prices for the upcoming models are:

  • $700- $800 for the new, cheaper model
  • $1,000- $ 1,100 for the OLED models

Better start saving up!

Rumor #5 – Bright New Colors:

If you have always associated colors like black, silver, and gold with iPhones, you are in for a surprise. The forthcoming models are rumored to come in a variety of more colors. No, we are not talking about sober colors here. According to predictions, the new LCD iPhone is expected to launch in grey, orange, red white and blue colors. However, owning a colorful iPhone will ask of you to let go off a couple of features as it will only be introduced in the new, cheaper version.

I am sure all these rumors have awakened the excited in all the Apple fanatics. Well, I am looking forward to the release of the new models anxiously. They are expected to come out in September. I will keep you posted with all the new rumors and gossips regarding the new models until they come out.

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