Few Smart SEO Ideas That Can Set Up Your Magento Store With Ease

Among all the popular eCommerce platforms, Magento is believed to be highly popular and search-engine friendly CMS. The reason is its plenty of functions, templates, extensions, and features with which it is easy to build a web store from scratch.

But, this is not the end. A featured website alone cannot guarantee you success. It must have the capability of standing on the top of SERPs so that visitors can easily reach them when looking for a particular search term. Here arises the need of implementing the best SEO practices so that your ranking will uplift and the store will be more visible to the audiences.

Here are some tips that one can follow to add value to his webshop-

1. No Duplicate Data

If duplicate content is used in your web store, there might be issues in the query strings of the Magento site URLs. Magento generally produces duplicate content which appears in more than one category. This directly influences the SERP ranking which is a big risk for all business types. To resolve this issue, it is a good practice to avoid duplicity of product pages. An easy way is to tweak your canonical link where you can assign those pages that are required to be easily indexed by search bots.

2. Persistent Tag Structure

For higher SEO rankings, it is important to have a persistent tag structure for your each product page. As a good practice, you can use H1 Tags for Catalogue Name and H3 Tags for the Products Names below your Product Catalog Pages. This helps in generating higher visibility on search engine platforms. With these two tags, search bots will know better about the importance of your content for your each product page.

3. Optimized Speed

The speed of your Magento website matters a lot in terms of your SEO ranking. The reason is, visitors basically abandon a website that take more than 3 seconds to load. In Magento eCommerce development, it becomes more crucial as your conversion rates may get hampered to a great extent.

4. Store Configuration

It is an important step to optimize your Magento store by making amendments in the settings of web configuration. For this, you need to go to the configuration tab in the system tab of the admin panel. If you want to keep irrelevant keywords out of the URL, you can change the settings for add store code to urls from yes to no.

5. Metadata Optimization

Optimization of the Metadata such as meta title, description and keywords is necessary for improved search engine ranking. A good practice here is to add few main keywords into the title and description of your meta content. This results in giving a better exposure to your site in front of search engines and audiences.

For a Magento store, a product page holds major relevance and needs to have persuasive metadata for every single page. This results in an improved CTR and more leads for your webshop.

6. Detailed XML Sitemap

With an XML sitemap for a Magento store, it becomes easy for the search engines to do searching, reading, indexing and crawling of your website on SERPs. For this process, it is necessary to submit your sitemap to Bing and Google webmaster tools.

You can go to the configuration tab in the system. Then pick add new option from the Google sitemap. The filename must be a sitemap.XML. Now, save your sitemap file within the particular directory on the server. Thereafter, you can pick a store view, save and generate the sitemaps for an eCommerce store.

Wrapping Up

Although we have covered various aspects of a Magento store to create better SEO results, there are several considerations that you can notice. It entirely depends on the type of your store and service offerings. There are instances that you have already input a feature into your site. Likewise, making all the changes blindfolded like others are doing is not at all feasible. Check what your site personally demands and work on the same.

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