Have Complaints About Your Energy Supplier? Here is What to Do

There is nothing as annoying as having unreliable gas or electricity at home.  That’s why you should move with speed to get a good energy supplier. With a good energy supplier, you can be sure of reliability, efficiency, and affordability when it comes to electricity or gas supply. However, if your supplier is becoming unreliable, you can lodge a complaint. Here are key things you should know as far as lodging a complaint about your energy supplier is concerned.

Talk To the Supplier

Don’t be afraid to talk to your energy supplier. It’s always advisable to embrace honesty. Just like every other business person, energy providers will also want to be given a chance to fix things. So, before deciding to make a switch, be sure to contact them. Let them know your concerns and how you’d like the contract terms to be adjusted.

Make A Complaint

If after consulting with your supplier the issue still remains unsolved, it’s time you consider making a complaint. You can do this by contacting your supplier directly or sending them a mail. Whichever option you prefer, it’s important to make sure that you have an updated meter reading at hand.

Remember, you’ll be asked to explain what the issue is and how you’d like the supplier to resolve it. There are strict policies for handling standards and the energy provider will take about two months to determine the way forward.

Using Your Phone

If you’re contacting your supplier by phone, then be sure to have a notebook and a pen ready to write down their name, the issue you raised, as well as, the time and date you made the call. In case the issue isn’t resolved immediately, ask the supplier how long it might take them to provide you with a response.

If you choose to make your complaint in writing, provide a clear explanation of what the problem is. You may also want to suggest how you expect the supplier to resolve it. If possible, include photos of your defective meter or copies of dubious bills.

Switch To a New Supplier

If you aren’t still satisfied with the supplier’s service, it could be better to switch to a different tariff or energy provider. Go online and compare different rates. Read customer reviews to find out what past customers are saying about the company’s services. You really want to avoid making the same mistakes you made when choosing your first supplier. So, be very careful when making your choices.

Bear in mind that there are countless providers out there to choose from. And not all energy providers are the same.  Thus, it is always imperative to exercise caution when making your choices. Use Utility Bidder to switch to a new supplier for better services.

The Bottom-Line

Don’t let bad energy suppliers make your life hell at home. You can lodge a complaint. Lodging a complaint will help you get a new supplier or receive improved services. Use the above tips and tricks to raise a complaint about your energy supplier.

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