How Effectively Use Social Media for Real Estate Agents

Social networks have become an essential ally of the real estate sector. For this reason, it is important to properly manage all social channels. Next, we are going to share you a series of tools so that you can implement them on social networks to gain real estate leads.

Social Media for Real Estate Agents


Real estate marketing is a sector with decades of history. We are far from publishing descriptions of 3 almost anonymous lines in the newspaper classifieds. The internet has changed everything.

Human interactions are no longer the same. Static consumers have become users with much more complex purchasing needs, behaviors, and processes.

In response, marketing changed. Flow is no longer direct or one-way: Growing user feedback has set the stage for the evolution of real estate marketing.

Traditional marketing is no longer enough, we live in a digital age, where the population is connected to the internet, this represents an important market that can be captured through this medium.

97.7% of all internet users search for information within the most important search engines, such as Google, Safari, or Siri. 76.6% of all users access some type of social network; that is, a large part of the market that you can access is online.

Marketing is an effective tool for the growth of your business, so you should consider the following trends, to start building your own brand.

To start, it is essential that you create your own content and that it is interesting for your followers. In addition, inspiring your target audience and giving them useful advice will help you attract and retain more real estate leads.

The best tricks to use social networks in real estate

There are a number of aspects that you should start to take into account to manage real estate social networks efficiently. Considering that content has become king, you have to use it to differentiate yourself from your competitors and to add value.

The ways of buying a property have changed in recent years due to the massive use of the internet and, in addition, the way of selling real estate has caused more and more people to be inspired through social networks. The needs of potential buyers have changed and you need to adapt to them.

Nowadays, it is necessary that you carry out a solid and realistic marketing plan in order to gain a foothold in the market and arouse the interest of your customers. These are six of the best tricks we can give you:

  1. Facebook for real estate

If you have considered driving more visits to your website, it is necessary that you carry out actions that attract the attention of your potential customers. It is essential that you take advantage of your publications to especially involve your customers. This way you will get more real estate leads. Facebook for real estate may be your opportunity to get a better brand image.

Also, it is essential that each content that you provide to your followers is in accordance with the philosophy and culture of your company. And to add value, it is necessary to continuously innovate and not stop experimenting and surprising your customers.

For this reason, training is key to awakening the most creative and resourceful part of your team. Betting on effort and diligence is always a good option for the entire communication team to work in the same direction. Thus, you can make a good impact on Facebook.

  1. Twitter for real estate

It can offer you many possibilities for interaction and visibility. It is a social network that will allow you to have real-time contact with your customers and will offer you the possibility of creating content that can go viral. It is a way to build or improve your brand image.

We advise you to take care of your profile and, above all, use the same colors for your logo and the rest of the page design. It is necessary that your clients identify you quickly. Also, it is very important that you use Twitter to have conversations with your followers and observe the competition.

And an infallible trick to get more followers and get your posts to more people is, without a doubt, adding hashtags so that your content goes much further.

We advise you to market your properties but always accompany the quality data and information publications. And, above all, take care of customer service, since providing a tailored treatment is necessary for them to feel special and want to maintain the link with your real estate agency.

  1. Other social networks

You have a wide range of possibilities to position your website, but by betting on LinkedIn you will get a profile as a real estate agent that will generate more traffic to your website and other profiles you have on social networks. It is one of the best ways to gain visibility in search engines.

You can also share your properties on Pinterest and Instagram, two very aesthetic social networks that will help you improve your brand image and inspire your customers.

  1. Property content

Start creating real estate posts that contain a clear and eye-catching message. And, above all, it accompanies each publication with attractive photographs and information related to the property file.

You should segment by geographic area and bet on geolocating and creating content for a specific audience.

  1. Own content

It is essential that you provide articles made or written by your own agency and that adds value to people interested in the sector. We advise you to create content related to economic news, mortgages, or advice.

Buying a home is a very important moment for a person, and it is essential that your clients feel accompanied and well advised.

  1. Foreign content

Select news and content that are interesting and share them on your social networks, always indicating authorship.

In short, it is necessary that you manage your social networks in a professional and effective way to guarantee better results for your real estate agency.

Now that you know more about Real Estate Marketing trends it is time to apply it in your own company, remember that as an independent advisor you must innovate to create a strong presence in this competitive market, so you must find a real estate platform that can help you and provide you with tools to start your way to digital marketing.

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