What is the Best Strategy for Instagram Marketing?

Strategies to Make Your Instagram Marketing Effectively Successful

The phenomenal success of Instagram as a social media platform has given a new twist to shopping online. Anyone can find out how to promote themselves on Instagram. Which strategies will work best for you? Are you looking for exponential real time engagement between your brand and consumers? Once you put your strategies in place, you will start getting simple and quick results. Which of the following approaches seems most inviting to you? You can begin with it.

Why is Instagram different from other social media platforms? Entrepreneurs and established profit makers changing over to social media marketing tactics can build and grow their business with a new IT technology thrust. But wait a minute, trial and error methods are things of the past. Take some important time to think out your plans and schemes.

What is the Best Strategy for Instagram Marketing

1. Think with Your Head Instead Of Heart Choosing Target Audience

Admit it; you want the most customers from a target audience. This is where your Instagram aims for a successful marketing strategy. But don’t lose sight of the near end of the stick. First, you need to be clear on your business objective and mission.

2. If There Are Competitors You Need Data Analytics ofthe Market Place?

Coming to the meat of the problem: you want to stand apart from your competitors. Make your aim, progress of the world and you may hit your mark sooner than you realize.


  • List all competitors
  • Keep tabs on their accounts
  • Take serious note of product and services
  • Top brands selling on Instagram
  • Product and services likes, comments and tags

Specific Factors

  • USP

Does your business have a unique selling point or are you just a me-too brand? Try to create a USP by considering why customers would prefer your product and services over a competitor. Differentiate your business or process somehow.

  • Timing for Posting

Timing is everything! There are definitely best days and time of the day to post on Instagram. Reach out more by knowing

What and when competitor posts

Note the time of day for different product and services

  • Content Is King

Images with accompanying words achieve a conversion instantly. Incentivize or inspire, the point is to hook the spirit of the buyer. Instagram postings relevant to your product and services will draw in a wider target audience.

3. Posting,Posting, Posting, Posting…

As soon as you finish a movie or book you start looking forward to newer experience. Same is the case with social media. Search engines are constantly streaming content. Older content gets pushed down.

The trick, it may seem, is never to run out of newer content. Variety is the spice of life. Find new ways to communicate the same thing in newer ways. You will be surprised at what can pull at customer heart’s strings.

Instagram statistics

  • Facial Images get 38% more likes
  • 28% increase in Instagram ads in current year
  • Weekdays popular for engaging
  • Instagram garners 80% influencers for brand collaboration
  • Instagram images grabbing more attention than even videos

Instagram statistics

A Few Notable Facts

  • Instagram clocks over 800m active users. It has graduated from being only a photo sharing app to brands trying to engage consumers.
  • Instagram engaged viewers 10 times more than Facebook.
  • Online buyers take to Instagram. More than 70 per cent users are online customers.
  • Get noticed with special content. Over 70 per cent posts go unnoticed.

Entrepreneurs And Non Professionals Can Promote Their Commerce In A Few Steps.

1. Creating your Instagram Business Account

Get a business account. A personal account simply won’t do. Switch an existing profile to Instagram business account.

Go to ‘Account Settings’

Click on ‘Switch to Business Profile’

Make it more attention grabbing. Be Tech-savvy to push sales.

You want to take advantage of Instagram being less commercial but more inspirational. Direct visitors to business links subtly.

Your description or bio should have informative content. Short, trackable links provide valuable visitor insights to grow sales.

2. Tweak Content to Make It Piercing

Don’t be satisfied with acceptable content. Instagram gives you the perfect platform for a wide range of creative and vibrant approach. Follow the top posts for maximum likes to avoid confusion and get a help to promote social media marketing services.

  • Facial and Food pictures
  • Posts related to special events
  • Highlighting product
  • Pictures of favorite teams
  • Stunning Images of behind the scene happenings
  • Simple and quick videos
  • Memes
  • User generated contents

Tweak Content to Make It Piercing

3. Quick contests on Instagram

Online contests behave like games and quizzes. Everyone wants to win some lose some. Increase brand recognition, engagement and following with contests.

  • Commenting for winning and tagging additional friends
  • Like and tag to win (simple and quick clicks)
  • Email ID wins a reward
  • Tag us to win (posting product containing images on their wall)

4. Instagram Ads

Entrepreneurs can benefits a lot from Instagram ads. Ads enter users’ news feed without appearing to be obvious marketing strategies. Sponsored tags to regular posts engage online consumers.

5. Strategy of Instagram Influencers

Make people with ‘influence’ endorse your brand and business message without sounding commercial. Influencer can be hired too!

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