How to Apply Zero Waste Strategies in Construction

Climate change effects everything today, including the home construction industry. Up to 30% of home building materials end up as waste, adding a significant and unwanted cost to your new condo in Coquitlam budget and the environment.

Construction waste not only costs you more, but it is also more harmful on the environment. Excess construction materials tossed in landfills increases greenhouse gas emissions. It also increases the industry’s need to produce more materials. Effectively applying zero waste strategies to your new condos in Coquitlam building plans, you are helping reduce the carbon footprint in home construction.

Reducing home construction waste falls into three categories:

Optimizing Your Design

Before construction starts on your new condo in Coquitlam, your builder and developer incorporate ideas in your design plans that make the most of your building materials to save money and limit the amount of waste. Designing a beautiful layout including open concept rooms and multifunctional spaces reduces the amount of energy needed to heat or cool your new homes in Coquitlam and saves times and energy in your building construction.

Planning and using energy-efficient construction techniques is another popular and effective way to incorporate zero waste strategies into your new home in Coquitlam design plans.Part of this planning includes your builder or developer incorporating safe recycling and disposal methods into your new condo in Coquitlam plans once your materials have reached the end of their natural lifespan.

Using Sustainable and Versatile Materials

One of the easiest ways builders and developers can apply zero waste strategies during construction is to choose eco-friendly and versatile materials. When picking building materials for your home, builders will consider the four Rs of sustainable construction: reduce, reuse, recycle and resale. By opting for sustainable and multifunctional materials, it lowers waste in construction and saves money at the same time.

Many construction materials like steel and wood are recyclable. Other building products are made from recycled materials such as certain plastics. These materials are easier to transport and work with so picking eco-friendly building materials reduces the carbon footprint and waste in new home construction.

Some previously or unused building products can be resold or donated to non-profit agencies so others can use the materials. Reselling unused or unwanted building materialsapplies zero waste strategies to other construction projects as well as your own.

On-site waste management plans

Planning proper waste management strategies helps reduce new home construction to zero because less materials end up in the landfill. Many construction materials are and can be recycled and reused. Incorporating strategies to take the unused building materials to recycling depots will ensure recyclable and reusable products stay out of the landfills.

Coquitlam is a great city to buy a new home or new condo in. This beautiful, thriving city is located in the lower mainland of British Columbia and is within driving distance to Vancouver. This family friendly, picturesque town has something for everyone. The many parks and greenspaces provide ample places to enjoy the scenic outdoors while the numerous shops, restaurants, and arts venues offer plenty of entertainment options for everyone.

With a population of roughly 150,000, this growing city is leading the way in planning zero waste strategies when building new homes in Coquitlam.  Zero waste management not only saves new condos in Coquitlam buyers a lot of money, but it is also better for the community and environment.

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