How To Choose The Right Online Advertising Strategy For Your Business

Online advertising

Online advertising, an essential part of digital marketing, has quickly become one of the most effective means of marketing today. As more and more individuals better good use of their smartphones, the number of internet users continues to rise and the internet has now become a second ‘home’ to a lot of people.

With this, if your business doesn’t have a strong online presence yet, then you have to prioritize penetrating this market by being more aggressive with using online advertising. As technology is fast-paced and ever-changing, it also follows that advertising strategies continue to evolve. It’s up to you to decipher which online advertising strategies are the perfect fit for your business.

This article lays down the best strategies you can use to come up with the right online advertising strategy for your business:

  1. Set Your Budget

Your online marketing strategy will only be right if it fits your budget. If not, then no matter how high the profit-earning potential of a particular strategy is, it won’t be a workable and effective strategy for your business. This tip is especially important if you’re focusing on paid online marketing strategies, with PPC strategies as a popular and effective example.

Remember that your main purpose in employing online marketing is to drive more sales for your business. Avoid online marketing strategies that will be difficult for your business to afford. Otherwise, it’ll drastically impact the strategy’s profit-earning potential.

  1. Build Buyer Personas

Do you know who your target market is? If not, then no matter what online marketing strategy you’re going to employ, you’ll still find it hard to achieve favorable returns in terms of audience reach and traffic.

To identify who your target market is, you must begin by building buyer personas. These refer to fictional characters that represent your potential customers. When you’re able to come up with buyer personas, it’ll be easier on your part to market your products and services to the consumer demographic you’re trying to reach.

  1. Define Your Brand

Defining your brand means identifying what your unique selling point is, particularly in comparison to your competitor’s. When you’re able to clearly define your brand and what sets you apart from others, it’ll be easier for you to choose the online advertising strategies that will benefit your business the most.

While it’s not wrong to get inspired by the strategies your competitors are employing, they won’t be equally effective for your business if you don’t factor in your brand’s identity. When you use your brand identity as one of the deciding factors in choosing the online advertising strategy to use, you’ll also be able to set up your unique value proposition, which drives your potential target market towards your business.

  1. Identify Your Goals

Another determinant of what the right online marketing strategies for your business are has to do with identifying your goals. If you don’t factor in your goals, then your chosen online marketing strategies will be ineffective. After all, your choice of online advertising strategy should align with your business’s goals.

identifying your goals

For instance, assume that for this quarter, your main goal is to drive more traffic to your website. If your chosen online marketing strategy can achieve that purpose, then it’s a good one to pursue.

Here are some examples of online marketing strategies that can be best paired with your goals:

  • Brand awareness – If your goal is to heighten customer awareness about your brand’s existence, then display marketing is your best choice, which means displaying your products or services on online platforms by posting photos on your website and social media accounts.
  • Increased sales – If your goal is to increase sales,then one of the most effective online marketing strategies you can do is email marketing, as it has quite a high return-on-investment (ROI) potential.
  1. Audit Your Current Strategy

This tip applies if you’ve already started applying online advertising strategies for some time now. Before you consider switching to other strategies, focus on what you’re doing at the moment. Make an audit of your current strategy so you can decipher by yourself whether or not these strategies are effective.

If your current online marketing strategies are driving profits and results, then there’s not much need for you to make too many changes. Only update online strategies that aren’t driving the results you intend to achieve or those that don’t contribute towards achieving your goals.


By applying the tips above, you’re sure to gear your business towards winning more clients and eventually retaining them as loyal patrons of your brand. In today’s competitive business arena, it’s important to choose your online advertising strategy carefully. While there are so many advertising strategies to choose from, not all of these are going to work equally well for your business.

As you take heed of the tips above, it’s important to factor in your business goals, so all the strategies you employ will work for the benefit of your business as a whole.

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