How to Create live Video Streaming App?

Today we are going through an interesting topic. What is going on in your mind? Ok, you are thinking aboutwhat topic it can be? Will it be an interesting topic?Am I right?

Okay, I tell. Today, we will discuss video streaming apps. We will talk about popular app for streaming. This is true that you can have an opportunity to get closer to others with the help of mobile video streaming app anywhere either you are inside your house or you are stepping out. Isn’t it interesting?

What are you thinking? What else can be done with video streaming apps? Yes, you can travel without stepping out, get to know new things, meet new people, see your relatives sitting away and much more. And it’s something really, really amazing! This is something different that you can do with video streaming apps.

How to Create live Video Streaming App
Live Video Streaming App

A few steps to follow while making Live Video Streaming App

  1. Business goal – You must know what is business goal, how it can benefit you. What can be done to attract users to your app?
  2. Functional specification – This another aspect of making a live video streaming app is very important. It can be developed with the help of your team.
  3. Choose the platform – Deciding a platform, which one will be better for your application, is really crucial. Choose one that targets your market, at the same time, you have to choose native or hybrid coding, more suitable to your app.
  4. App design –This is another very important aspect, that is discussed with designers. They understand your concept, design it and prepare it.
  5. Development – At this point, all technical and logical elements are implemented. Development with MVP features are required. Those are listed below.
  6. Testing – The app must be tested thoroughly considering all issues. Make sure, there is no problem in running the app.
  7. Growth of your app – Once you have published your app, analyse and make required changes.

Developing a live video streaming app is not an easy task. It needs a good knowledge of process, sound technical skills. I think, all above mentioned points should be considered while making a live video streaming app.

There are many apps but we will figure out some good about creating video streaming apps

Here are some steps to create live video streaming app

live video streaming app
live video streaming app

At first, you need to choose a platform. It can be iOS, Android, Windows phone, etc. the video streaming application can be native or hybrid. Native one is an application designed for a specific platform. It can be applied for which it is designed. And a hybrid one is an application that is supported on multiple platforms simultaneously. Let’s talk about MVP features.

1. Registration –Registration of an account is an important task in any application. Without getting registered, no one can approach your app. It is done with the use of a mobile number or e-mail address and password. It’s quite possible that sometimes you forget your password, for this,a forgotten password recovery function by e-mail or a mobile message will be required. User can log in through various social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, etc.

2. Personal/user Profile –This is something about user’s personal/individual information, so we have to see what information should be added like –

  • User name,
  • Date of Birth,
  • E-mail address,
  • Contact details,

3. Video streaming –Initially video can be made in single version means it cannot be stored on the server, it will be for a short period. we can’t watch it again.

To store it for a longer, we need to implement the function of watching broadcasts, for this, it will need a larger storage.

We will discuss it in detail. Broadcasting stream passes through the server, gets converted, and then it can be run on the subscriber’s device. And then, the video can be uploaded to the server and is stored for a little time. Duration of the time depends on the size of the storage and after that it will be deleted automatically.

4. Comments –Comments is must, as it is another important feature to make your video streaming app popular. Comments can be implemented in different way. It may be taking feedback, putting a like counter.

It is an attractive way to know interests of people, what they like. They can express their opinion, we can have feedback about how they liked it, so that we can improve the quality of broadcasts for the further development of the application. We will get to know possibilities and interests of the targeted audience, like if they are having low internet connection then what can be done so that it can run in low quality or speed also.

5. Search – Search is a necessary tool to improve the quality of our app. For this, we can implement different search filters –

  • By age,
  • By location,
  • By topics,
  • By interests,
  • By popularity, etc.

Using above filters, user will easily find what he wants to watch staying connected to your application for longer.

6. Design –Another important feature isdesign of the app. How beautifully it is designed, how does it look, how convenient it is, how clear it is? This feature can be reformed taking feedback of users. There is no readymade idea to design an app but the most popular trends must be included in your app. Put some innovative ideas that can make your app standout from the rest.

7. Privacy –This feature already sounds how important privacy is? As we all know everyone has its own feelings, emotions. Maybe, sometimes user doesn’t want to reveal its broadcasts to everyone. Sometimes, he wants to show it to his family only, sometimes, it may be his friends only. So, to avoid that disclosing for everyone, we need to add a feature, privacy settings. Like to whom they are willing to share their video:

  • One single person,
  • A list of people, etc.

8. Notifications and schedule –By getting push-notifications, when some interesting broadcast begins, user’s life becomes much comfortable. It does not matter if he is on the app at the moment, broadcast starts, for this we can add schedule feature. So, the user is at his convenience to watch. He can schedule broadcasts.


It was a short guidance on how to create live video streaming app. Some aspects of making video streaming app maybe untouched but discussed above are strong enough to develop your app.Keep your user in mind, as he or she is more important, because, your app is being developed for the user so, it must be user friendly, so that the app is easily accessible. It is not easy to develop a mobile app. But if we go through some guidelines then it may touch a great success.

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