How to Make Online Money Transfer Safe

Make Online Money Transfer

Due to the advancement of technology and the move to e-commerce by most companies, online transactions have become the simplest mode of payment. People prefer making online money transfers as it is fast and convenient. For instance, if you want to send money to Pakistan, you can do it from the comfort of your home.

However, online fraud and hacking have also become popular. Therefore, consumers need to be careful when using online platforms to make their transactions. Here are a few tips that you could benefit from when making online money transfers.

  1. Consider changing your password regularly:

The only way to get to your account is by your password. However, if you keep changing it, you will make it difficult for fraudsters to hack into your account. People prefer to save their passwords as it is convenient making an online money transfer. However, this harmless move could prove deadly if your laptop or phone disappears.

  1. Avoid using public computers:

If, for any reason, you decide to use a public computer at a library or cybercafé, do not save your password. The chances of it being traced or seen by others are high in a crowded place. To avoid leaving your data in public computers, ensure that you delete all temporary files and clear your browsing history.

  1. Use Secure Network:

If you are using a public computer or Wi-Fi, IT experts recommend the avoidance of online transactions. The secure move will prevent your data from being misused. Public Wi-Fi may offer you internet connectivity, but it does not guarantee that it is safe. If you decide to do an online money transfer, ensure that you sign off from the network and place password protection.

  1. Use licensed antivirus software and firewall:

Many people do not want to commit to purchasing licensed antivirus. They prefer to take the shortcut that comes in the form of free internet protection. Although it is cost-effective, it can expose you to threats as it does not fully protect your computer from viruses.

Firewalls assist in stopping and filtering threatening communication. Consequently, it is critical that the firewall setting is always on to block malicious viruses. Therefore, it is vital to update the antivirus and the firewall setting. The move protects the computer from unwarranted access.

  1. Learn to disconnect the internet when not using it:

The web has intelligent hackers who can easily access your computer via an internet connection. Never make it easy for people to steal your data. If you know that you will be away from the computer, perhaps you have gone to cook supper or gone for a walk, disconnect the internet connection. After all, it does not take even five seconds to do the disconnection.

  1. Always type the money transfer URL:

If you want to use internet banking, type it on your own in the browser, do not use links offered in emails as they could be a fraudster trying to trick you. Sometimes, hackers use website links that look like your original bank websites in a move to dupe consumers.

As much as you want the convenience of online money transfers, ensure that you do your due diligence by following the tips above. With reputable places like Western Union who have been in the business for quite some time, you don’t have to worry much about online money transfers.

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