What Can Netsuite-Salesforce Connector Technology Do For My Business?

Both Oracle Netsuite and Salesforce are titans in their respective fields, implemented globally by successful organizations of all sizes and across all industries. Both of these data management solutions have been decades in the making, ensuring peerless depth and breadth of functionality, as well as unmatched flexibility, scalability, and compatibility. Because many businesses opt for these two technologies, Netsuite-Salesforce data integration is a mandatory part of ensuring that an organization is getting the most out of its ERP and CRM investments.

So what exactly does data integration do, and why is it so important in today’s market landscape? Read on to find out more.

Elevate Your Game With Oracle NetSuite

First, let’s talk about ERPs, Netsuite, and why Netsuite’s abilities are important to businesses. Enterprise Resource Planning software is built to streamline many of an organization’s “behind the scenes” operations, such as supply chain management, inventory, and payroll. The result is not only highly effective data management and storage, but also a reduction of human error and heightened employee efficiency.

Netsuite was founded in 1998 under the name NetLedger, and has since become an international success, boasting cutting-edge Cloud-based software and premium data analytics. Today, Oracle Netsuite is hard at work for over 40,000 organizations across the globe, such as DWA Media and Zev Technologies. Companies investing in Oracle are banking on the company’s decades of experience as a pioneer in the realm of enterprise resource planning technology, and are richly rewarded by Oracle’s state of the art features, accessible and intuitive user interface, and broad range of support and compatibility.

Connect with Customers Using the World’s #1 CRM Platform

Salesforce, meanwhile, is currently rated as the #1 CRM solution available on the market today. Much like Netsuite, Salesforce is an industry giant, with over two decades of refinement and innovation making it the household name it is today, and the CRM of choice for over 150,000 organizations around the world. Some of its higher-profile users include IBM and Paypal.

Presently, Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management software intended to streamline all of an organization’s “customer-facing” operations, such as track customer interactions, manage accounts, and store client contact information, manage marketing campaigns, and identify sales opportunities. Salesforce is a highly effective data management solution, and it excels at helping businesses cultivate lucrative customer relationships. Not only that, but it helps your organization’s team-members be on the same page, eliminating inter-departmental phone tag in pursuit of relevant customer information.

Both Netsuite and Salesforce are invaluable tools for any company invested in growth and sustainability, but data integration between the two ensures that you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Companies specializing in data integration offer technology that allows the two softwares to sync their data into a unified point of truth from which all an organization’s team-members can operate. The end result is the coveted 360-degree view of each customer’s profile and information, as well as thorough, accurate, and up-to-date information from which management can base their decisions.

CRM-ERP Integration Puts You Ahead of the Competition

Both Oracle Netsuite and Salesforce are invaluable assets for any business with the resources to acquire them. In order to maximize one’s returns on these investments, however, data integration is a must. Why? Data integration eliminates unwanted data siloing, eliminates manual double-data entry, consolidates information cleanly and effectively, increases competitiveness, and results in better data analytics and more effective decision-making.

ERP Integration Puts You Ahead of the Competition

Alt attribute: A successful Netsuite-Salesforce data integration project is invaluable for proper risk mitigation and customer profiling.

With technologies such as RapidiOnline, Rapidi’s proprietary data integration software, an organization can rest assured knowing they’re developing their business on sturdy foundations. RapidiOnline provides users with a centralized data interface, eliminating certain daily menial tasks, and giving users a 360-degree view of clientele. RapidiOnline enables superior data analytics, reducing business risks and helping management identify sales opportunities. By automating synchronization, RapidiOnline allows your organization to do more with fewer resources, and helps your team get a leg up on the unintegrated competition, laying the groundwork for a successful enterprise.

Leave the Data Integration Project to the Experts

With decades of experience in the realm of data integration and replication, Rapidi has been setting the industry standard for years, bringing excellence, expertise, and professionalism to each and every job. While data integration projects are notoriously tricky, Rapidi makes it simple. Plus, RapidiOnline’s interface is sleek, user-friendly; within a matter of days, it can be fully deployed and your team-members fully trained. Plus, Rapidi’s team-members are always available to answer questions post-deployment.

RapidiOnline comes in many preconfigured templates that your team can choose from, but if nothing works right out of the box, Rapidi can work with your organization to craft a custom solution that fits like a glove. Real success starts with integrated data; contact Rapidi today, and take your first step towards greatness.

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