How to Protect Your Cargo from Perpetual Theft

Cargo theft is on the rise, a habit that is recorded day by day. Nothing hurts than learning that your cargo got stolen on the way. Trucks carry a very substantial amount of valuables over the roads. Many people find them more attractive objects to stealing. Cargo theft is a culture that many business owners will end up closing and start being harassed by their loaner when left alone. You don’t want to imagine how stressful and depressed that one could be. As for cargo owners, you can follow few prevention tips to ensure your cargo safety. Here are guiding tips on how to protect your property from freight theft. When you implement each step, you will eliminate chances of cargo theft and increase cargo security.

Contact a background search about the freight before hiring 

Conducting thorough background checks should be the first step in securing your property. By any means, screen all employees, carriers, and anyone who will handle the cargo along the value chain. Only choose a reputable freight service company like Sourci to transport your cargo to avoid inside cargo theft, which is on the rise, posing more problems to the freight industry problems. The rate at which this is happening is more than many companies can imagine. It is coming out of control. Once this is done, keep any shipment information as confidential as possible and screen anybody dealing with shipments.

Minimize Wait Time

Whenever the truck stops on the way for a long time, cargo is always at particular risk of theft. Trying to limit the need for weekend transits that in many cases includes excessive dwell time can help reduce the chance of losing your cargo theft. If you are new in a place where cargo theft is widespread, try not to abandon the truck alone for an extended period. Scheduling transportation during holiday time increases the chances of freight theft.

Install GPS tracking device

Embrace technology by installing a tracking device to your cargo before giving it out to the freight service. The GPS tracker will constantly feed you with information, updating you about your cargo location—a great way to relieve your stress and give you peace of mind. With the tracker installed, the chances of losing your cargo are minimal. You will understand where things move unexpectedly. Keeping track of how your cargo is moving can give you an idea of when to expect your goods. In case of any mishaps, the tracker will direct you to where they occurred.

Since the cargo theft ratio is steadily rising year over year, you should devise better practices to protect your freight. Understanding the tactics used by thieves to execute fraudulent activity is to succeed in this game. However, today the sealing process has become more and more sophisticated. Seeking the right freight service like Sourci can help minimize the potential risks as much as possible. With all the safety measures, you eliminate the cargo theft rate and secure yourself from the frustrations. Hence, you end up being a reliable supplier to your customers.

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