How to start a local business in Montreal

How to start a local business in Montreal

Starting a business is a great idea for anyone who dreams of being their own boss and being responsible for all the decision-making related to their work. But in order to create a business that will provide you with a steady income, you need to offer goods or services that are in demand among your potential clients. That’s why doing proper research of the market demand is an essential first step of any business venture.

Decide on a business

When you decide to start a business, don’t just go for the one you think will be popular. Choose something you have experience with. If you worked as a dentist at the dental clinic for years but you’re tired of commuting every day, maybe it’s time to start your own practice? Perhaps one closer to home. Whether in Montreal or in Laval teeth whitening and cleaning will always be in demand. Or maybe you are an experienced worker skilled in plumbing or construction? This is also a solid base for your own business. In a city as big as Montreal, an emergency plumber will never be out of work. Combining necessary skills with the demand is what stands behind all successful companies. Use your knowledge and education to choose the best option for yourself.

Make a business plan

Whichever type of business you choose to set up, creating a business plan is always a good starting point. This way you’ll set clear goals you want to aim for and prepare for all possibilities. Keep it realistic, you’re not going to conquer the market overnight. Unforeseen problems can emerge at the most surprising moments so you should include a contingency in your plans. Don’t let it discourage you, beginnings can be difficult but it’ll give you the experience needed in the further development of your business.

Register your business

Most businesses in Quebec have to be registered. The only exceptions are joint business ventures and sole proprietorships. But in the second case, it’s only the businesses run under the owner’s full first and last name that are not required to go through the registration process. However, if you think it’ll be better for your business to be registered or you just want to do it for your own comfort, you can choose to register anyway.

Taxes and accounts

Check the regulations to make sure whether your chosen type of business is required to register for the goods and services tax (GST) and the Québec sales tax (QST). For accounting purposes, it’s also better to set up a business bank account right away. This way all of your company’s transactions history will be kept in one place. At this point, it may be a good idea to make a decision whether you’re going to be responsible for your own accounting or if you’d rather hire an accounting firm to do that for you.

Create a website

Any modern business will benefit from its presence on the internet. Having a website or at least social media profiles can attract many new potential clients. It’s important to keep up to date and update all the necessary information regularly. Your posts don’t have to be strictly linked with the operation of your own business. You can share interesting news concerning the industry you’re working in or let the customers know about the latest solutions available on the market.


Local ads of your business in your area will let people know about you but don’t forget about the marketing opportunities provided by the internet. The social media presence alone won’t guarantee sufficient results. Look for the optimal advertising tools for your company and utilise them to let your offer reach as many potential customers as possible.

Starting a business can seem daunting and complicated but the rewards it offers are definitely worth taking the risk. Running your own company will let you gain independence and enable you to develop your business in a way that you think is the most beneficial.

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