How to Switch Your Blog Article into a High-Quality Video

Increasing traffic and revenue by repurposing your content is a fantastic strategy.

When you convert a blog piece into a video and submit it to a site like YouTube, you’re effectively doubling the number of people who will watch it. More people who view your material implies more traffic, which means better SALES.

It’s also a well-known truth that video marketing is massive and extremely beneficial for any company. However, there’s a chance that many people won’t be able to create outstanding films for a variety of reasons.

In those circumstances, turning your content into a video is a terrific way to get your feet wet in video marketing. Furthermore, it is quite simple and quick to finish.

What do facts and figures say about video content?

According to a Cisco report, the video will account for almost 82 percent of all online traffic in the future.

And, according to Vidyard’s research, video produces superior outcomes.

Today videos are so much significant that:

  • Receives 41% more web traffic through searches;
  • Witness a 27% increase in click-through rates;
  • And generate income at a rate that is 49 percent quicker than non-video consumers.

To put it another way, you no longer have the option of not delivering your material via video.

People today choose to study, purchase, and engage online, mostly through video.

Over half of marketers plan to add YouTube and Facebook channels for video distribution in the coming year.

Visual content production, such as videos, is the top goal for 33% of inbound marketers in the coming year.

Video content fell below the top two priorities — growing SEO presence and creating blog content — but it occupies the minds of a large part of the marketers surveyed by Hubspot.

How to make videos from blog posts?

According to surveys, 81 percent of the companies that employ video marketing as part of their promotional plan saw a boost in sales. Video marketing can help a company expand tremendously.

Finding the time to create videos might be hard whether you’re a small business or a blogger. You’ll need to compose a screenplay, record a presentation, conduct voice-overs, and edit, among other things. It’s a lot of effort. However, you are not compelled to go through this step.

Use your current blog posts as a beginning point to make your videos. To get started, follow these steps.

  1. Choose an excellent blog post
  2. Make a list of the most important things you got from the blog.
  3. Using those key points, write a brief narrative for your video.
  4. You may use free stock video footage or photos to make the film.
  5. Include a free music track as a background.
  6. Then, using text effects, insert your script into the video.

Here are some instances of using that method to turn your blog article into a video.

Use Microsoft PowerPoint

If you don’t have any expertise with video editing, the simplest approach to transforming a blog post into a video is to create a slideshow and then convert it to a video using Microsoft PowerPoint. Using it you can achieve your goal easily.

Simply make a presentation as you would usually. Create new slides using the text paragraphs and subheaders from your blog post. Slides with photos and animation effects can be added.

When your slideshow is ready, go to File > Save & Send > and select Create A Video from the drop-down menu. You may choose an HD video (up to 4K) and export your slideshow as a film from this screen. That’s all there is to it.

Make use of free video editing software

Despite the additional effort, creating the film yourself is the most effective approach to market your company in the way you desire. Without paying for a tool or a.i. video editor, you may customize the effects, add and edit content as you see fit, and add your branding.

There is a lot of free video editing software available that you can use to make stunning films on your own. Hollywood filmmakers use quality editing software to create high-budget movies like The King’s Speech, The Wolf of Wall Street, Road to Perdition, and others.

Make use of an online tool

You can use many wonderful internet tools to transform your blog entries into videos if you don’t have PowerPoint or prefer a different method to generate your films.

Opt for a user-friendly online video trimmer that makes it simple to transform your blog articles into movies. There is some AI-powered video software with which you don’t have to compose a script. The tool can automatically extract significant ideas from your blog articles and incorporate them into the movie in a few minutes.

A free plan allows you to make movies from your blog articles and export them in 480p resolution. Your logo and customized brand colors may also be used in your videos.

Employ a Freelancer

You can pay someone to do it for you if you don’t have time to utilize any tools or generate films utilizing blog articles. Freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Gigzoe have a plethora of freelancers specializing in producing various films, including explainer videos, product videos, animation videos, and more.

For as little as $5, you can hire a freelancer to turn your blog article into a video. Of course, the price will vary depending on the video’s quality. However, making a high-quality and interesting film based on a blog article won’t set you back more than $150.

Over to you

You can transform your blog content into videos in minutes using these ideas and upload them to your YouTube channel or Facebook page. Make sure to provide video embed codes in your blog entries so that your readers may choose how they want to consume your material.

Remember that, much like a blog, building a video channel takes time. So, be patient and continue to produce videos regularly to grow your YouTube channel’s subscriber base and earn more views.

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