6 Best Instagram Growth Strategies to Build Your Brand

Instagram has gained momentum as a social media platform that engages 2.9 billion visits per month globally. No wonder it has become the place for businesses to be.

However, although making an account on the platform is easy, creating a customer base that loves your brand is challenging. And gaining many followers proves useless if they do not engage with your brand.

So, suppose your Instagram growth is static, or you want to add a little more zest into your current digital marketing efforts. In that case, we recommend testing out these strategies when building your brand.

#1 Leverage AI to Maximize Growth

Nowadays, it is more complex than ever to grow your following without spending the whole day on Instagram and a lot of money on ads. If your goal is to get real, organic Instagram followers and save time and money, you must leverage AI-based solutions. It is simply the only way to stand out from the competition.

They can help you improve your business reach by organically growing your audience and building a community that will genuinely engage with your brand, allowing you to build your brand and increase revenue in no time.

#2 Team Up With Influencers

Consumers trust influencers more than an advertisement. They are engaging, relatable, passionate about their niche, and participate in discussions with their fan base. As a result, working with the right influencers will lead to more sales, better-qualified leads, and an incredible boost in brand awareness.

Remember that micro-influencers are an effective means to grow your fan base since they tend to have higher engagement rates. So, collaborating with one that aligns with your brand is a fast way of connecting with your prospective consumers. Moreover, this strategy is especially worthwhile if your brand is new or you have a tight marketing budget.

#3 Invest in Quality Content

Engagement is no longer limited to in-feed posts. Instagram now includes many new content types such as Stories, IGTV, Reels, and so on. With an ever-increasing variety of content, there are considerable opportunities to increase your engagement rates and, consequently, build your brand.

However, these opportunities are only beneficial if you commit to them by establishing a content strategy and making sure you consistently post different, authentic, and quality content. In addition, the use of the different types of content, especially Stories, is an excellent opportunity to see what resonates with your audience.

#4 Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags can help people discover your content which is why they must go hand in hand with your content strategy. If used properly, hashtags can help you boost your content reach and get more engagement.

However, they are an asset only if you know how to use them right. So, to bring users to your page and make them view your products, come up with smart and creative hashtags that are both trending and well-aligned with your brand identity.

Check your competitors if you are entirely clueless about the hashtags you can potentially use. See which hashtags they are using. And even though Instagram allows you to use up to 30, ideally, you should use up to 10 hashtags per post. However, keep in mind that using many hashtags can make your profile look spammy, resulting in decreased engagement.

#5 Run Promotions and Contests

Buyers love giveaways, freebies, and discounts, and this is not going to change anytime soon. So, to get an algorithm-friendly engagement in the form of likes and comments, grow your followers base and increase your brand presence on Instagram, run contests and promotions.

These strategies can encourage the sort of engagement that statistics can not measure. They allow authentic user engagement by bringing your audience closer to your page and business. The trick is to be consistent in your giveaways (make them monthly or quarterly). This way, your followers will be more likely to stick around and look forward to the next one.

#6 Optimize Your Profile

This one is self-evident, yet it is so significant that it must be emphasized. Make sure you build a winning profile by optimizing your account. Have a bio, image captions, a proper username, and a profile image (your brand logo). The link in your bio is your chance to drive Instagram traffic to your website. Additionally, make your username search-friendly, which usually means sticking close to your actual brand name. All these aspects represent the foundations of your brand identity.


Growing your brand and business on Instagram will become easy for you once you get the hang of it. Follow the strategies mentioned in this article, and your brand will gain the proper visibility. Once you are visible to the right audience, promoting your brand on this platform will become easy and fun.

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