How To Use Quiz To Drive Lead Generation

Lead Generation

We live in a world where sensationalist journalism has been taken to an entire new level through social media and video. At present, it is difficult to get noticed unless you have some antics up your sleeve, such is the attention span of today’s audience.This is a terrible news for growth marketers. If nobody pays attention to actual stories and real thought-out content, marketing efforts are rendered futile.

Chiefly, there are two main challenges that marketers have to overcome: if they tend to go with the flow and create eye-catching but shallow content they will not get any sales because the resulting traffic would be irrelevant to the brand. On the other hand, if they produce factual and informative content, they will not get any leads or traffic as people tend to overlook such content on ads or on websites. In short, it is essential to produce content that is both “sensationalist” and that additionally drives actual targeted traffic and leads to their organization.

It is at this juncture that quizzes play an important role. As you can see, quizzes are present everywhere, from Facebook to Buzzfeed. Very few of us didn’t want to know what personality type we possess or what coffee bean we are! When it is wielded effectively, quizzes can generate leads and drive relevant traffic to businesses.

One of the most important thing to keep in mind while preparing a quiz is that creating content that is directly concerned with what they are doing might not produce good results as there too many other entertaining content present online. It is ideal to create compelling content that gets clicked on from Facebook and ultimately links them to an equivalent content that an organization wants the user to consume in the first place.

Best Practices to Form a Quiz that Generate Leads

The first step is to create quiz within the format of “Which (Blank) are You?”. As you know, personality quizzes are quite popular with Millennials and they are more likely to get shared on their social media handles. In order to fill the blank, first determine your target audience. This would help you to narrow down the topics that are relevant and what they would be interested in. The title of the quiz is highly relevant as it would be the initial determinant of whether people clicks on the quiz or not.

So for example:

“What kind  of business owner are you?”, if you are targeting business owners

“What is your our jewellery Style” if you’re targeting jewellery patrons

“What style of volunteer are you?” if you’re targeting NGOs

The idea is that you just will choose your audience with your quiz title.

The second step is to ask the right questions. Good questions can yield a good amount of informations that can help to refine your marketing communication. The questions should be framed around what you ultimately want to sell. With the answers generated, you will get valuable client feedback.

The third step is to write outcomes that can be shared which will give value and a glimpse of the solution you want to provide. The content you develop for your outcome should provide meaningful information and a number of actionable strategies. The worst thing you want to do is make people feel that you have frittered away their time.

One of the prime advantages of using quiz to drive lead generation is that it involves individuals sharing their results, which will gradually produce a ripple effect.

The fourth step is to revisit the first step: grasp your audience. Get a sense of how they interact, their demographics, age group and similar things.Test a couple of different forms of your quiz title and outline against one another to see what performs best.

The fifth & last step is to  follow up. With the help of a welcome sequence, you would be able to heat up your leads which have gone cold. It will help your audience to understand you which might sometimes lead to them taking your quiz. If you don’t follow up, they are more likely to forget about you.

A welcome sequence mail will lead to the following benefits:

  • Enable you to understand your target audience and to determine where they are at in the buyer’s journey
  • Helps you to present yourself and your utility to them so that they can get to know you, understand your worth and finally trust you.
  • Establish trust and value that goes beyond what a mere quiz can bring about


Is a Quiz Effective for your Niche?

What I feel is that quizzes can work for any niche. Having said that, they work remarkably well in the following areas:

  • Personal Development
  • E-Commerce
  • Health & Wellness

Some of the areas, where if you are creative quizzes can be effectively used are:

  • Real Estates
  • Non- Profit
  • SaaS
  • Online service providers

How to Collect Leads with a Quiz?

Given the recent advances in technology and tools, there are innumerable ways to make your quiz interesting and creative. In most of these quiz tools, there are multiple options available to make your quiz look great. Following are some of the tips to collect leads with the help of quizzes.

●       Pay Attention To The Quiz Design

Ensure that your quiz design is good. However it should not be distracting participants from the quiz. You don’t have to be a great designer for this as there are many online tools available which provides great templates that you can customize with your logo and colours.

●       Make use of Multimedia

When you add pictures, explainer video or even GIFs, the quiz is rendered more attractive to the user and increases the likelihood of them spending time taking the quiz.

  • Employ Conversational Style

Keep it simple and precise. Use pronouns like ‘you’ and ‘we’ to give the sense that it is a two-way conversation. If the quiz is too long, insert messages in the middle such as, ‘Great Job! Only little more to go’ which will encourage the participants to complete the quiz.

  • Use Different Question Types

Engage the respondent by mixing various types of questions such as multiple choice questions,subjective, picture or even emoji questions. With questions like these, the respondent is more likely to complete the quiz as there is something new with every click.

  • Personalize

Make use of advanced tools like Piping or Skip logic which imparts a highly personalized experience. With piping, the answers given by the respondents in the following screens or questions. Skip logic ensures that the respondents are given only relevant questions.

●       Gift your Respondents

Give something back to the person who takes your quiz. It can be as simple as providing feedback to them to something more elaborate like a discount coupon.  Once you make it clear that they will receive something after they take your quiz, they will be more receptive to share with you their contact information. I

●       Ask for their Contact Info

You can add text box at the end of the quiz where the respondents can fill in their details. Before asking for this, first communicate to them how this information will be used. For instance, convey to them how their email will be used to send them valuable information or updates.

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