Learn About Various Technologies Used in Large-Scale Treasure Hunts

Learn About Various Technologies

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Description: Large-scale treasure hunts may involve exploring the least accessible terrains from miles away. Without advanced technologies, it may be challenging to uncover what is hiding underneath the surface. Find out how flying robots and other technologies may increase your chances of finding valuables in treasure hunts.

Back in time, people could go treasure-hunting with a shovel and a ham & cheese sandwich. Nowadays, especially if they were joining large-scale treasure hunts, they’d be back home soon even before they had a chance to have a bite. Why?

These days, treasure hunters use technology, which helps them to see what lies beneath the surface in the least accessible terrains and even from miles away.

Discover forgotten treasures with modern techniques, and yes, you may need to sacrifice a large portion of savings to purchase the best models in the market indeed.

Remote Sensing Technology

Finding treasure hunt clues under a pillow, and following a clear treasure trail,  can very likely happen when family buddies decide to organize a child- friendly scavenger hunt. The real treasure-hunting experience differs from following Xs on a marked map. When you go on a real treasure hunt, you won’t be given scavenger hunt cluesLuckily, you can find in the market the most advanced remote sensing technologies such as satellites or drones.

Remote sensing technologies send and receive electromagnetic radiation, which helps to locate potential dig sites. They can also detect and classify objects. Drones can help you with mapping areas. Keeping a pen and a diary on you all the time so you could make sketches of treasure hunt clues may not be enjoyable anymore. Remote sensing technology can also help anywhere from discovering oil reserves to predicting the weather.

Underwater Drones

Imagine being the first one to explore the most wanted area from a reasonable distance with satellites or “underwater flying robots.” With the underwater drones, you can enjoy watching under-sea life from your yacht or the comfort of your picnic chair if you suffer from seasickness. We need to highlight that you can also search for the valuable metals hidden deep down in the ocean without having a single foot wet! It is incredible. Are you looking for a technology that can reach the bottom of the sea? Consider purchasing an underwater drone. If you get suspicious, simply dive in to explore more!

Underwater Drones

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Sonars & Ground Penetrating Radars

SONAR stands for sound navigation ranging. This word is often linked with submarine navigation systems helping with communication and object detection. With transmitting and receiving acoustic signals, sonars can uncover what is deep underneath the surface and whether it is worth exploring further. Sonars are commonly used to detect oil reserves under the sea; however, this technology can be useful while treasure-hunting.

Ground-penetrating radars may be no bigger than a lawnmower you have at home. With this technology, you can observe what might be buried a few inches or even thousands of feet underground. Ground-penetrating radars transmit electromagnetic energy into the ground.

Old Classic Metal Detectors

When we say metal detectors – do you picture an older man walking on a beach with a metal detector looking for coins or any other valuables? Most people do as this may be very likely the classic picture that comes to mind first. Metal detecting can be a very addictive hobby, and you’d be surprised that the typical metal detecting can help you to stay active too. It’s because it may involve a lot of walking. With metal detectors, you can search for pieces in shallow depths or even several meters beneath the surface. This hobby may be a great way of keeping yourself active, after all. Metal detectors often consist of units that emit rays of electromagnetic energy, which works well to reveal what is underground.

Metal Detectors


Cheeky Snake Cameras & ROVs (Remotely Operate Vehicles)

Snake cameras are smart technologies equipped with mechanical arms enabling anyone who’s manipulating them to retrieve high definition images. With holes only a few centimeters wide, it’s easy to explore tight underground spaces. Snake cameras help you to navigate locations easily. These cameras can be waterproof and equipped with lights.

The next available technology used in large-scale treasure hunts is ROVs. This device can retrieve video footage of tight and unreachable spaces. ROVs are often equipped with a mechanical arm too.

Removing the Surface

Which aspiring fortune seeker wouldn’t want to be leading an Indiana Jones-like expedition without even physically entering the unknown and most dangerous places? Well, at least it’s not necessary until they allocate the exact coordinates of the long lost gold, diamonds, and other valuables. Thankfully, massive technologies such as bulldozers make it much easier these days. If we need to remove a large portion of land, some giant-looking bulldozers can complete this job in 10 hours or so. Smaller mobile bulldozes available to be mounted on the back of trucks.

Exciting Treasure Hunt Times

For a treasure hunter, having acquired high-definition images from places that may not have been explored by foot yet, may sound like a dream. With new technologies, the modern prey treasure hunt can be exciting as there are so many ways of making treasure hunt clues and puzzles to solve. For example, we must admit that maneuvering the underwater drone while enjoying a cigar or consuming a well-prepared martini sounds idyllic indeed. It’s only a matter of time until all treasures in the world will be discovered!

Are you considering becoming a treasure hunter? If yes, we wish all treasure hunters the best of luck!

Do you know how to make a treasure hunt? We’d be excited to hear all about it! Please leave a comment below!

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