Top 5 Ways to Make Free Phone Calls to the US and Canada

5 ways

There are various tools and apps available in the market for free phone calls to US and Canada. Through VoIP, it is possible to make free phone calls, but it is necessary that the person, to whom you are calling, should also have the same application. Whenever you make calls from landline to mobiles or vice-versa you have to pay more money, but through these applications, it is much cheaper to make calls to US and Canada.

For most of the services, you need a working internet connection. Some of the services that offer free calling in US and Canada region to any landline and mobile phone are defined below.

Have a look at all the services and choose wisely that suits you best.


Skype was launched in 2003 and from starting it offers Skype to Skype calling free. Also, if you want to make a call on a landline number or mobile then charges are very low. Skype allows you make calls to people around the globe via your computers or telephone and have text chats. Calls between computers are usually free, and other Skype calls are generally inexpensive.

Skype service is available in US and Canada and its call charge depends upon user location.  You can easily make a call from Skype after your invitation is accepted by another party. It is one of the most popular free calling applications and can be used on smartphones as well as computer or laptops. Moreover, you can use this app for chatting with other people who use Skype. In case you want to use Skype for calling at any actual number then you need to pay for credits.


Whatsapp is probably the most popular free calling app among the people right now. WhatsApp is particularly admired by end users who do not have boundless text messaging. Moreover, WhatsApp provides group chat and location sharing options. People are globally using it for free calling and chatting.  Currently, Whatsapp has over 1 billion global users on the service.

In starting it was only a text-only platform but slowly upgraded and also added a feature like a free voice message, calls, and video call. Like all another app, you can enjoy these features only if the person, you want to connect with also have WhatsApp installed on his/her smartphone. It is one of the most popular and powerful apps and works really well. You just need to connect with the Internet on both sides to use this app.


Viber is the perfect choice for you if you like emoticons. Viber offers free video and voice calling if two persons are using the same app. It also gives you the option to call landlines and mobiles at minimal charges. The app can be downloaded from the app store and download is absolutely free.

Viber offers various types of stickers, a ton of bells and whistle that a user can use in its text conversation or voice message.  Viber is prominent for speedily syncing with your existing contacts, and for not requiring users to register prior to making a call. Viber requires a 3G or Wi-Fi connection to use.


Ooma is a very famous residential service provider available only for US and Canada users. To its users in US and Canada, it provides the facility of unlimited free calling to any number, but for its special calling phone and adapter naming Ooma Telo, you need to spend some money. Ooma is an alternative to home PSTN phone of US and Canada users. It offers different types of plans to its users, like a premium plan, international plans and also a business plan. The Ooma hardware costs around $200-250.

Additionally, Ooma has expanded its services by providing soaring speed broadband Internet connectivity. The VoIP service provided by Ooma is entirely different from other VoIP. It has set the objective to provide free calling thus eliminating your monthly bill.


MagicJack is same as other VoIP providers but the hardware equipment of it is smaller and cheaper. MagicJack is a small USB pen drive type jack, that should be plugged into your computer system and your computer should be connected to the internet. It provides you the facility to call on any number in the US and Canada, absolutely free from anywhere.

If it works, and it does, then it is worth it, but still, you need to depend on a running computer to make and receive calls, which is quite a burden. MagicJack seems almost too good to be true.

Cost: It’d hardware cost are also very cheaper and if you’re in London, you can use your MagicJack to call a landline in New York.

Where to get it: The app is free to download from app store.

Pros: Very reliable and user-friendly.

Cons: You need a bit of patience to make a call, as it takes a few seconds to connect. The caller ID into the system shows an “unknown” number with an area code that will not match your location.

Also, MagicJack provides you the facility that if you are not able to make calls from your device you can contact to MagicJack technical support instantly and the experts will help you resolve your problems.

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