Top Essential Oils For Broken Bones

After a fall, your doctor tells that your bone is broken. You don’t know what type of fracture you are suffering. You want to heal your bone quicker. You don’t know what essential oils for broken bones. This article will give you information about broken bones, how to heal bones and top essential oils for broken bones.

Essential Oils For Broken Bones

Fractures and treatment


Our skeleton system contains 206 bones which create blood and make a frame to lift up the whole body. The bone fractures occur when bones are attacked by a force which is stronger than the bones can adapt. Having many reasons lead to bone fractures such as bone diseases or a traumatic accident. In the children, the bone is so soft so that it is easy to be broken. In the adult, the bone fracture can cause by traffic and work accident. Osteoporosis is a common cause of bone fractures in older adults. In some cases, people have genetic disorders cause osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) which also calls brittle bone disease. The result is that bone is broken easily.

Types of bone fractures

We divide fractures into some main types:


The bone is broken, but it doesn’t expose out of the skin. It is a simple type.


The bone is broken and protruded through the skin. It causes a wound and bleeding. It is more dangerous than the closed fracture.


This fracture often occurs in children because their bones are flexible.


Structures around the bone are damaged. The nerves, veins, and arteries may be destroyed.


The bone break into many small pieces. It is so complicated to treat and heal.

How to heal broken bones

The healing process takes four steps:

The first step

This step starts after few hours of the fractures and lasts from one to two week. Your injury will be swelling and build a blood clot. Your immune system will release the cells which will disappear the small bone pieces and kill bacteria.

The second step

After the first period, the broken bone will be cover by a soft callus which is harder than the clot. We still need a cast to keep it stable.

The third step

After six to twelve weeks, the newborn is formed with minerals.

The fourth step

This is the final step, the osteoclast cells will do the fine-tuning. In this stage, you should come back to your daily activities. In some case, this time can take up to 9 years

Ways to treat broken bones

The small fracture can heal by itself without any treatment. We have some procedures to cure fracture bones.

Cast or brace

Cast immobilization is the most common way of fracture treatment. We just need to reposition the bone and apply a plaster cast to keep it on right site and wait until it heals. Besides, we have functional cast and brace which helps us still have some movements. Not all the case can use this type of treatment.


In this method, they will use a heavy thing to pull the bone come back the axis. People often use this method for the lower extremity.

External fixation

They will use this way when the soft tissues and skin around the fracture are severe destroyed. The fractured bone will be immobile form outside with pins or screws and a mental stick. They will use this until the wound allows for making an external fixation.

Internal fixation with an open reduction

To the complicated fracture which we need to open the wound and reposition the bone. They will use a special metal rod and screws to keep the bone. The rod is put into the marrow bone.

How to prevent fracture bones

You should have a healthy diet with calcium and vitamin D. exercise every day will help your skeleton is stronger. You should be careful with your traffic and work to avoid accident and falling. Consider the medicine you take because some medicine side effect can make bone is weaker.

Top Essential Oils for Broken Bones

The essential oils cannot treat the broken bones by themselves. They will help increase the healing process and relieve the pain. Vitamin D can be in some herbs. To the open fracture, we shouldn’t use the essential oils because it can cause infection. Here is a list of top essential oils for broken bones.

Lavender’s essential oil

Lavender oil has many functions such as reliving the brain, boosting the brain function or reducing inflammation. Drop three to five drops of lavender’s essential oil in a cup of coconut oil. Apply to the fracture site and gently massage. You can do this every day to relax and reduce the pain.

Peppermint essential oil

Peppermint contains many minerals and nutrients. Moreover, it has an anti-inflammatory function. As the lavender’s essential oil, you can mix some drops of the essential oil with coconut oil. Then apply to the wound and massage gently.

Chamomile essential oil

A study shows that chamomile contains analgesic, antibiotic, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties. You can use its essential oil to relieve the pain and reduce the inflammation. You can drop it in your bath water to relax all your body. If you want to focus only on fracture area, you can mix several drops of chamomile’s essential oil with coconut oil and massage every day to reduce the pain.

Nettle essential oil

Our bones need calcium and other minerals to form so that in healing process we should provide the minerals to encourage the recovery. Thousand years ago, the ancients used nettle to treat the bone problem and arthritis because nettle contains so much of calcium. It is rich in vitamin D and vitamin K. We need vitamin K to absorption calcium. Thus, nettle is excellent oil for fracture bone cure. You can buy nettle’s essential oil in a store. You can use them to massage or take a shower.

Ginger essential oil

Ginger is a common spice in your kitchen. Ginger tea is good for hypotension. Also, ginger has antioxidant properties so that it helps to boost your digest system and reduce inflammation. Mix with peppermint oil and massage. Another way is that you can make ginger tea to supplement antioxidant properties from inside.

Final thoughts

To sum up, the fractured bones have many types and need a long time to recover. Using essential oils for broken bones is one of the easy ways to improve the condition. Hoping the top essential oils for broken bones above will help you so much.

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