Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Overview, Use and Benefits

Microsoft Dynamic CRM is transforming the business of many people throughout the world. In contemporary times, much of the work is transferred to the online world. Most of the businesses are turning their physical associations into online ones that is when Microsoft Dynamics CRM online comes into play.

All the backend processes such as licensing, databases, deployment, setups, application servers are managed on Microsoft servers, a cloud-based offering of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Anyone could access it on the web via a browser with setting up their system in a few days.


CRM is also known as customer relationship management. CRM improves how you interact and do business with your customers, as it is a category of integrated, data-driven software solutions. Marketing, tracking sales leads, pipelines, delivers actionable data, maintains customer relationships as well as helps in managing them.

By letting, you focus on building and maintaining the customer relationships that matter, the CRM solutions increase your profitability by streamlining administrative processes in your sales, marketing, and service divisions. Everything crucial to developing, improving, and retaining your customer relationships is stored, due to the strong CRM solution, which is a multifaceted platform. When you are not optimizing your operating processes or making the most of your customer relationships or sales leads, then without the support of an integrated CRM solution, you may miss growth opportunities and lose revenue.

To illustrate it further, it would be so unfortunate to learn that your delay resulted in losing your client to a competitor by supposedly misplacing customer contact information. Therefore, your people can lose track of customer interactions and miss business opportunities without an automated and centralised Custom CRM system.

Developed by Microsoft focused on improving the customer relationship for any organization, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management software. Nevertheless, Microsoft has been advertising Dynamics CRM as an XRM platform and has been reassuring partners to use its trademarked (NET based) framework to personalise it, the product (out of the box) concentrates mainly on Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service sectors.

Integrating with Azure’s robust infrastructure, Dynamics CRM can also leverage the capabilities of Azure Paired Regions. It is designed to ensure business continuity by maintaining data residency and providing disaster recovery for applications. When using Azure Paired regions, data entered into Dynamics CRM can be automatically backed up and synchronized between two geographic locations. This not only ensures the high availability and resilience of the CRM system but also guarantees that customer data is safe and always accessible.

In contemporary times, driven by CRM it has developed as an Analytics platform. As for business intelligence, providing social insights, handling the complete customer support chain, marketing effectiveness for an organization, to drive the sales productivity and a lot of other out-of-the-box functionalities for which a CRM solution could be used. In order to use CRM apps on mobiles and tablets, Microsoft Dynamics CRM (as a product) also offers full mobile support.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Uses

There are major uses of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which would be discussed through its features and its functionalities.

1. Assets

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 from sales and operations to accounting and HR is a collection of apps capable of supervising any business process. One can adapt the best solution to comply with their requirements, as the apps can be used individually or collectively depending on your business’s unique needs. Dynamics 365 Sales helps drive the successful conversion of leads to customers as it features a process-driven user interface that meets the criteria, which is why the CRM offering is a popular choice.

2. Microsoft Policy

CRM features help Dynamics 365 stand out from the competition when compared to other software solutions because the Microsoft platform has several benefits. Microsoft tools integrate with Dynamics 365 CRM, including all of the Office 365 apps and other Dynamics 365 apps.

To illustrate it further, you can view existing customer information, sales activities, cases, and opportunity information in Outlook as with Dynamics 365’s integration to Outlook. CRM records directly from Outlook by tracking emails, phone calls to a customer record, supplementing new leads; adding a task, appointment. Dynamics 365 integration does not halt just over to Outlook, but it resumes to Office 365, where one could get benefit from some of its uses,

  • Directly from a Dynamics 365 customer record, an individual could access anything captured in OneNote.
  • Directly from Dynamics 365, view SharePoint calendars and documents.
  • Now, into Microsoft Word or Excel templates one could import customer data from Dynamics 365.
  • Update automatically and maintain Dynamics 365’s security permissions by running live Excel analytics within Dynamics 365, or link data from Dynamics 365 to Excel spreadsheets.
  • Through a Microsoft Teams integration, inspire your business’s Dynamics 365 users to share files and documents.
  • Subsequent to the relevant customer information, view your Office 365 Group calendars and documents in Dynamics 365.

Customer Service, Field Service, Business Central, Marketing, etc. all of the other Dynamics 365 applications integrate with Dynamics 365 CRM as it integrates with Office 365. This signifies that you can choose which applications your business will use as you have a power picking. Simply, update your Microsoft license, if you want to add another Microsoft software solution.

You do not have to worry about managing integrations with third-party solutions (if you are working with a Microsoft-exclusive suite of programs) as Microsoft is responsible for updating the software by itself.

3. Custom-built Systems

Automating processes like sending emails, scheduling follow-up activities, and updating record statuses Dynamics 365 CRM gives flexibility to design workflows in the system. Within the software and between the other applications you use for business, Microsoft’s custom workflow builder (Power Automate) allows you to create powerful and flexible workflows. Additionally, it shows its capability of handling a batch of paperless tasks as Power Automate syncs with Office 365, Dynamics 365, and other Microsoft products.

4. Relationship Assistant

All opportunities, messages and tracking activities are the responsibility of the assistant. Action cards appear on your relevant records in Dynamics 365 and the dashboard, which the assistant generates (based on former information). It can notify you of a customer question or request, remind you to follow up on an opportunity, or alert you to upcoming meetings. Tracking email activity like opens, replies, attachment views, and link clicks, storing this data in Dynamics 365 is a task performed by the assistant by connecting to Outlook (in addition to alerts and reminders). The emails you want to track in Dynamics 365 from your Outlook also are suggested.

5. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn fully integrates with Dynamics 365, when Microsoft bought LinkedIn in 2016. To influence the full power of LinkedIn directly through Dynamics 365, LinkedIn Sales Navigator (also known as LinkedIn Sales Nav or just Sales Nav) permits your sales team to do so.

  • To identify leads and save them as CRM records search the LinkedIn network
  • Based on your search history generate lead recommendations
  • To identify a prospect’s current company, position, tenure, and location, and receive notifications when prospects update that information, view full LinkedIn profiles directly in the Sales Navigator.

6. Implementation Possibilities

Including cloud, on-premises, or partner-hosted, Dynamics 365 has several implementation possibilities. Your team will be able to retrieve the information they need anytime, from anywhere, without the hardware and IT costs that on-premises solutions need, so you will need to keep in mind this when using cloud-hosted software.

7. Pricing

As far as pricing is concerned, at a lower price point than competitive CRM systems with Dynamics 365, you get more functionality. With different levels of access and pricing Microsoft offers three tiers of subscription packages. By only paying for what you truly need Microsoft ensures you can get the best deal out of your investment (by providing these options).

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Benefits

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is becoming a business culture, due to its empowering benefits, which are hard, to resist by you are either a start-up or a blooming worth multi-billion industry. No one could deny that Microsoft Dynamics CRM acts as a heart and assists in boosting performance, retains customers, invites more customers, saves time, energy, money and what not. Let’s dive into the exciting benefits of the Microsoft Dynamic CRM benefits.

i. Assimilations

Assimilation is the crucial benefit of Dynamic CRM 365. Multiple software has and tools for different purposes are used when an individual is running a successful business. Allowing you to exchange data from each software with your key system, you can expect your CRM to be integrated with other software. For instance, you can use the intercom to save the signup data, moreover, to retrieve basic data of your prospects one could also connect your chat software with your CRM. Through this, one could save a lot of energy, time and money and use it to boost your overall business performance.

ii. Saving Time & Cost

A lot of the time, money and energy could be saved with the help of CRM tools (which might be possible with traditional business software). You will be able to manage a lot of time and use it effectively on other important business tasks. As CRM also has marketing automation, in which an individual does not have to manually perform or be present to do a task every day, instead CRM software would suffice. Hence, it proves how helpful CRM software is for a good investment of your business’s time, energy, and monetary values.

iii. Automated Marketing

CRM helps in setting personalised automated advertising campaigns for your association. Moreover, the software will never miss the timeline if you design your own process such as adding or removing contracts, newsletters, lead management process and sending emails to your client’s etcetera. This shows how user-friendly and convenient CRM 365 is for its users.

iv. Sales Improvement & Sales Estimation 

You can analyse your past data and prepare your upcoming strategies as the CRM Software shows your sales reports and analysis. You have captured the right strategy if the graph of sales is increasing day-by-day. On the other hand, if the graph is going down (declining) it means you are in loss, which means you need a new approach in business.

v. Boosts Revenues

You do not have to face those procedure related issues again when you have set up your workflow fine. So, for maximizing or boosting off your sales you can invest in your time or put efforts in increasing its statistics. New services, sales strategies, and new marketing campaigns should be wisely analysed and implemented in your sales.

vi. Instant Reports

Reports like strategy analysis reports, performance reports, churn reports, conversion reports, etcetera which one could generate through a CRM software. On the other hand, the reports, which are manually created, take a lot of time.

vii. Improved Customer Service

In your association, many of your processes could run smoothly if you implement several automations in CRM. One could make the procedure of sales and marketing convenient through the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365. While contacting the customers, or whenever the salesperson answers the customer’s query a record of previous information would open in the tab including names, email address, IP location, address and much more, which helps in narrowing down your conversations, which might prosper to retain your clients and get timely feedback without any hitches.

viii. Provides Professional Customer Support

CRM is best known for its expertise of providing the best customer services and strengthening your relationship with them on trust, value, and credibility. Previous records of the customer would help you in investigating their ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’, a salesperson could devise better ways of approaching the clients which would directly affect your client’s relationship with your brand, products, and customer services.

ix. Inviting New Customers & Retaining Them

The more customers you have the more sales you would have and the more prosperous your business would be a simple strategy, which every successful business follows. CRM 365 would help you in creating new and intelligent opportunities which would attract the right customers, get the first purchase, more sales and promotional emails (the secret is not to over do it, as it might annoy the customer!) and turn every customer into a long-lasting and loyal customer.

Bottom Line

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 since its onset has completely changed the dynamics of the business world. We have seen start-ups turning into the most trusted and valuable businesses across the globe by simply knowing the key features, functionalities, dos and don’ts of the CRM 365.

Once you are aware of its features and functionalities with a proper implementation, you would get a gateway into the world of a great business feat. Keep on using the CRM and keep the ball rolling in your court!

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