On-Demand Economy Augmenting with Mobile Apps

Craving for your favorite food?

Not able to accomplish your chores?

Well, we are not going to help you out with this. But the on-demand economy has been continuously serving you with the convenient solutions to fulfill all such daily needs or get done any imperative tasks. Furthermore, the biggest endowment of technology that is Smartphones has been considerably revolutionizing this economy, making things much easier than ever.

Diverse on-demand service apps are continuously being introduced in the app market helping us to get and exploit these on-demand services within a tap of a finger form our Smartphones. This is because; myriads of businesses and industries are embracing the on-demand app development to bring more convenience to the customers to take advantage of their services.

The most successful on-demand app startups:

UBER: One of the leading on-demand startup that has begun with an innovative idea of on-demand taxi booking.

TaskRabbit: Started with the idea of connecting the freelance workers with the local demand to the people with needing help for different tasks.

Airbnb: An online marketplace helping people to lease or rent temporary accommodation including apartments, holiday cottages, hostel bed, and homestays etc.

DoorDash: An on-demand food delivery service connecting peoples with the best restaurants in their city.

Recognizing the success of such on-demand apps many entrepreneurs and individuals across the world are coming with the innovative on-demand app ideas for a start-up. There are several on-demand app ideas that are leading as the best choice for establishing a successful startup.

Top On-Demand App Ideas For Start-Up

On-Demand Taxi Booking

Remember the moment when you had waited so long for getting a taxi or any transportation means. The on-demand taxi booking app like Uber helps people to get rid of such situations, by providing them instant taxi service exactly at their current location and takes them to any preferred destination. These Uber clone app provide users a convenient and delightful ride-hailing experience and thereby getting enormous popularity across the globe.

On-Demand Food Delivery

We all love to get our food as instantly as possible. On-demand food delivery apps let you search your nearby or favorite restaurant, order the food item and get it exactly at your doorstep within minutes. Due to the swift food delivery service and easy food ordering, people nowadays prefer to use on-demand food delivery apps like Grubhub.

On-Demand Beauty Services

Going to the beauty salon sometimes becomes impossible. What if you could get the beauty salon in your house? On-demand beauty service apps make it possible. Apps like Urban Clap allows you to get trusted and professional beauty services, makeup artist, stylist right at your home. The on-demand beauty service startups are significantly booming and being admired by the huge populace.

On-Demand Household Services

Everyone knows how difficult it is to accomplish daily household tasks. Moreover, finding someone to do them is just easier said than done. On-demand household services apps like TaskRabbit helps you to find out any household service or professionals to get your tasks done. Be it washing the dishes, washing the car, cleaning the house or fix the broken shelf, on-demand apps can help you with all this.

On-Demand Shopping

No need to tell, how Amazon app is making shopping effortless. Right from clothes to the home appliances, we are able to shop anything with the shopping or m-commerce apps. Don’t have to go anywhere you can shop whenever and whenever you want. Providing a comfortable and enjoyable shopping experience to the people, the m-commerce or e-commerce startups are occupying immense space in the app market.

Features That Make On-Demand Apps Successful:

  • Convenient Payment Options

On-demand app users are provided with the multiple payment options so as to pay easily for their acquired services. They can either pay online or can also pay after the delivery.

  • Easy Searching

Whether a user needs a restaurant, food menu, or a professional service, on-demand apps serves an easy way to search them and shows an exact list of search results.

  • Push Notifications

When users place a request for any service or order, they are instantly notified about order processing, order details, payment details etc. Further, they are notified about the special offers and deals on particular service.

  • Order Tracking

On-demand app users can track order status and get the up-to-the minute information of their order.

  • Reviews and Rating

Users can give their feedback and ratings for the service they have acquired. These ratings and reviews help other users to make a wise decision or choice.


The on-demand app development trend is flourishing at a great pace. If you want to step in the entrepreneurial world, then you must consider various on-demand app ideas for startup and opt for a precise one. You can have your on-demand app startup running within few days by acquiring ready-to-implement mobile app solutions. Sounds interesting? Get in touch with us to know how it’s possible.

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