Photo Hacks for Instagram

Photo Hacks for Instagram

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Did you know that 1 billion people use Instagram every month?

That’s a whole lot of competition if you want to get noticed on Instagram. Whether you use Instagram for business or pleasure, you need to make sure your photos catch your audience’s eye.

Discover our photo hacks, tips, and tricks and transform your photos.

Photography Tips

Photography can be a tricky thing to get right, but there are a number of ways you can ensure your photos look as good as they possibly can.

  1. Use Natural Light

The lighting is key to great photos, which is why you need to make sure you are using natural light.

Artificial light can be used if necessary, however your photos will look much better if they are taken on a bright, sunny day as opposed to a stormy, dark night.

  1. Framing

Take a moment or two to look at what you want to photograph for Instagram and decide how to do it.

Use your eyes to work out how to frame and position the objects you want in focus on your photo. Instagram is all about visually pleasing images after all.

  1. Use an Interesting Point of Focus

An effective photo draws the viewer’s eyes into a clear point of focus.

So whatever you are shooting, whether it is a person in the foreground or a building in the background make sure you attract your audience’s eye to your main point of focus.

You can try doing this by using shots that focus on your main point of interest, or by using leading lines in the photo that show where the audience needs to look.

  1. Learn to Spot Great Photo Opportunities

Train your eyes to find great photo opportunities wherever you are. Remember your photos need to be eye-catching and worth the viewer to stop scrolling and look at your image.

Make sure every photo you upload to Instagram has strong colours, with defined shapes and line. Bold colours with defined lines will immediately catch your audience’s eye.

Have Some Fun

Instagram, and social media, is all about having some fun and trying new things. So experiment with your photos and see what you like best.

  1. Make Use of Other Apps

Instagram has a range of editing features and some pretty awesome filters, but remember that there are other apps available too.

For example, you can find apps that allow you to create the effect of long-exposure. Slowing the shutter speed down can help to add contrast of smooth and sharp images.

Have a look around for key features that are available on different apps and start using them with your photos now.

  1. Try a Different Angle

To catch your audience’s eye, why not try taking photos from different angles? Photography is all about exploring the world and people want to see it from different and interesting perspectives.

Have some fun with your angle perspectives and shoot from up high or down below to give your audience something they weren’t expecting.

  1. Experiment With Different Background Colours

Keep your backgrounds simple with block colours. White space gives the feel of chic and allows the point of interest to be the main focus.

Whilst colourful backgrounds will immediately grab your audience’s attention and make them want to see more.

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Become Insta-Fabulous

Follow our 7 top tips on how to make your photos look even better and start making your friends and followers jealous of your natural flair for photography!

Remember to customise your Instagram posts by adding effective call-to-actions to make your audience really want to look at your posts.

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