What are the Main Causes For Poor Quality Printed Documents and How to Quick Fix it ?

Poor Quality Printed Documents

Office printers are purchased to get good quality printed results. But sometimes, they start producing really annoying printouts. Something like faded text, verticals/horizontal lines on pages or mixing of colours. All these blunders can ruin your office presentation file or can make delay in investor’s agreements. Keep in mind, some of the issues are technical where you need to take advice from an expert only. Others can be common, where minor changes in printer cartridge position or replacement can solve your purpose. So, let’s know the main causes of poor quality documents and effective way to solve:

Causes of Poor Quality Printed Documents

  • Misaligned Printer Cartridge or Head

Misalignment in a printer cartridge or printhead can create trouble in fine quality printed documents. While replacing printer cartridge with new, there are chances that it can be missed from the actual position. As a result, the ink flow starts in the wrong direction and serves you with poor quality printed documents. So, testing and fix them at the same time can solve your purpose. Same happens with print head misalignment. In addition, the latest printer models came with an automated system of aligning setting. You just need to go to their setting segment from the printer control panel. Running the effective to can solve your purpose.

  • Printer speed

Too high printer speed are another reason for ink blend or page wrapping. Sometimes, after update printer accept by-default settings. As a result, faded documents are common to see. To avoid this issue, you need to slow down printer speed and increase the quality setting. Adjust these settings from the printer dialogue box from your computer. Now take out some printouts and see the difference.

  • Using Printer From Low Resolution

To prolong printer cartridge life, experts always advise using the printer with low resolution. But too low can also affect the performance of your printed documents. Therefore, before taking a printout, check out what type of printer setting you required. What will be its a resolution? If you are dealing with regular texts, it will be best to choose a normal font with moderate resolution setting. In the case of taking quality print results, it will be better for the configured printer with high-quality resolutions.

  • Dirty Printer Head And Cartridge

With the passage of time, print head, nozzle and other parts become dirty and clogged that creates a hurdle while printing documents. You can easily see white lines running across the page. If your printer has a head cleaning feature through the device, it will be convenient to clean the head without any inconvenience.

You just need to give the command from the control panel. Otherwise, use manual technique clear printhead, the nozzle of other components. Be sure to use the right method and following proper instruction prescribed in the user manual.

  • Care-free Printer Cartridge handling

Toner cartridge can be damaged easily if you do not follow manufacturer guidelines. Therefore, every toner cartridge packaging contains a user manual that defines optimal handling and storage conditions. Even you can see instruction from unpacking to proper installation. Following all steps can never meet with misalignment and poor print results. Keep in mind, you just need to choose the original printer cartridge in the right model.

  • Outdated Software

Modern printer manufacturers keep on updating their printer software to offer the latest and value-added services in the same printer model. In the absence of updates, the printer will start delivering inferior quality print results or sometimes deny printing. Regular pop-up messages also irritate users. Therefore, to avoid this, it is highly recommended to the legal update printer software.

  • Printer with Regular Contact Of Humidity And Moisture

Printers are a sensitive device. If they are exposed to too much heat, they will start producing poor quality results. Therefore, in user manual adequate printer usage conditions are described for the smooth working and high-quality printouts. If you don’t have a manual in hand, keep in mind, place your printer away from the window where heat and humidity are high.

Fixing Poor Quality Printed Documents

Here we have some quick and easy ways to fix your printer cartridge issue:

Replace Printer Cartridge

To get clear print outs sometimes low ink or toner level creates an issue. Using cartridge below minimum ink level can add strains on paper. Here removing and replacing will be an ideal solution. Here we have steps for this:

  1. Turn on printer
  2. Go to the printer cartridge slot and find the cartridge.
  3. Lift the lids to access cartridge and then remove it.
  4. Check and fix if there is any problem or defect in the cartridge. Otherwise, replace it with a new one.
  5. Reinstall printer cartridge and run a print test to verify printout’s quality.

Leave Printer Unattended For Sometimes

Sometimes, printers’ quality deteriorates due to continuous printing activity. Whereas your printer needs rest after taking standard printouts. Here, leaving your printer unattended for almost 30 minutes gives enough time to cool down. Next time, it will start delivering good results.

Fix Print Quality From Settings

  1. Start with test printing to know what type of issue there can be.
  2. Check issues like whether it is delivering faded texts or bars, ragged text or blank print, etc.
  3. If there is defect found, reset the print resolution from computer settings.
  4. Run the printing text to check printouts’ quality.

With the development of technology, businesses start using soft files than hard copies. Still, softcopies unable to capture 100% business process. Business needs high quality printed results from investor’s meeting to day to day activities. If your printer is unable to deliver, find out your printer’s reason and the best tip to solve the issue.

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