Proper Use of Psychological Principles When Marketing Products

Marketing Products

Most people that sell merchandise are not aware of how important psychological principles can be. They are integral to how successful you will be. Selling is not so much about presenting the features or benefits of whatever it is that you are selling. It is about tapping into the psychology and emotions of the individuals that you are targeting. Specifically, if you can motivate them through emotion to want your product, they will subsequently make the purchase. Let us go over some basic psychological principles that are used when doing content marketing, online marketing, and some general sales strategies.

Overview of Psychological Principles for Marketing

When people buy something, it is typically because they needed. However, when you are selling items that they may not need, you must approach this differently. You will have to motivate them through their emotions to even consider what it is that you are offering. If you can do that, then you can begin to work on their psychology. You can sway them, or convince them, toward making a purchase, even if they do not really want the product. If you can show them why they may need the product you are offering, motivated by their emotions, they will make the purchase.

How Can You Use This with Content Marketing?

There are many different types of content marketing that are used today. Over the years, this type of marketing has changed dramatically. Decades ago, direct marketing relied upon motivating people by tapping into their emotions through the sales copy. Today, we have the advantage of being able to present videos that can attract potential buyers. Instead of just reading words, you can present images and sounds that can stimulate more of their senses. Therefore, content marketing begins with introducing them to the product in a way that gets them to emotionally react.

Marketing Strategies and Psychological Principles

Once you have their attention, you will then use the next set of psychological principles that can help you get the sale. This is all about visuals. Whether this is in their mind after reading your sales copy, or through the visuals provided in the video, they need to see themselves with that product. For example, if you are marketing a lawnmower, you will want them to see themselves using it in their backyard. To tap into their emotions, you may reference how old-style mowers are not as easy to use or how slow they are at cutting the lawn. If you can convince them that this will give them more time, and make their job easier, this is where you can potentially get the sale. This is how all marketing strategies are designed, and they can work well with virtually any type of product.

The Best Sales Strategies to Use

There are many successful marketers that often begin with some type of story. This story is focused upon how that product can help the potential customer improve their life. You may present ideas of how they could use this and ways it could improve what they do every day. Another example would be someone selling a car. A salesman does not go directly to the price, or talk about the features, but goes directly into how that person will benefit from owning that vehicle. They may start with how good they will look in the vehicle, and then subsequently moved toward features inside of the car, gas mileage, and even the safety rating. If you can get that person to see how much the vehicle will improve their life, they will want to own it. So whether you are doing content marketing, video marketing, or direct mail, the sales strategies will improve your success every time.

What Type of Psychological Principles Are Best For Selling?

There are three psychological principles that you need to implement with everything that you sell. First, there is the concept of reciprocity. This is where you give them something, and in return, they will want to give something back. Going back to the car example, some car dealerships will allow people to take the vehicle on a test drive. This could be just for a few minutes, or in some cases, they may let them drive it for a few days. Once they come back, they will have been in that vehicle and may have been impressed with how they felt behind the wheel. This will then lead to the second psychological principle which is talking about scarcity. You can tell them that they can have the car for a lower price, but it is for a limited time and that you only have one of these vehicles on the lot. If that does not motivate them, you can resort to referencing social proof, specifically how others will think if they are driving such an incredible car.

By using these simple psychological principles, you can easily motivate people to act and purchase what you are selling. Whether this is an inexpensive item or one that will cost thousands of dollars, the principles are the same. You are motivating people by tapping into their emotions and then using the three psychological principles presented. If you can do this every time, you will improve your ability to sell more products and make more money with your business. For more info, please visit Sten10 Beaconsfield.

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