Search Engine Optimisation Techniques Pro Digital Marketing Experts Use to Rank Websites

Ranking websites on the first page of Google isn’t a task which can be easily accomplished by inexperienced online marketers. This article reveals specific SEO strategies that Pro Digital marketing service providers use to Rank websites for their clients.

Optimising Text With Keywords

The first and one of the most important search engine optimisation techniques professionals at a digital marketing company focus on is to use the keyword or keyword phrase in the title.

Preferably use the keyword at the beginning of the title as this is how search engines determine if it is important.

Equally important, do not use your keyword more than 15 times in the entire article, or you will get penalised by search engines for keyword stuffing, and your website or blog post will drop drastically in ranking.

The general rule is that the website content should also be relevant to the viewer’s search. Descriptive subtitles and ensuring the meta description contains the keyword is important because the search engines bots crawling through data look for relevant keywords and these need to be positioned strategically.

Maintaining a Good Site Structure

A great site structure is a key consideration digital marketing experts take into account when ranking websites.

If you have top-level keywords and other supporting keywords make sure you’re setting up a clear hierarchy of how they’re linking to each other. Not having a website that’s 100% technically correct, too much JavaScript which Google can’t pick up and improper integration of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are just some of the technical issues which interfere with setting up a good site structure.

Good site structure requires careful thinking and proper organisation and should ideally be considered before designing a website. Existing websites may require a rework to ensure the site is technically correct and the navigational aspects are set up to improve the search engine optimisation.

Long Form Compelling Content

Adding a blog page and updating it regularly with long-form content is another vital search engine strategy which internet marketing services experts use to rank websites.

Blog posts which are 800 – 2000 words long have a much higher chance of getting ranked, compared to short posts of 300 words.

Content which is engaging keeps visitors to your website engaged for longer periods, which is another factor that Google considers.

External Linking

External links are also very important in your SEO strategy for ranking websites on search engines. Linking keywords on your page to another page giving more information about the topic you are writing about will increase the authority of your blog post or website.

If you can form a network of bloggers, members can link up and exchange external links which will benefit both you and your network partners by using each other’s posts to increase the authority.

Tagging Images With Keywords

A frequently overlooked SEO technique which internet marketing services providers use to rank websites is to put the keyword into the alt attribute in images. This is easily done by right-clicking the image on your website page builder and entering the keyword.

When someone looks for images using one of your main keywords and your image shows up in search engines, if the viewer clicks on the image, they will be taken back to your website.

Optimising for Mobile Devices

As more people browse the internet on their mobile phones, ensure your website has a responsive design, so it provides a great user experience across mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Google has released several updates to make websites easy to navigate on a mobile device. The latest mobile-first index update primarily looks at mobile versions of a website over desktop versions when indexing sites and evaluating its relevance to users.

Designing Websites With User Experience in Mind

Great user experience is being considered by Google and other search engines as a ranking factor.  With rankbrain and the general Google algorithm, Google is looking much more at user experience and how people come to your site.

Do visitors stay on your site for long and do you have a good click-through rate? Make sure you have heat maps installed on your website and you are using Google Analytics to constantly refine your content, increasing your page views, the time visitors spend on site and your conversion rates.

Google is looking at this data now and it’s essential that you provide a great experience for desktop and mobile users on your site.

Ensuing Websites are Secure

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) has been the foundation for online communication. However, it isn’t as safe now because information can get stolen, manipulated or get intercepted.

Adding an extra layer of security in the form of a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypts the information sent between the website visitor and the web server. Visitors on a mere HTTP website are now cautioned by Google, not to provide any information or fill in forms and the website is deemed, insecure.

From an SEO point of view, HTTPS can boost keyword rankings to a certain extent for large websites, however, the benefit of adding an SSL certificate is likely to increase more over time. Since user experience is an important factor in website ranking, an unsecured website will impact users negatively as they will be unlikely to submit information resulting in a loss of conversions and traffic.

One of the first Search Engine Optimisation tasks digital marketing experts execute nowadays is ensure that websites have an HTTPS connection, as they realise that prolonging to take action can harm their SEO campaigns in the long term.

If you’re in the process of designing a new website or are looking to optimise an existing site, it’s important to make sure that you are up to date with current Search Engine Optimisation techniques, so your website ranks on the first page of Google or other search engines. Considering the complexity of the task, there is much merit in enlisting the help of a digital marketing company to avoid SEO mistakes which prove costly in the long run.

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