Simplified Twitch Advertising Guide

Twitch Advertising Guide

Long gone are the days when brands relied on outbound marketing to capture a significant customer base. Consumers no longer want to be sold to, and if you are bombarding them with salesy ads, you stand to lose a considerable edge. Inbound marketing is the way forward, and with social media and online streaming winning a huge following, brands can no longer afford to ignore it. Twitch ads, for instance, have steadily gained popularity, with huge brands spending millions and small organizations flocking the platform to enjoy a piece of the pie.

Twitch ads can transform your marketing campaigns, but it requires a keen eye, innovative mind, and a strategic plan to succeed.  For instance, Ad blockers have been a pain for marketers, meaning that your online campaigns require a channel that doesn’t subject you to such frustrations. With Twitch, you can go for stream ads, instead of the traditional ad placements, and enjoy a significant exposure. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should start your stream to enjoy such a reach. With numerous gamers looking for sponsorships, you can find an ideal influencer, agree on mutually benefiting terms, and enjoy Twitch advertising endeavors with a desirable ROI. As you venture into Twitch advertising, nonetheless, you need to have a solid plan. Below is a quick look at some consideration to help you tailor an effective strategy.

Establish your needs

What do you want to accomplish? Who’s your target audience? Twitch provides an extensive reach, but it is not a one-size-fits-all platform. While tailoring your ads, as is in any marketing campaign, establishing your needs is the cornerstone. Your need guides your process as you can carefully pick the right approach to capture your target audience’s interests. Decide if you want to create brand awareness, target qualified leads, or promote a new product, among other goals. If your target is to create brand awareness, for instance, the metrics that could help your weigh the ad’s effectiveness is the traffic flow. With such a goal, you can use options such as memes, utilize a popular influencer to make it go viral, and capture considerable views. Establishing your needs and setting realistic and measurable goals is an excellent starting point. It helps you to adopt an effective plan and not dive in head-first as a mere attempt to keep up with your competitors.

Consult your budget

Unless you have all the money in the world, you can’t afford to be cavalier with your finances. While consulting your budget, nonetheless, you shouldn’t make the mistake of planning to spend the least possible amount. Following your situation, it would help if you tailored a budgetary plan that allows you to finance promising Twitch advertising strategy. For instance, you could find low-end gamers, ready to offer pop-ups on their streams at a significantly low amount. On the other hand, you could find an option that lets your logo sit on the screen throughout the stream, lasting for a few hours. While the second option could be pricier than the first, it offers a better chance of reaching out to a significant base, as new users join the stream and capture your brand’s logo. While consulting your budget, therefore, it would help if you understood the cost of Twitch ads, crunch the numbers, and settle for an option delivering better ROI.

Choose an influencer

Going for the traditional ads such as banners on Twitch, while effective, doesn’t match partnering with an influencer. While working to enhance your Twitch advertising, keep in mind that the audience visits the platform for entertainment. Therefore, tailoring your approach to entertain first, and later selling, is recommendable, a concern you can comfortably address by partnering with influencers.  Choosing an influencer, however, can be a little tricky. You might concentrate on streamers with the most extensive following only to realize that their audience doesn’t match your target demographics. You could also have a hard time browsing through streamers, looking for a solution that matches your needs and budget.

However, the good news is that with reliable services such as Loggershut, you can quickly find the best streamer. With access to the streamers stats, Loggerhut eases your search, allowing you to settle for a streamer with promising returns. The top considerations while choosing an influencer include;


Gaming and non-gaming audience interest vary. While choosing a streamer, consider the target audience the stream attracts, and see if it is what you need to achieve your goals. For instance, you might find that gamers’ interests align with the health and nutrition industry, while non-gamers mostly lean on finances such as home, health, and auto insurance. If a streamer captures your target audience, then they qualify as an ideal match.

The reach

Among the top benefits of sponsoring a streamer is enjoying their extensive reach. As such, while choosing a streamer, ensuring that they boost a significant following is essential. See if the streamer enjoys a huge following per stream, and from their stats, find out the average concurrent viewership to determine if they match your target base.


What type of streams does your target audience enjoy? If you are going with the gaming streams, for instance, would you capture a significant audience with simulation or first-person shooter games? Choosing the right genre is paramount while choosing an influencer, as it lets you target and capture qualified traffic.


Does the streamer inspire the followers, or are their engagements leaning more on negative comments? If you go for a streamer with a negative reputation, it will do more harm than good to your brand. Keeping in mind that you aim to establish and foster healthy relationships, it is recommendable to find an influencer with a good reputation, one that the audience likes and trusts.

Activity and language

It is a no-brainer that you should choose a Twitch streamer using your target audience’s language. It would help is you also stick to active streamers to ensure that you observe consistency. With consistent activity and a language that your target audience understands, you can comfortably enhance your Twitch advertising endeavors and realize desirable returns on investment.

After establishing an effective Twitch advertising strategy, don’t forget to keep the interactions active.

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