Best Appointment Scheduling Software in 2024

Are you fed up with the manual work in the office? Do you want to organize the tasks anyway?

Don’t worry then !! Here we come with the most suitable answer for you that is appointment scheduling software.

A growing and successful business demands some new changes every day and your customers want everything smooth, satisfactory, and effortless. So to meet your business and customer requirements you need the best scheduling software for your work so that managing tasks would be easy.

Now we must know, what appointment scheduling software is?

Appointment booking software is the solution to all your problems that allow all professionals and businesses to manage the booking better. It automates the work and divides the complex task into easy ones. This software can be used to arrange meetings and appointments. Scheduling software allows different features like a booking, reschedule or cancel an appointment. Globally the booking software helps to reach the market size by 546.31 million by 2026. So it is helping to generate greater revenue.

Also, it helps to meet all the requirements of the business and provide the best services efficiently. Undoubtedly management software makes every task accessible. But choosing the right software among so many options can be a bit tough.

So, here we are going to review the different appointment scheduling software of 2024.

Leading appointment booking software in 2024

1. Salonist


Salonist is the best appointment booking software that solves all your business problems at once. It gives you numerous options which makes your business better and takes you ahead in the competition.

Here are the features of the Salonist:

  • This is the cloud-based software.
  • Inventory management easily manages all the products.
  • It provides the insights of the business
  • The Point of sale makes everything easy. Your customers can easily pay without any hassle.
  • Rewards keep your customers engaged and help to increase your sales.
  • Social integration helps the customer to book the appointment from their social account.
  • Salonist pricing is divided into two slabs like for basic ($ 39 / monthly) and premium $ 99 / monthly). The price varies monthly and yearly basis.
  • Salonist scheduling software provides different services to salons, make-up artists, massage centers, health clinics, pet grooming salons, barbershops, etc.

2. AppointEze


AppointEze is the scheduling software. It is the most powerful appointment booking software that helps you to customize the features and manage your business.

Here are the features Appointeze:

  • You can book an appointment without any hassle. It delivers the best service to the customers.
  • It is the best tool to manage money and time efficiently.
  • It has a feature of Calendar which helps to schedule the appointment.
  • AppointEze has different payment integrations which make the online payment easy.
  • You can easily set reminders that send the message to your staff as well as customers.
  • In the scheduling software, your staff working is very easy as it has the features on the dashboard where you can easily open, read, and reply.

3. is another scheduling software. The software has excellent features which helps to book the appointment in an easy way. It offers secure communication and back up the data daily.

Here are the features of

  • It is easy to work in different languages.
  • Your customers can pay through credit, debit cards, etc. It can accept the payments through different gateways.
  • The software provides better security and more reliability.
  • Its pricing is divided into 3 slabs like free, basic- $ 9.90 / month, standard- $ 29.90 / month, and premium- $ 59.90 / month.

4. Calendly


Calendly helps the user to book an appointment according to user preference. The software assists to share your link and embed it into your desktop.

Here are features such as:

  • Calendly helps to build simple rules for your work.
  • Your staff can set daily limits.
  • Your customers can pick the suitable time and easily add the event to the Calendar.
  • Customers can book the one to one meeting.

5. Booker


Booker is a cloud-based software that easily manages your salon and spa. It works more smartly. The booker software has the feature of automatic marketing where your business gets the maximum benefits. It handles everything from managing staff to maintaining clients.

Here are the features of the booker:

  • Booker is accessible from any device like a mobile phone, tablet, laptop.
  • Most potential customers are connected with social media. It provides the feature of Facebook booking so that customers can easily book an appointment.
  • Booker always sends a notification to the customer by a text message or by sending an email. The message would be about the confirmation or cancellation of the booking.
  • Booker is available 24/7, and the booker understands that these days people carry less cash. Hence, it provides the feature of credit card booking as well. One can also pay from the payment terminal of the booker application.

6. Sprintful


Sprintful is an easy to use online scheduling solution that enables scheduling one on one to group meetings, right from your website.

Key Features

  • Quick and and simple self service appointment scheduling for you and your entire team
  • Complete customization per your brand including logos and custom URL
  • Advanced team appointment scheduling capabilities such as mutual booking availability, assign meetings to team members and centralized reporting
  • Automatically generate meeting appointment links through Zoom / Google Meet / Microsoft Team integration. Moreover, you can also setup offline meetings powered through maps and locations
  • Group appointment scheduling which is ideal for trainers

7. Acuity


Acuity software gives 24/7 online assistants which helps to book, cancel, reschedule an appointment.

Here are the features of the acuity:

  • Acuity software lets your customer book the time slot by the auto-adjust zone where they can choose the slot accordingly and the software automatically sends a reminder to the customer.
  • You can pay through numerous payment gateways like Zapier, MailChimp, PayPal, stripe, etc.
  • Acuity is very mobile-friendly where customers can easily book the appointment from their smartphones.

8. Schedulicity


Schedulicity software offers you the best services for your business. If you want to schedule your business work, then choose the Schedulicity. This tool gives proficient services to any business.

Here is the feature of Schedulicity:

  • It provides less stress and schedules more.
  • This booking software stack according to the customer’s needs.
  • It provides a secure payment gateway to the user, such as stripe, credit card etc.
  • The client can book the appointment according to their budget.

Wrapping up

Above we have reviewed some of the best scheduling software for easy booking and managing business. It is difficult to choose from them, but you can pick the best software according to your business needs.

You can enhance the efficiency of your business by choosing the optimal option for you. Hopefully, this article gives you the right knowledge.

If you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading !!

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