Social Media And Technological Trends in HRM: What Points To Consider

Globalization and technological changes are intensifying their impact on the changes in every field. With the changes in technology rising with pace, the improved access to Internet additionally changed the manner in which data was created, and consumed across the globe. The greatest change in media correspondence was from the unidirectional utilization method of communication changed to multi-maker and multi-client bi-directional communication.

With commoditization of data and numerous media stages through which customers and different partners access data, firms had to reevaluate the manner in which traditional communication could be affected with their applicable partners. While various models exist inside the domain of co-creation for the development of products or marketing, human resource management system actually struggled to deal with the changing ways of communication and indulging in their current and possible workforce.

While people have accepted and adapted to the advanced and web-based media for collaboration and better communication, chances of utilizing the rich data accessible via technology and online or social media for HR system have arisen which demonstrate a possibility to change the dynamic capacities of the firms.

The practices of human resource management has evolved a lot for good with each passing year in alignment with the changes in technology, economy, diversity of talent including business strategy and globalization factors along with the capability of effectively handling business issues. The idea of resource management has been the key element in the human resource management system.

Expansion in terms of globalization, competition and the need for development demands an independent HR practices that inspires, attracts and managing a capable employment, which is an essential element for success of business. All these things are now a part of everyday task, but naturally with the change in technology the HRM has also changed. Now the human resource department is also using social media for contacting and communicating with the right talent on various platforms such as LinkedIn. For an effective HR management and best HR practices involves utilization of essential and advanced processes to rule in this era of digitalization.

Here are Some of the Key Points to Consider While Observing the Trends in HRM Industry:

Key Points

  • Social-Media Based HR Software

In times where HR executives doubt the legitimacy and talent of conventional employee performance management, the technology dependent on social standards is changing the HR management. Organizations are utilizing social-based HR software to present additionally captivating and viable methods of giving acknowledgment and input. They’re likewise utilizing these sorts of methods, to have better discussions with the employees – conceivably the ones working everywhere on the world – when and how they need to.

  • Online Recruitment Processes

Online recruitment process which include employing of competitors through Internet, talent acquisition strategies for ID, following, assessment, and determination of work force progressively are being embraced broadly for obtaining of HR in the companies  today. These practices have been a coordinated by a dramatic increment of informal communication for enrollment purposes, which may have been provoked by talent scarcity and cost efficiencies. The benefits of e-recruitment over conventional channels have been very much recorded, for example, economy of money and time, and convenience for both the new employees and the HR specialist.

Online recruitment prompted improvement so as to recruit, by improving effort to upcoming candidates, and checking data across a wide scope of sources, to prompt a superior fit for the company.

Online recruitment has the advantage of two way communication, where the candidate and the recruiter may communicate with each other at minimal cost. While the benefits of the online recruitment processes are way too many, there even stands some obstacles that online hiring comes with. The maintenance and launch costs of online recruitment systems are elevated, and it requires hiring of experts who are competent enough in dealing with the technology.

Also, many candidates selected through job boards is usually large, making the scanning difficult. In addition, there are several issues with safety of data security and confidential data, as platforms could store the CV for future references.

  • Building Strategies for E-Recruitment

Different firms may use various techniques and strategies while employing through e-recruitment and social media. These are comprehensively arranged under the mainstays of building manager brand, building connections (for current or future necessity), dynamic enlistment for opportunities or new job positions, and cost management. Finally, we evaluate the impact of these arising patterns on the columns characterizing systems and strategies embraced for e-recruitment and social media.

  • ERP Vendors as Significant Talent Management Providers

ERP vendors are emerging as valid talent management providers. Around a decade ago, the recruitment market was overwhelmed by the leading providers selling authorized software. Recruiting, learning, and execution management tools were sold as discrete items, compelling organizations to fasten those frameworks together and coordinate them with their ERP frameworks. At that point ERP merchants started gaining these more small scale organizations and compile those systems into their more extensive suites. Therefore, numerous ERP providers presently give complete talent recruitment solutions that meet the prerequisites of huge, complex firms.

  • Classification of New Software for Different Purposes

New software classifications incorporate cultural management, engagement. Organizations have been progressively worried about low degrees of representative commitment. Accordingly, a plenty of software sellers have sprung up that provide new tools to solicit real time worker feedback, monitoring engagement, managing worker goals and performances, and assessing culture. These tools permit firms to speedily reveal and react to workers’ issues, requirements, and proposals.

  • Rise of Cloud Technology

“Made for the cloud” technology providers rework on HR functions. Indeed, even as ERP suppliers extend their HR product offerings, a “third wave” of vendors is arising with cloud-based talent solutions that are easy to understand, economical to purchase, and worked for cell phones from the beginning. These new merchants focus on a scope of key HR activities, including finance, recruiting, employee engagement, and learning.

  • Performance Monitoring and Goal Management

Goal management and performance are rethought with check-ins and feedbacks. Many huge organizations that have replaced customary, year-end feedback and performance with more real-time, feedback-oriented, and agile methodologies have discovered their current performance software doesn’t uphold their new cycles. New businesses seek an opportunity to fill this hole however, until now, they presently can’t seem to incorporate into their items a lot of features that big organizations normally need, for example, surveys and appraisals. Thus, organizations may experience difficulty finding the fitting tools to help a presentation management upgrade.

  • Give Employee Commitment a Top Priority

Human resource management system innovation keeps employee commitment at the top. The HR innovation scenes are changing more quickly. As HR and CIOs specialists hope to replace and update existing HR frameworks, they ought to consider tools and vendors that offer shopper like mobile capabilities, predictive analysis, and experiences—and permit workers to test them for usability, for features and work process. The number of workers utilizing HR tools and the term and recurrence of their use will become significant proportions of effectiveness and engagement.

  • Talent Management Websites and Their Utilization

With the increasing globalization, increasingly more entrepreneurs understand that genuine talent isn’t restricted to a particular topographical area. In understanding this guideline, a significant number of these entrepreneurs are requiring HR tools to utilize worldwide talent forums and sites to secure qualified job applicants.

  • Job Interviews Through Video Calls

In video Job Interviews more and more employers are utilizing web-based video interviews during their hiring process. The video conferencing employee meeting can be utilized from various perspectives, for example, to lead a screening meeting. In different occasions, most of the meeting processes can be conducted using video. With this mechanical pattern, HR delegates can without much of a stretch easily pick the new candidates from everywhere the world.

Smartphones Are Here As A New HR Platform

Smartphones Are Here As A New HR Platform

Mobile has come up as another HR technology. With the rising use of smartphone and workers across a scope of capacities looking for the access to corporate applications through their cell phones, organizations are scrambling to adjust their HR frameworks in like manner. Now and again, they may make their own applications—pared-down versions of big business software that offer clients streamlined access to fundamental HR system, for example, submitting time sheets or cost reports.

In situations where organizations are prepared to replace existing HR frameworks, they may search for the vendors that provide mobile applications as a component of their basic administrations. Whether or not organizations assemble or purchase, conveying HR usefulness by means of mobile platform expects organizations to think about the various user dynamics, features, and mechanics related with cell phones.

Smartphone is probably going to overwhelm the HR scene this year. As the labor force across different tasks looking for the access to applications through cell phones, organizations are thinking about to redefine their HR frameworks. Providing this kind of usability suggests that the firms would consider HR systems and software with the activation process and the system that the users are looking for. More on, the pattern of making applications that smoothes out the basic HR functionality keeps on growing. Today, mobile apps have become basic for each application that an organization creates.

Impact of Social Media

Impact of Social Media

An amazing asset social media plays a vital role in HR today, particularly with regards to employment. Around a fourth of businesses are utilizing online media channels like Facebook and LinkedIn to select staff. HR divisions can utilize social media not just for recruitment and employee satisfaction. It is considered as a prime hotspot for organizations to arrive at their HR objectives. Different activities can utilize web-based media channels to arrive at target crowd with work postings and other organization related data.

Hardly any associations utilize online media to recount their association’s example of overcoming adversity through photographs, blog entries, Tumblr and Pinterest pages. Furthermore, work searchers are utilizing these informal communities to discover about the organization. It’s a decent source to understand what current and potential representatives are stating about your organization. Web-based media offers incalculable advantages to HR experts and lets them to stay aware of the news, innovation and patterns.

You can sustain connections by sharing the business information. Every one of these reasons have made it an ideal stage to connect with representatives, develop connections and support communication in the workspace. More organizations will consider coordinating applications with Facebook or LinkedIn as opposed to creating corporate applications later on.

Tools that permit ceaseless monitoring of employees are better for everybody. A conventional employee survey like clockwork is rapidly getting outdated. What is unquestionably more significant is software that empowers us to keep steady over things continuously. Issues are stopped from going out of hand and the great stuff like acknowledgment, satisfaction and rewards are set up to offer more beneficial worker connections that can be sustained. Constant checking gives HR and leaders more capacity to accomplish better and remove the individuals who are not a solid match.


While innovation plays a vital part in changing HR management software and tasks from staff management to business execution, innovation itself doesn’t make this change. HR administrators should use innovation to drive a genuine value to the business. Since innovation in HR is still at the beginning stage, it has gotten basic to do a proper research just to guarantee better efficiency, seamless transition, appraisals, learning and advancement, employing ideal candidates and a lot of other HR related functionalities.

Though the employees have embraced digital and social media for increased communication and collaboration, opportunities of leveraging the rich information available on social media and technology platforms for HR practices have come forward which depicts a possibility to alter the dynamic ability of the firm. In addition, the online media has altered the field of marketing. Much has been said and done via web-based media promotion. Presently the time has come to release the capability of online media in human resource management. Online media is consistently crawling into different fields of business with its approach in the field of human resource management.

Some claim that the HR experts are late with regards to anything identified with innovation, including online media. Having understood the unrivaled capability of social media, HR experts are making a direct route towards it with only one observation – one should prefer to be late over never! As online media turns out to be more characterized in business world, HR experts will have a huge opportunity to use this incredible medium in numerous parts of the business.

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