Grow Your E-commerce Rapidly by Leaving Behind the Top SEO Myths!

In the era of digital marketing, and particularly in search engine optimization i.e. SEO, there is a morsel of information that exists in their retelling which loses context and then becomes what we call in different circles “Zombie Lies” or this context “Zombie Myths.”

To mention that SEO has altered a lot would be making the understatement of the decade. There are many updates made by google per year, which also involves the chrome security warning which is rolled out to non-HTTPS sites.

E-commerce Rapidly

Search Engine Optimization is an art where anybody can dally in the different basics. SEO is that thing that will make you or can break you.

The main question is- How you can increase your search engine traffic by 13.15% in just a minimum of 30 days?

By following a well-proven SEO strategy, touched in a very hungry market, the kind of created in-depth content which is backed up by different stats and data, solves a probable problem, and promotes the blog posts.

This tactic seems so basic, but it is the most used and proven method to win at SEO.

The truth is that it converts 9% of the search traffic in a better way than social media traffic. thus, to adapt it in a specific way, you have to discard believing in some myths.

What is the reason behind multiple myths?

Google has claimed that there are more than 10,000 signals which influence their search results.

For beginners, that is really one of the difficult things for anyone to genuinely know about. How many lists of 10,000 influencers can you recount from memory?

It is not only that SEO is complicated and difficult. There exists a big machine that bubbles out SEO Misinformation as it is considered as somebody’s job.

Thus, the following are the reasons why there are so many myths?

Hustling in the economy

Many a time it is seen that stories about shutting down various scams from the businesses actually claim to be related to Google. Unfortunately, it does not end there. It is the age of The Four Hour Work Week, where everybody wants each and everything faster.

It is the demand market, so the potential businesses sell this alternate way in reality as an array of SEO products.

The game of telephones

One of the emphatic sources of search engine optimization (SEO) information arises from a few of Google’s owned content creators. The advice given by them can be helpful. But most of the time, it’s vague and ambiguous. The copywriters who report on this are hardly professional SEOs.

Thus, we have seen that there many stressed and frustrated people blame the failure on tools and different agencies when they do not at all notice the SEO efforts equating to payoffs simultaneously. In Fact, the generation of the world takes more than one day. Effective and good results do not really come easily.

Therefore in no particular, the myths are:

More links are better than more content

In the past, creating as many links as possible without making the analysis of the particular linking domain was how SEO typically worked. By carrying out this, your website makes sure to rank up at a higher position. Thus, creating links is still considered an important part of ranking the different items or factors of your website.

As per the study to a correlational based on the ranking factors by Searchmetrics, it comes among the top five most important ranking factors. It is a company that offers SEO analytics and different reporting tools for large enterprises. It is important that you build links in a more different way than you were doing it before.

At the time when Penguin 2.0 was launched in May 2013, all of these practices got changed. Nowadays, the priority should be given to focusing on the quality of links produced and what you are obtaining from it, rather than the quantity done. Many times less can be termed as more if you actually know how to build links in an appropriate way.

Page ranking can be improved by the density of keywords

It is often believed that keywords matter a lot and in some extreme cases it is considered harmful.

There are mainly two reasons for this:

The first one is, in reality, Google has been using something termed as TF-IDF instead.

Here TF-IDF stands for Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency. Google has taken this in patent US 7996379 B1 and in-depth it is more elaborated in a blog-post of 2014

It is all you need to know that it is still describing density that is frequency. It is one of the “TF” parts. Still, they carry out this, in the concept of what’s normal as compared to the remaining of the web world.

Therefore, if you attach up to some of the specific keywords at a level that is unusual for a topic, or start consuming the worry about your density of adverbs, thereafter Google perceives your site as a dominating one outlier and not as a more relevant resource.

The second reason comes that Google observes synonyms, word stems like “s” and “ing” type, and other variations in language. It is more relevant to say that this is the one area only in which they have improved most over the years.

In the mid-2000s, it was one of the effective techniques to keep the range of keyword density at 5.5% for many of the purchase-related phrases.

After around 6% to 7%, based on the topic like TF-IDF and all, you would be hit with a good penalty and watch that ranking go down entirely.

Thus in this way, these mentioned tactics work for not a long time. At last, and not least, google’s consistent work at recognizing natural language patterns goes away.

Meta tags are not materialistic

First, understand what meta tags?

Meta tags are considered one of the best ways for specific webmasters to offer essential information to different search engines for their sites. They are easily used to deliver the information to lots of its clients and every system processes the meta tags which they understand and therefore ignores the rest of them.

Meta tags are one of the useful HTML tags which appear in between the opening and closing of the specific <head> tags. They are very much used to displays the fragments for particular web pages in the search results window. They have featured meta keyword phrases.

Matt Cutts has delivered the words on the topic that Google never uses the keyword meta tags in high rankings of a page. Moreover, the descriptions of meta keywords are still worth it and it all makes sense to invest time in them.

Google penalties will increase by the links in comment and forums

Yet one more urban legend has been coming into the picture: that all community engagement is a lethal one, including the links in comments and forums.

Do not ever get confused about the forums with directories. The latter one comes with more suspiciousness, but be sure in that case, there are also white-hat directories. It is one of the clearest differences which gets popped up and that is a forum is a discussion channel and the other one is that the directory is an online list or catalog of websites.

Stay above the SEO Curve

SEO is changing day-by-day and therefore you should. There are various brands that hire professionals but again it becomes difficult to trust whom we can be relied on. Thus, in the following few ways you can avoid the contradictions and hustlers from the SEO:

Be careful in getting from google

As you may be doing it and realizing that Google itself is a whole lot of a complicated world. It is impossible to manage it by a single person and researchers subsequently contradict each other.

The various googlers often answer direct SEO questions related to “we think you should…”, not only because in this way they rank up but most importantly the reason is it might really be less dominating of their results.

Select the professionals carefully

In nearly 17 years of SEO’s career, I am not able to name any of the one single professional SEO on which I agree 100% of the time. There exist only a few selected ones that I agree with 95% only. And there comes the funniest part. SEO is opaque. With this, you should realize that many of the bloggers and speakers maximize their business for success in a very different way from you.

There are mainly two SEO industries. In every subsequent year, there are varied sexy new SEO techniques that are wildly inefficient or do not work in an industry properly and that is not all about working with search engine optimization for SEOs. We have suggested many eCommerce SEO Mistakes you must avoid.


We all know that the internet is all filled up with loads of SEO myths, and the searchers or individuals follow them blindly oftentimes. It might enhance as Voice Search of google is upgrading and it can be one of the game-changers for you before 2024 ends.

Therefore, with this, you have to make the decision about which one is true and best for your online business. The major search engine’s aim is to satisfy its potential users and act more like a human. And for this, you have to think like a simple searcher to know what everything should look like.

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