12 Powerful Strategies to Boost Your App Downloads and Do Effective App Marketing in 2024

Powerful Strategies To Increase Your Mobile App Downloads

The mobile app industry is massive and always evolving. With time, as the competition is rising in this segment, developers are coming up with new ways to promote their apps so they can boost app downloads and get better Returns on investments (ROIs).

In this blog, there are a few ways that we are listing down to help you in increasing your mobile app downloads. If you are planning to launch a new app or already have an app that you want to grow further, we recommend you give this blog a read until the end.

But before we discuss these strategies, we believe it is important for you to know how massive the mobile app industry is. And that can be done only by going through some crucial mobile app market statistics. So, let’s list down these mobile app market statistics first!

Mobile app market statistics that are crucial for all developers

These mobile app market statistics are taken from popular and reliable sources like Statista and Grand View Research to ensure you have authentic insights into the app market. To plan an effective mobile app growth strategy and to understand different markets better, these statistics can play an important role. So, consider them before you make an app promotion strategy.

  • Grand View Research states that between 2024 to 2030, the global mobile application market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.8%
  • In 2024, the global mobile app market was worth $206.85 billion collectively by the end of the year
  • According to Statista, the average revenue per download expectedly amounts to $1.83
  • China is the largest revenue generator in the app market industry and contributed $156.60 billion in 2024
  • As per a Mobile App Developers in the UK report by Statista, in 2024, consumers in the UK spent roughly $2.3 billion on downloading apps from the Apple App Store and $1.2 billion on the Google Play Store
  • Among European countries, the UK remains in the lead in terms of generating the app market revenue
  • A Study by Grand View Research suggests, 5 to 10% of mobile gamers are willing to pay for gaming apps making it a valuable increase compared to 2024
  • Popular mobile gaming titles like Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans, Pokémon GO, etc are a massive source of driving revenues compared to any other channel
  • In 2024, the Apple App Store generated the most revenue and lead the revenue market throughout the year

Let’s have a look at these strategies to increase your mobile app downloads!

1. App Store Optimization (ASO)

There are millions of apps existing on popular app stores like the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. So, to increase the visibility of apps, developers use strategies like ASO. ASO is a combination of multiple steps taken to push the app to the top in rankings and search results.

A perfect ASO strategy includes keyword optimization, optimized descriptions, using relevant titles, targeting the right user groups, etc. Most ASO strategies evolve as algorithms ranking apps evolve on popular app stores as well.

2. App localization

Another top strategy that expert developers and app marketers recommend is app localization. Suppose, if you are planning to build an app for the UK market, a good idea would be to partner with a mobile app development company in the UK to build a better-optimized app for the local market as mobile app developers in the UK will be able to assist you with your app development strategy better. By targeting multiple ethical groups in the UK, different festivals, and cultures, you can have a good opportunity to promote your app further in the target market.

3. Use social media

Social media has touched almost every segment of the smartphone user base globally. Today, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram combined have a larger user base than most countries. As you can see in the above stats by Statista, Instagram has approximately more than 1.28 billion users by the end of 2024, and by 2025, this number is expected to cross 1.44 billion.

These numbers prove how massive these platforms are and why app marketers are using them to target massive user bases and attract amazing conversion rates. Whether you are from a mobile app development company in the UK, India, or the USA, these social media platforms can help you run your ads and reach millions of people through personalized advertisements.

4. Collaborate with influencers

Another super popular strategy to promote your app is hiring influencers with good outreach. Many brands collaborate with influencers or hire them to make their apps visible to their user base. This process usually includes multiple ways of promotion. For instance, influencers can make dedicated ad videos to talk about your app in detail.

Or, they can promote your app through their usual content where they directly or indirectly include your app’s promotion in between. Depending on their audience, both strategies might have good outcomes for your app’s branding as these ads also give an impression that the influencer trusts your app. Social media platforms like Instagram have even optimized their platforms to promote such collaborations by providing features like Paid Partnership and Collaboration.

5. Use SEO techniques to promote the app

The above image is an example of how SEO for apps works. SEO strategies help apps become visible whenever a relevant search is made. As you can see, in the image top gaming apps is the keyword used. Now, these results can vary depending on many factors such as your location, change in apps’ rankings, and more.

Getting your app visible on search engines is also an amazing way to gain more organic traffic and installations of your app. SEO strategies evolve as well along with new updates in algorithms used by top search engines like Google to rank websites and apps.

To become visible on search engines among top results, there are multiple strategies used like using keywords properly in descriptions, app titles, metadata, app’s website, etc. Developers also optimize app information once in a while to keep it relevant to upgrading search engine algorithms.

6. Using free trials and demos

Giving users a trial without asking them to pay anything for the trial is the best way to get them habitual of your app. This way users also get enough time to build the trust factor before they make up their minds to pay for your app. App demos or free trials also help potential users figure out whether the app is relevant to their needs or not.

7. Using in-app referrals to attract more users

By providing in-app referral benefits, it is possible to invite more potential users to the app. In-app referrals provide app users with rewards for inviting their contacts to the app. These users share your app’s like or referral code and in return get rewards like in-app coins, discount coupons, referral bonuses, limited-time memberships, etc.

8. Promote your app through events

Many brands choose to promote their apps through events and seminars as well. Most of these events have a limited number of slots so you might want to register your app in advance before setting up your stall to promote the app.

There are app promotion events happening throughout the year in different locations. Some of these events are invite-only, some are for everyone, some could be free to join, and some could have a fee as well. However, to interact with a community of potential users and fellow developers, these app promotion events could be a great opportunity.

9. Provide impressive customer service

Customer service is one of the most influencing factors that decide the growth of your app. Bad customer service can even create a bad impression on the mind of existing users. In the modern market, to improve customer service, app developers have adopted technologies like AI and machine learning.

These technologies have helped app developers personalize their customer service experience by helping their customer service bots learn more languages, pronunciations, and dialects. Advanced customer service systems today are able to handle customer queries on their own without human interference.

10. Using paid ads to promote apps

Advertisement is done through multiple channels and platforms and can be of many types. There can be audio-only advertisements, video advertisements, social media advertisements, personalized targeted ads, and more to grow apps. Targeted ads use user behavior as the data to take as a reference for showing ads. Ads are shown on search engines, websites, and even other apps to the relevant user base in the form of videos and image ads.

11. Building a dedicated website

Dedicated websites are built to give users in-depth information about the company that builds the app and about the app as well. The website allows developers to define the idea behind the app, the development process, the development team that built the app, and more. All these details help users know the app better and trust it more.

Additionally, a dedicated website helps the app rank better by leveraging SEO strategies. A website, with the help of proper keyword optimization and other SEO strategies, can have a better chance to rank on search engines like Google to give your app a good opportunity to become visible to potential users who might not know your app yet.

12. Observing competitors’ strategies

Competitors can also be a great source of information when it comes to optimizing your app downloads positively. There are tools to monitor competitors’ SEO strategies, their source of traffic, and plenty of other such relevant information. You can use these details to analyze what is working for your competitors and apply such strategies to your app promotional strategies.

Suppose you have target markets in mind, take the UK market for example. It will be great to keep an eye on strategies followed by the local mobile app developers in the UK to build and promote their apps before you finalize a strategy for your own digital product. This can help you boost your app downloads massively and build a long-term relationship with the local target user base.

Key takeaways

Well, these were all of the points that we wanted to cover in this guide on strategies to increase your mobile app downloads. For your reference, let’s have a look at every single strategy we covered above in short lines before we wrap this blog.

  • ASO is a combination of strategies used to make apps rank among search results in app stores
  • App localization is a step taken to make the app look personalized for target user markets
  • Social media has a massive presence making it the best tool to reach out to a massive number of potential users at once
  • Collaborating with influencers or hiring them can help developers build better trust in potential users’ minds for a long run brand presence
  • SEO strategies are used to promote dedicated app websites on search engines among top results
  • Free trials and demos are effective to invite people without them having to pay anything so they can try the app’s features and build a trust
  • Developers use in-app referrals to reward already existing users for inviting their contacts to the app
  • Becoming a part of events and seminars that promote apps and provide developers with exposure can be an effective way to find potential users
  • Impressive customer service also influences already existing app users to recommend your app to their friends while building a loyal customer base in parallel
  • Paid ads can help you grow the visibility of your ads for apps to larger markets and can improve their quality as well
  • A dedicated website can help your potential app users know your app better before they could make up their minds about downloading your app
  • Keeping an eye on competitors’ strategies is a good way to find out strategies that work and don’t work

So, in the end, we hope you find our analysis helpful. Also, we are quite hopeful that if you apply these strategies to your app promotion strategies, you will see a multiplication in your app’s download. Lastly, we recommend you bookmark Complete Connection for more such informative blogs.’

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