5 Essential Things You Should Know About Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

The emergence of digitalization has made business owners realize how they can make their business accessible throughout the globe with the help of commerce cloud, a new-age efficient smart technology for every business looking to grow in e-commerce. Commerce Cloud is an incredibly beneficial e-commerce platform that connects your business’s roots to its customers across the digital channel.

If you wish to offer a tech-savvy platform to your customers, they can shop your beneficial services no matter where they are. Growing in the e-commerce field can become easy and fun if you utilize the highly collaborative and easy-to-use interface of Salesforce Commerce Cloud for your digital broadening and customer recognition. Let’s learn what SFCC is. Here are 5 vital things you must know about Salesforce Commerce Cloud:

  • What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud?
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud Market Share
  • Its Top Features!
  • Licensing Model of Salesforce Commerce Cloud Pricing
  • Is SFCC suitable for your business?

What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

SFCC is a cloud-based SaaS eCommerce solution that is highly scalable and lays down top-notch benefits to the retail industry. As a SaaS solution, the platform carves the best practices in the business by managing all your digital operations conveniently. Commerce Cloud has become the leading B2B & B2C commerce solution that empowers organizations to become intelligent and unified and create connectivity across all digital channels.

When you begin with the Salesforce Implementation Services, it unifies how businesses engage with customers across any device or channel. The cloud houses multiple functions such as Services, Marketing, and Sales. All these functionalities come together to deliver a seamless customer shopping experience.

Furthermore, you can quickly scale your business with marketing and smart dashboards. Commerce Cloud also has operational functionalities that improve operations across multiple channels and link the backend process with order fulfillment. Also, intelligent functions are to offer precise data insights that guide you to make quick decisions and interact and engage with the customers. 

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Market Share

Even though Commerce Cloud has considerably stable growth, several platforms believe it will have a vast growth ratio soon. With its high-quality ability and technological coherence, over 14,827 organizations are actively utilizing the services of the Commerce Cloud platform of Salesforce. Therefore, this makes Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s market share 0.60% in the eCommerce market.

Several statistics have mentioned that Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a preferable platform in the e-commerce industry. Surprisingly, the platform is utilized by large-scale businesses worldwide, meaning that most big companies trust Salesforce Commerce Cloud with their businesses. Currently, the biggest Salesforce Commerce Cloud market is based in the United States and is dispersing its roots in several other countries.

Above all, the biggest news for the organization is that they haven’t lost even one customer since they began Salesforce Commerce Cloud. If the statistics are believed, the interface will only witness much more potential than today.

What are the top Salesforce Commerce Cloud Features?

Several Salesforce Commerce Cloud benefits basically sum up every digital facility to micromanage business operations. Above every functionality, a few benefits have mainly become why most high-level businesses prefer this cloud-based ecommerce platform. Here are the top features of the Salesforce commerce cloud below:


1. Offers Omnichannel Experiences

Commerce Cloud lays down an omnichannel customer experience that targets the needs and touchpoints of individuals. The platform seamlessly connects multiple channels that allow customers to take action from where they left off, even if they are on another platform. It analyzes your customer’s digital shopping behaviors on multiple platforms and helps you target more personalized marketing segments to your customers by giving you the collected omnichannel data.

2. Personalizing Data with its AI Technology

As per the research data given by Salesforce, as many as 71% of customers expect businesses to understand their needs and expectations and offer a more personalized approach while delivering their services to them. Commerce Cloud has great capability for performing the same with the help of its AI technology. In businesses, you might have a large set of scattered information which is hard to utilize. However, using real-time AI technology, Commerce Cloud turns this data into valuable insights that can be further utilized to enhance the profitability of a business. This helps organizations create a more personalized experience for every customer and skyrockets their profits.

3. Multi-Site Management

Want to have different platforms for different regions, but it sounds like a lot of work? Multi-Site management is another advanced feature of SFCC that can make the impossible possible. It allows you to develop multiple sites and, not only this, manage them all under one window interface! To achieve the highest possible capabilities of SFCC, you must hire a Salesforce developer that will ease your multisite creation journey.

4. Order Management

Order Management is one of the features of SFCC that offers accurate and seamless ordering. This solution helps businesses automate the complete order management process by making order fulfillment, capturing payments and managing supply chain workflows easier. It also unifies order servicing along with other useful, flexible capabilities.

5. Storefront Reference Architecture

Utilizing this framework, you can use the built-in designed wireframes to develop your eCommerce store! In addition, it has unlimited robust features, highly-valuable integrations, and creative digital technologies that could develop, personalize and maintain your website.

6. Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle

This feature makes purchasing precise and more straightforward for your employees and customers because you can easily combine your shopping channels with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This allows the customers to add items to their Wishlist that they wish to buy, and you can also provide your team with customer database access to tailor the customer shopping experiences.

7. Marketing & Merchandising Tools

With the advanced marketing and merchandising capabilities of Commerce Cloud, you can easily pitch your products and their offers to someone genuinely looking for them. This will assist you in maximizing your conversion ratio and is a great boost for overall business performance. This one-stop solution features management of paid advertising, social media, email marketing campaigns, etc.

What’s the licensing model of salesforce commerce cloud pricing?

The estimated annual license fee for this platform is $150,000. Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a highly competitive platform, and its services are entirely customer-centric. Therefore, there is no upfront license cost required to be paid.

Since Salesforce Commerce Cloud benefits are exclusive and extravagant, they never compromise in offering outstanding services without delay. Many people believe that Salesforce commerce cloud pricing is over the odds. However, the platform can set your business up for a higher success ratio and great scaling.

Above all, there are many challenges that a non-Commerce Cloud user faces, such as business stability, limited operational capabilities and intelligent business functions. Salesforce Commerce Cloud pricing collectively covers solutions for all the problems mentioned above. This cloud-based eCommerce solution is the one-in-all platform where you can choose from numerous functionalities that best serve your organization.

Is SFCC suitable for my business?

Commerce Cloud is positioned explicitly for retailers and brands looking for combined functionalities within a one-stop solution. Since Commerce Cloud offers the best all-around in-platform services such as digital stores, order management, eCommerce etc., it has set the bar of competition higher than usual.

So if you wish to understand how great SFCC is, you must know that its basic premise is to ensure scaling and profits for your business. Among the unlimited Salesforce Commerce Cloud benefits, here are a few ones that attract e-commerce businesses around the globe:


1. Generate Long-Term Customer Relationships

The following is one of the Salesforce Commerce cloud benefits. When you incorporate or integrate your order platform with Salesforce, it will offer you a 360-degree customer view of every behavior, need and preference. Therefore, this ensures personalized and valuable service delivery, fortifying good customer relationships and a boost in sales, enhanced conversion rates, lead nurturing, etc.

2. Round-the-clock Customer Service

Salesforce actively offers round-the-clock customer service to all its customers so that the businesses associated with Commerce Cloud can ensure a smooth run by eliminating all technical concerns.

3. Mobile-Friendly Experience

Salesforce Commerce Cloud improvises businesses by offering a seamless mobile-friendly eCommerce store. Not only on computers and laptops but with SFCC, your buyers can easily visit your store on their mobile phones too.

4. Efficient Predictive Intelligence System

SFCC makes data more organized and analyzed so your decision-making can be more well-informed. Salesforce has built Einstein AI, which implements the efficiency of AI in the eCommerce business market. Any system with such highly efficient and technologically-advanced performance will offer a great shopping experience for your customers, and unified commerce will enhance your business value.


Overall, Salesforce is an efficient solution that adds value to your business and assists you in building a scalable reputation in the market with its high-tech features and uncountable benefits. From its highly competitive marketing abilities to its expansive functional values, you can create an eCommerce platform that can scale quickly with great profitability. Want more knowledge about Salesforce Commerce Cloud benefits? talk to Salesforce experts.

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