The 7 Best Energy Efficiency Apps for Your Home (Infographic)

When we are trying to develop better habits – whether it’s for our health, for our pockets, or even for mother earth – technology can often give us the helping nudge we need to stay on the right path. One area where tech, and in particular – apps, can be a major help is energy efficiency.

What are the Benefits of “Greening your Home”?

Roughly 22% of all energy consumption and 17% of greenhouse gas emissions comes from the residential sector, and many Eco-conscious homeowners are now recognising the need to curb their usage.By taking a few simple steps, you can dramatically cut down the environmental impact of your home.

Not only does energy efficiency benefit the environment, but it can also yield fantastic financial rewards for you. While energy efficiency home projects do cost money up-front, in many cases such investments are quickly earned back in the form of reduced energy costs and added property value.

How can Apps Help You Optimise the Energy Efficiency of Your Home?

If you think you would like to start an energy efficiency project at home are interested in using an app, why not read this highly informative info-graphic courtesy of the team at Calgary Window & Door Guys. Detailing the seven best energy efficiency apps for your home, this indispensable guide includes useful information about features, benefits and user reviews – so you have everything you need to make the right choice.

As we all know, it’s not easy being green. However, these apps can be a great help when taking on energy efficiency projects around the home. By supplying information, education and motivation, each of the featured apps offers a unique way of assisting you with your home improvement project.

Some of Our Favourites

Ideal for penny-pinches, Energy Cost Calculator and Energy Consumption Analyser enable you to keep an eye on your energy usage and to spot the areas which are generating the biggest costs.

Joule Bug rewards users for completing certain Eco-tasks and has a leader board allowing you to compete against your friends. Similarly, the My Earth app assigns tasks designed to seamlessly integrate into your day-to-day life.

The My Homeless app creates a tailored room-by-room report outlining the upgrades most likely to result in the biggest savings and best return on investment for you.

Check out the info-graphic below to learn more about the best energy efficiency apps for your home.


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