The Best Models of HP Printers

When you need a new printer it is sensible to choose a brand like HP who make top-quality printers that will withstand the test of time. To make the decision making process easier for you, HP make different printer series for different needs. Check out the different printer models below and find out what you need to consider before you splash the cash.

HP Printers

HP OfficeJet Series

HP OfficeJet printers are ideal for people who have a home office or for smaller businesses with up to five people using the printer on a regular basis. This series is a high performer and will produce prints that look sharp and professional every time. OfficeJet ink cartridge installation is simple and ink for HP 6960 is easy to find online and in stores so you will never be left in the lurch.

HP OfficeJet printers are exceedingly popular and there are plenty of purchase options for all budgets. You can opt for the latest model or go for something slightly older but still reliable. They are simple to install and connect easily to your computer network.

HP Envy Series

The HP Envy printer series is the ideal choice for anyone that needs a great, all-in-one, home printer. You can use it to print, scan and photocopy and connect to it wirelessly to make printing from any room a piece of cake.

If you have study requirements or kids that do homework, the print quality will not let them down and you can even use the in-built functions to print a range of fun sheets to keep the family entertained. There are HP Envy models to suit all price ranges and you can be safe in the knowledge that whichever you choose, it will be able to handle everything you throw at it!

HP LaserJet Series

HP also offer larger printer options for bigger businesses and these tend to fall in the LaserJet series. These models are great if you are looking for a piece of kit that will print rapidly, handle multiple user accounts, and offer a sleek and robust addition to your large office space.

However, to get hold of one of these, it is sensible to discuss your specific requirements with a HP dealer so that you end up with the perfect machine that works for everyone at work!

Other Considerations

When you have decided which printer you want you will also need to consider what other things you will need to purchase. HP ink replacement is one of the most expensive parts of maintaining a printer and interestingly the best ink HP is not always genuine replacements. Instead, opting for a replacement ink from a specialist ink company like Smart Ink will help you to keep your overheads low so that you can enjoy your printer to the fullest.

All in all, the type of printer you go for needs to suit your individual requirements and fit in with your budget. Take the time to shop around for a good deal before you invest and then ensure that you take good care of it so that it lasts for many years to come.

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