The Better the Game Booster, the Easier the Game Optimization

It’s essential for a gamer to have an optimized PC to play games for experiencing higher resolution and smoother operation. Generally, you can optimize your gaming PC with updating the hardware or by a third-party program. Here we are going to introduce you a PC optimizer –Smart Game Booster to accelerate your gaming speed.

Step 1. Free download Smart Game Booster on its official website and install it with the guideline.

Step 2. Launch and run this Game Booster, then boost your computer in one click.

boost your computer

Once boosted, your system is in an optimized status and you can play any games on your computer with the highest performance.

Besides the basic game boost, Smart Game Booster also offers a way to super boost your Windows. The advanced overclocking technology helps users explore potential performance of your graphics card and maximize it for better gaming experience.

Under “Metrics”, Smart Game Booster displays the temperature of your CPU, GPU, hard disk and motherboard, also the fan’s rotating speed. When you are in games, it is a good FPS monitor that can help you have an overview of your FPS and how your hardware performs. Without switching back to the desktop, you can enjoy the best gaming experience.

Game Booster display

Smart Game Booster provides a one-click solution for game optimization not only in games, but also before a game. It’s a game booster, plus a driver updater and GPU temp monitor. It can help you update the outdated graphics driver and audio driver to improve your in-game experience.

Smart Game Booster provider

With its online tools, like Speaker test, you are free to check if your head phone and speaker is working properly while in games. It is very easy to use. You only need to click the left-facing arrow or the right-facing arrow to test the stereo sound online. If your speakers and headphone are connected and working correctly, you will hear a sound coming from the left or right speaker.

Why Smart Game Booster is Necessary for Gamers?

One-click Game Boost

With Smart Game Booster, there is no need to stop processes one by one, nor releasing disk space step by step. All things are settled in just one click. Boost before games and restore after games, your PC is running in a new face.

Automatic overclock

You will never worry about discovering higher graphics performance by your own. Smart Game Booster gives you an automatic and secure solution to super boost your gaming PC. It helps to overclock your graphics card for up to 30% higher performance. According to multiple tests, the older your configuration is, the better overclocking result you might get.

Automatic overclock

Smart Driver Updater

Once there is a driver update available, Smart Game Booster will help you make the update smartly when the system is idle. You don’t need to check them one by one in Device Manager or consider the compatibility of the driver and the system.

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