The Importance of a Custom Sign for Your Business


Custom Sign for Your Business

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Are you trying to find a way to enhance your business? To become recognizable and create a brand? Do you want everyone to know the name of your company? All you need is a catchy or original name, and you can order your custom sign. Custom signs for business are essential if you want to go big and become successful, but also if you are a beginner.

How can a newcomer stand out from the rest of the crowd? How can someone who is in business for years and wants to improve, attract new clients? By creating a new logo or a sign. You can have a good product, but if your logo, motto, and design are not modern, catchy, or aesthetically pleasing, your business will suffer.

Build a Brand

A mistake that small business owners sometimes make is that they believe branding is reserved only for large companies. Building a brand will help your business grow and create an identity. Now, branding includes a lot of visual elements, so it is essential to do that part right. A sign is not just something that shows people where your business is; it is a powerful tool for attracting new clients and customers without much effort.

Since people are attracted by visual signs and messages, designing an amazing and unique sign for your business is an essential part of branding. Carefully pick the colors that represent you and your business, logo, font, and material, because all those elements are essential for a good sign. If you already run a small business and you are not satisfied with how things are going, try refreshing your company with a new logo, message, or a sign.

Show Your Personality

A good sign should represent you and your business properly. A fast-food corner shop will not have the same visual solution as a law office or language school. It is important to define the personality of your company, target a specific group of clients, and create your visual identity that will correspond to that.

Passive Marketing

In 2012, FedEx conducted a survey that showed that 8 out of 10 people would enter into a new store only because the signage was looking nice. So it is an investment you make once, and then it just works for you. Creative and colorful signs can even become famous for Instagram pictures, so an instagramable sign can bring you many more audiences and potential clients than you could imagine.

Ideas for Custom Made Signs

No one knows your business and clients better than you, so it essential that you take part in creating the visual identity of your brand. You do not have to design it, but you can give your ideas and suggestions to a professional who will know how to transform them into an effective sign. It is also important that you work with someone who can understand your vision and business politics; hence, here are some of the benefits you can gain with custom made signs.

  • Lightboxes – if you want to draw attention, outdoor lightboxes are one of the best ways to do it. You can place it right in front of your business, or even better, place it somewhere further, where it can show a direction to you and attract people who do not even know your business is just around the corner.
  • Metal sign – metal signs are a classic but still highly effective solution, whether they are set by the road or in front of your door. Here it is essential to come up with a good design, something simple, in primary colors, that will be eye-catching and easy to read. Do not forget to use backlit, so your sign can be visible during the evening and night.
  • Neon signs – there is something charming about those retro neon signs. They attract attention, especially during the night, but they can be interesting to see during the day as well. Just make sure your logo or message is readable, and feel free to play with fonts and possibilities.
  • Bold lettering – a simple solution is to go with letters only, but you have to choose the best possible font because it needs to be readable from every angle. You can make it in 3D or just print the name of your business and lighten it. This can also be placed right above the door, or somewhere nearby, to show direction.
  • Colors – red, green, yellow, and blue are the most eye-catching colors, and everyone can spot them easily. If you write your message or business name in white on a red background, for example, you can be sure it is going to be noticed. Just do not put too much information, keep it simple, and be creative with fonts.

An Extra Tip for You

An Extra Tip for You



If you are hesitant whether or not to use a light sign, you are surely thinking about the costs and all the electricity it’s going to spend. Here we would like to remind you of the benefits of LED lights that are more environmentally-friendly, and they also save your money because you do not have to replace them as often as the regular bulbs. Their maintenance is easy, install them, and do not worry, you will not have to replace them for years. Every LED bulb can save you approximately $100 in comparison to regular light bulbs.

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Many people still do not realize the importance of a good custom design for business signs. Some do not think it is important, and others do not want to invest in it. Good design comes with a price, and sometimes going for a cheaper solution and poor design can have an entirely negative effect. Just like people are attracted to good and visually appealing signs, the bad ones repel them, so keep that in mind before you opt to save a few bucks on your logo. Investing in your visual identity will pay off in the long run.

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