The Kitchen of Today: Grab These 7 Smart Kitchen Appliances For Your Home

The Kitchen of Today: Grab These 7 Smart Kitchen Appliances For Your Home

As technology keeps getting more interesting and smarter, the appliances in the kitchen that we use every day become more advanced too. You can now talk to your devices and control them by just using the internet connection and your phone.

In today’s time, you can upgrade your kitchen by investing in the new wave of smart kitchen appliances and devices which can make cooking and clean-up much easier. With that, here are the seven smart gadgets you might need to help you do your task inside your cooking area.

A Smart Refrigerator

One of the essential appliances in the kitchen is the refrigerator. Through the advancement of technology, the regular fridge gets smarter. It has an advanced feature that enhances its functionality inside the kitchen.

A smart refrigerator is not only for freezing meats, but it can also take an inventory of what’s inside your fridge and place an order of the items that are about to run out. Through WiFi connectivity, your smart fridge can receive new software updates that could make it smarter and stay up-to-date.

This smart appliance offers efficiency and convenience mainly because of its advanced features. However, the features and characteristics of every smart refrigerator also vary from its manufacturer.

A Smart Oven Range

In renovating and designing your kitchen, choosing the best appliances is also a factor to get your job done. You need to have smart appliances that can help you boost your performance inside the kitchen. With that, you can choose a smart oven range to cook any dish.

Smart Oven Range is an electric range that includes Bluetooth or Wifi to connect the gadget to the specific mobile app. It will make your cooking session more convenient and more manageable. The specific mobile app for your device will allow you to control the smart oven to set automatic functions.

It can also be activated through voice controls and may connect with other smart home devices. Smart Oven has the same features as the conventional ovens, but they have more flexible induction burners and cooktop configurations that can make you cook easier and faster.

A Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker

Having a Smart Slow Cooker inside your kitchen can make your cooking job easier. This smart appliance can adjust the cooking settings wherever you are. In using a specific mobile app for your smart slow cooker, you can check on the cook-time, temperature, and even change the settings to warm or turn off the device using your smartphone.

Having a crock-pot smart in your kitchen can make your cooking more convenient than ever. This device also requires a lesser amount of electricity compared to a regular oven.

A Smart Coffee Maker

A perfect cup of coffee is always the best thing in the morning. That’s the reason why you need a Smart Coffee Maker inside your kitchen. This appliance can be controlled by an app downloaded to your smartphone.

Smart coffee makers allow you to have your favourite coffee in an instant. You can also control its timer through your smartphone. Using this kitchen appliance, you can now start making your cup of coffee every morning even before getting out of bed.

A Grocery List Scanner

Do you wish to have a device that can help you solve your forgetfulness regarding your grocery shopping and manage your grocery list? If you do, this grocery list scanner will be perfect for you.

Barcodes are not just for cashiers in a supermarket anymore. To add an item to your shopping list, you need to swipe the item’s barcode in this grocery list scanner to recognize that you want to include it on your grocery list. If you’re going to add a product without a barcode, you can simply hold the item in front of the scanner for a few seconds, and then it will be added to your list.

It connects to your home wifi router to be able to add items to the shopping list in the mobile app. With the help of this smart appliance, you can manage all the stocks you need to buy in the grocery store.

A Smart Plate

Are you one of those health conscious people that only wants healthy food on the top of their plate? If you are, then you can use a Smart Plate to be your personal nutritionist. Upgrade your plate today to this smart gadget that can identify, analyze and weigh everything you eat in just a few seconds.

This smart plate is a nutrition tracking device that recommends a plant-based and nutritious food that is best for your health goals. This plate is Bluetooth and WiFi enabled and equipped with weight sensors and three mini cameras.  

If you put too much on the smart plate, it will alert you. These smart gadget can weighs and identifies various foods in a snap and can track macronutrients and micronutrients easily and accurately.

WiFi Meat Thermometer

Cooking meat in your kitchen just got easier and more convenient with a WiFi Meat Thermometer. Now, you can grill or smoke meat to perfection without checking and double checking the progress.

This meat thermometer has a built-in LCD that shows the temperature recordings, connectivity status and its battery life. It is connected on your tablet or phone via WiFi.

WiFi Meat Thermometer delivers temperature and cooking notification through its companion mobile app on your smartphone. The app predicts the cooking time and tracks the remaining time before it will perfectly cook. This connectivity lets you check the progress of the meat using your phone while doing other tasks.


The advancement of technology leads to endless possibilities. In this modern time,  you can now have a wireless connection to the appliances you need inside your kitchen. You can control it wherever and whenever you are. You can prepare your coffee even when you are not home yet. It can also help you look out on your diet and organize your shopping list.

Investing in the smart appliances listed above can upgrade your kitchen and your cooking performance. You can also buy Aicool Smart Trash Can to update your kitchen.

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