Business Guide On How To Optimize Google Featured Snippets

What are Google featured snippets? How they help the users to generate more traffic? When you search Google today, you may find it’s not the same old version. Well, in the recent update of Google, you will find many changes. Today, we will discuss the talk of the town, ‘Google Featured Snippets.’

What are Featured Snippets?

Google’s featured snippets are the results which are found above the organic results of Google and below the ads in a box. They are also well-known as ‘answer boxes’ and are known to answer customer’s query right away. So, you get more information.

There are three types of featured snippets:

  • List – Where an answer is given in the list form.
  • Paragraph – Where the answer is given in the box. This can be a box with both text and image or simply text.
  • Table – In this, the answer is given in table form.

Google’s attempts to meet user’s needs, keep people using their site, and optimize their platform for voice and mobile search user.

Google is doing pretty good to satisfy its users. What do you think?

What are Featured Snippets?

How To Optimize For Featured Snippets?

For all those who are looking for information on optimizing Google featured snippets in search, we are incorporating a few tips that will help you do this. Let’s check out!

➤ Use SEMrush to find the competitor’s snippets

Well, there is no magic button to rank your site on top. SEMrush is a great analytics resource, and it’s a great tool to find the featured snippets.

You can use this tool to know about the featured snippets earned by your competitors. Not just that, you will also get to know which featured snippet you are ranking for.

For that, you need to run the regular domain search and click “Organic Research.” you can even filter the keywords by simply clicking on the “Advanced Filter Option.”

And, once you know the snippets of your competitors, you can optimize your content accordingly. Isn’t that great?

Remember to keep a check on other keywords as well that can be used to rank your site.

➤ Use Google to uncover snippet opportunities

Think like your audience! One of the best ways to find the snippets to optimize content is to start thinking like your audience.

What do you think people are trying to know? Understand what will be the common queries and optimize the snippets accordingly. When you search for anything on google, let’s say “Web Development Company.” You will find information in the paragraph form at the top. In case, you are not satisfied with the results, you can look at the queries in “People also ask” section. Just keep on expanding and get results.

This is a great idea to identify the competitor and an easy way to take the content idea.  Isn’t that a quick way to steal the snippet with less time and effort?

➤ Get content ideas on Answer the Public

As we all know, there are many questions about the featured snippets. So, you have to answer Where, Why, When, What, or Who.

Wondering, how to find these questions? Well, one of the best ways to do so is Answer the Public.

For example you want to know about a particular topic. When you search, you will get endless suggestions related to the topic. You can then pick the angle you want to take and accordingly focus on the section you want.

When doing so, keep in mind, that you are required to do some keyword research and choose the words which are SEO-friendly.

➤ Do the keyword research properly

Don’t forget it! Do some good keyword research. To get featured snippets, you need to optimize your keyword research.

Doing the research will help uncover the featured snippets used by the competitors. Plus, if you have ranked a particular keyword, then make sure you check if the latest Google update features snippets to those keywords.

You can format your content accordingly.

➤ Better to stay within the optimal word count

Keep your section concise so that Google can easily feature your content. It is best to section off your paragraphs, lists, and steps, instead of putting them all together.

In SEMrush, the common length of content featured snippets is between 40-50 words. So, try to stay within it.

You can also use headers to break the content.

➤ Add “How-to” section to the website

The featured snippets are a great way to gain leads and attract the traffic. Add “how-to” section to your section and redesign it in a smart way.

Adding a Q&A section to your website is also a great idea.  This area will include answers to the frequently asked questions on products or services.

➤  Add quality images and videos

People love to learn visually, and that’s the reason why adding photos and videos can help to rank the snippets. Adding these effects to your content makes it eye-pleasing to the audience and attracts traffic.


Google featured snippets are on the rise and not going anywhere soon. Now, that you know to rank for featured snippets, you can take the lead. Follow these tips and get ready to experience top-rankings.

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