The Most Innovative Mobile Apps for Healthcare Customers

Mobile Apps for Healthcare Customers

Technology has transformed almost every sector of the economy. Several mobile applications are being invented for the purposes of improving human lives.

When it comes to the health sector, both doctors and patients have benefited a great deal from various mobile applications. The health industry is one of the areas where mobile apps have yielded a lot of benefits.

The work of doctors and nurses has been made easy by mobile apps that enable them to monitor the health of their patients and make prescriptions remotely. On the other hand, patients have also benefited immensely from these innovations.

There are several devices that are designed to monitor the health status of patients. For example, such devices can determine the blood pressure, heart rate, or sugar levels of a patient and send alerts to their respective doctors.

Below are some of the most innovative apps for healthcare customers:

  1. ClotMD

As the name suggests, ClotMD links patients who require anticoagulation medicine with healthcare providers. It also allows the two parties to communicate on a real-time basis.

Other than connecting patients to healthcare providers, ClotMD also has several other in-built features including the following:

  • Dosage calculation
  • Management of INBR levels
  • Dietary library
  • Tracks a patient’s progress and shares the same information with healthcare providers
  • Provides real-time alerts concerning checkups and other appointments
  1. Doximity

Doximity mobile app is mainly focused on improving service delivery for healthcare providers. The app was invented by the same company that founded Epocrates. Doximity improves efficiency by eliminating time wastage while communicating.

The mobile app offers network infrastructure and tools so that doctors across the country can collaborate in assisting patients. For instance, if a physician wants to seek help from another physician, he or she can easily search for more than 5,67000 doctors on the platform.

To make work easy, a physician can narrow down the search by filtering information using location, specialty, language, clinical interest, insurance, or hospital affiliation.

  1. Medici

Most app development companies follow 5 steps to develop a health app. These steps include finding industry-specific insights that help them nail down the best features to include in the app. Amongst the most requested features is the ability to chat with physicians without necessarily making an appointment.

Medici is an innovative mobile app that gives patients an opportunity to call, video chat, and even text their physicians, therapists, or any other healthcare providers.

The main purpose of this Medici is to try and do away with the burden and cost of visiting a hospital for a checkup. This is considering the fact that some patients, especially from poor backgrounds fail to visit hospitals due to lack of funds or insurance.

By conducting consultancy services online, physicians are able to increase their productivity as well as save patients the burden of visiting hospitals.

The mobile app allows patients to ask health-related questions, receive lab results plus prescriptions, and work together with physicians via secure communication channels.

  1. Talkspace

This is another great innovative mobile app for healthcare customers. It is mainly used to handle patients who have mental issues. It connects licensed therapists with patients in different localities.

Talkspace allows patients to communicate with therapists through text messages, video chats, and voice calls.

So far, more than one million people aged 13 years and above have downloaded and used the app. The platform has several licensed therapists who offer their services for not more than $50 a week.

  1. is a unique healthcare app that provides a number of tools to healthcare providers to be able to view a patient’s prescription and medical history and make diagnosis accordingly.

Below are the primary features of

  • Digital storage of medical records and files
  • Personalized healthcare plans
  • Care team contact information
  • Custom reminders and health tasks

These apps are just some of the best healthcare apps out there. As the COVID virus continues to change the way that people live, we can expect that more apps will be launched to help connect patients with physicians and healthcare providers.

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