The new German guru in the market of high-quality watches

The German company brings the authentic and historical legacy of watches to our age again. This is due to the super-intelligent construction protected into the new watches. You will be deeply astonished by the massive new changing design brought to the new watch. No one can deny that the new Neomatik caliber DUW 6101 from the German leader NOMOS Glashütte represents a new game-changing look for the company’s new age. If you love the comfort and the self-esteem feeling, then the new Neomatik is dedicated to you without any small doubt.

The new watch specifications from NOMOS Glashütte

The watch has a diameter of 35.2 millimeters. It is not that large; this fact makes it handy for your wrist. It is about e 3.6 millimeters height; it makes it more clearly for everybody around you. It is, actually, the best choice for you if you want a classy and luxury look for your daily meeting. It is generally made to wear in the area between the wrist and your shirt cuff. It will fit all your wearing accessories too. Since the design has an astonishing, look but simpler than any other model from the company.

As a matter of fact, the swing system of Nomos Glashütte handles you the best precision when it comes to time, it is based on tempered blue balance spring. Actually, the new watch has an automatic Caliber DUW 3001 that is more expensive than Nomos Club outfitted with the Alpha caliber which costs at €1,080, with a starting price of €2,520 in the Neomatik Ludwig. The new model is much expensive than any other player in the same range. However, the new Neomatik watch has a very modern, enticing and freshly well-designed manufacture caliber with less than 3.2 mm in the height factor. Truth be told, the new model is more performant and can deliver you the best automatic routine for your needs.

The pricing and the quality of features embedded in the new watch

This is a real example of how a German Company takes care of its audience. It always handles the handiest and effective prices in order to fit with their client’s buying ability.  Nomos Glashütte was trying hard to keep its prices at a humane level, at the same place; they ensure the top quality of services for their fans and watch collectors around the entire globe. This is the main reason why the company is among the top watchmaker when we talk about the mechanical watch in Germany.

The watch renowned typography, classic and refined, a masterpiece of straightforwardness—Tangent is the shortest connection between the heart and the head. The new model from the giant and the reputed company provides a Tempered blue hand on a white silver-plated dial, high precision when it comes to timing for sure.

The case is definitely stainless steel and it has a tripartite stainless steel back too. In addition to that, we have a galvanized dial with a white silver-plated. The hands are from steel with tempered blue. The Strap is made from However, Genuine Shell Cordovan black with a lug width 18 mm.

When we talk about the GLASS, we have sapphire crystal glass; it made the watch steadier and harder to get cracked. The WINDING is a complete manual. The watch ah the best DIMENSIONS, it is diameter 35.0 mm and about height 6.2 mm.

On the other hand, the watch is not completely water-resistant, accordingly, make sure to never dive with it or try to practice water sports or activities that may damage it. The slash-proof of the watch is about three atm. Back to the design and beauty of the watch, it inspires its look from the beautiful outstanding materials such as luxury leather.

We are talking about one of the finest leathers in the world. However, Genuine Shell Cordovan stands for Smoothness, thickness, power and steady; it suits every watch and lover no matter what kind of interest he loves.

The watch is crafted from the black original wood. It is actually the best mixture of luxury and nowadays watch brands. This is among the main factors that made the Germany company stay at the top of completion.

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