The Next Big Thing in Android App Development

Do you know there are 2.7 billion smartphone users across the world? No wonder the mobile app industry is booming. The penetration of smartphones and app usage is growing at a steady pace, and there are no signs of slowing down whatsoever.

Android App Development

Look around you, and I am sure you will notice that everyone has a smartphone in their hands, with their eyes glued onto their screens. Among these users, most are a fan of the Android operating system because it’s easy to use and packed with features.

Key Statistics about Android

Check out what the statistics have to stay about the Android market:

  • There are 2.5 million active monthly Android users
  • The share of Android in the global mobile OS market is 85%
  • The percentage of all Android devices connected to the Internet worldwide is 37.93%
  • Android’s share in the US mobile OS market is 62%
  • In 2024, the amount spent by Android users in the USA on Google Play Store was $1.1 billion.

5. New Android App Development Trends

Being an expert in software development, you must keep yourself updated with the mobile app trends. Even if you are a smaller or large business looking to outsource a coder or a developer, it’s essential to stay educated in the Android app development arena. So let’s review the top 5 trends:

  1. Artificial Intelligence and App Development Strategies

Most developers in the community are learning more about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. When Deep Learning has collaborated with ML, it can do wonders for any Android app project. It offers valuable data to perform real-time analysis.

It is expected that the AI industry will rise to $40 billion by the year 2024. On the other hand, the ML industry is growing at a rate of 42 percent. It is likely to reach up to $9 billion by 2024.

AI technology is a hit launch, but there is still a need to learn about its features and components. Chatbots, for instance, will be playing a significant role in deploying AI technology. As a developer, you might have already integrated a chatbot in an app or website.

There will come a time when chatbots will be used as virtual assistants. You will feel as if you are communicating with a real person. In the field of medical, AI can limit toxicity in cancer treatment by helping physicians find suitable treatment options. This is just one example; the use of chatbots in various fields goes beyond our imagination.

  1. Deployment of VR and AR into More Mobile Apps

More and more mobile apps are adapting to AR and VR. It has been happening since 2024. These apps offer real-world experience. Consider the example of Pokémon Go. All elements of the game – people, trees, grass, and sky seem real. You see them through your smartphone’s camera. But when you look away from your smartphone, these elements don’t exist.

Pokémon Go was a massive success in the world of gaming. It had 5 million active users across the globe. This innovation encouraged more and more companies to tap into VR and AR into Android app development to bring more revenue for their business.

However, one of the many random fun facts about Pokemon Go is that during the 5 months of its release, game-related accidents increased by 26.5%.

Big names like Samsung, Sony, and Facebook, have already produced VR enabled devices and apps. Viewers are stunned to view places and services as if they are real. Have a look at some compelling reasons to start building AR and VR mobile apps:

Improved Business Efficiency 

This technology has improved the way businesses carry out operations. Travel cost has reduced, and time management has improved. This transformation has enabled companies to improve their operations.

A Robust Experience 

People love to use their mobile devices for carrying out activities like paying a bill or shopping online. With VR enabled apps, they can try and test a product before making the actual purchase. Such an amazing virtual experience brings more customer satisfaction than ever.

Better User Engagement 

Ask any app developer, and they would say User Interface is the most crucial factor. VR and AR-enabled apps can improve UI and bring more user engagement. When an individual is using a fully immersed app that offers real life-like experience, it will increase the level of satisfaction, wouldn’t it? As a result, customer loyalty will increase.

  1. 5G Technology and Android Apps 

Since 5G technology is rolling, it is hard to ignore it. In fact, for mobile app developers, this technology is about to transform the experience forever. You will be surprised to know that thousands of developers have started to use 5G mobile technology to improve the functionality of their apps for speed, data security, AR, 3D gaming, and adding several other features that make the app even more amazing.

If you want more and more users to download your mobile app, there must be some amazing features in your app, and 5G will power the best of them. They will enjoy more speed than ever.

With features like low network latency and network slices, you would be able to improve the responsiveness of your app and speed, of course. Do you know that the AT&T 5G innovation program is assisting in creating new customer experience by using 5G? This program encourages mobile app developers to bring new 5G ideas to life.

Apart from all that, developers must use 5G network speed for not just developing but testing their apps. The apps that are developed in areas where high-speed cellular services and fast Wi-Fi is available to operate fine even in limited speed options.

  1. Instant Apps 

Instant mobile apps are in the rage. If you are wondering what an instant mobile app is, let’s give you a brief overview.

They are called the Universal Android Solution having the power and speed of a native app and the ease of a web app. They look like regular apps and operate like regular apps too. The only difference is that you don’t have to download anything. In case you are wondering, instant apps don’t live on your phone. Using them is similar to browsing a web page on your phone. Once the window is closed, the app disappears.

Instant apps are not just getting popular among everyday users but for businesses too. They are tapping into these apps for better conversion. Using the instant mobile application NY Times and Hollar have improved their conversation rate by 27 and 20 percent. This might be the exact change your mobile app needs.

Many brands in the gaming industry, such as Hothead and King, have improved the rate of player acquisition by using instant mobile apps. Instant apps are smaller in size as well but packed with great functionalities. They can offer a promising user experience without taking extra space in the memory of your phone.

In case you are worried, instant apps don’t have that many limitations when it comes to Android app development. Features such as videos, account signup, and purchases can be easily added to the app just like it’s done in a regular app. You can also use these apps for targeting specifically. You can also deliver a specific portion to the app to the user for a particular time (like a trial version). This would lock the rest of the application until the user pays for and downloads the full version.

  1. Mobile Wallets 

Lots of customers shifted towards m-commerce when IoT and other decentralized platforms centered the segment of mobile payment. This was a great move as mobile apps supporting secured transactions were built.

Samsung is using mobile wallets to provide its customers with a safe and convenient platform for carrying out transactions and pay bills. The Samsung mobile wallet app is encrypted. It ensures that the money of the user remains safe. Mobile wallets have been trending because of Internet payment systems. Fast and secure channels for processing transactions are in demand.

Google Wallet sets the bar for mobile wallet apps. It’s available for Android users. You just have to add a debit card and consider all purchases and transactions become simplified. It offers excellent protection of your personal data. It works fine with not just mobile devices with web developers. You can also view the entire history of transactions. You can use this digital wallet on thousands of online stores to make successful purchases.


Open the Google Play Store app, and you will see thousands of apps each competitive with another one. To develop a successful mobile app, it is not just important to hire the most experienced Android development company but also to keep updated with the latest mobile app trends.

We hope that the insights shared here to give you all the necessary information to understand and follow the latest trends.

For some businesses, it may be challenging to identify the benefits. If that’s the case with you as well, it is suggested to reach out to an expert in the Android app development industry. Discuss with the IT experts how you can integrate these features in your next business app and bring more engagement.

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