The Surprising Impact of Social Media On B2B Lead

At first glance or rather acquaintance, B2B social media marketing may seem to appear like a corporate world you do not want to enter. Admittedly, business and social is an odd combination to go together. What with a sterile online environment boring you with impatience to get back to social media you are accustomed to. However, the fact is businesses are there not only to generate interest but also provide an opportunity (gated entry) for customers proactively looking for products or services.

Social Media

When we think of socializing our business, we want to pep up things to move along faster. Our emerging and faster evolving digital information highway is providing newer ways to integrate and mingle all kinds of activities with the proliferating use of online social media. Here is a rich customer-mine, which if explored correctly, can generate leads exponentially. In the end it is all about crossing that chasm between you and potential customers. It is about active conversions of speed surfers into a wider customer base.

This post examines some of the most important aspects regarding B2B lead generation, generating leads through social media, tactics for B2B lead generation and how to find insurance lead providers online.

Social networking is offering unlimited scope for B2B businesses. Yes, generating genuine leads that give your ROI a positive boost could be just a click away. It can pull up a company’s bottom line for a much needed positive outlook towards the future.

What is the online digital communications secret to turn a lethargic account into a lead generating automaton almost overnight?

Five ways detailed below may show you the way for a good start.

1. Concentrating On a Single Channel for Full Impact

Businesses looking quality B2B leads need to become aware of the best social media channel that can fulfill all their needs. LinkedIn is the first choice among 94% of our businesses. It makes sense to concentrate on provide maximum inputs to this channel for generating more leads in less time. Businesses are also quick to name Twitter as the second choice. B2B companies must get into the social networks in a most proactive way and analyze what works for them.

For example when we embarked on generating leads for a B2B SaaS company client, we had this profile:

  1. LinkedIn 44.70%
  2. Facebook 30.70%
  3. Twitter 13.01%
  4. Quora 7.91%

Admittedly, there must be some science to why Social networks range variously by the number of acquired leads.

Since Facebook offered us three times more leads than twitter contrary to popular belief, we got a new opportunity to pursue our lead generating efforts.

Popularity of Twitter for generating business has come down drastically in recent times. Hence identifying social media channels most effective is a case of basing decision on your own data.

Using google analytics and tracking tools is the best way to establish detailed statistics on website traffic. While there are plenty of social media to choose from – LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, Quora, Reddit, YouTube, Medium, Instagram and Pinterest, you can choose to go the professional way to manage your lead generation. Tracking platforms like Click Meter offer exact data which pinpoints to a greater degree of accuracy on where your traffic is coming from.

Product and content type will often determine which channel works best for you. Tracking results gives a direction to your efforts. You start concentrating on what works to generate quality B2B lead generation for your company.

Don’t forget to use custom tabs in Facebook, twitter cards in twitter, publishing platform and SlideShare in LinkedIn. Your YouTube video annotations should be backed up with the support of clickable CTAs. Unique features boost efforts at lead generation.

2. Synchronizing Efforts with Support and Sales Follow Ups

The new millennial’s have arrived. More than 90% consumers rely on social media daily to get brand knowledge. Since you are making the changeover to digital marketing, conscious synchronization of social media teams, support teams as well as sales department is a must. Failure to cooperate will only result in losses both in terms of unexplored leads and easier revenue. Move potential customers along the sales funnel smoothly.

Align your departments to target public understanding about your business and what it offers. Attract exclusive insurance leads while tracking effective social channels. Cooperation ensures smoother handling of current customer requests.

A professional support team can pinpoint what ails consumers and potential customers. They can suggest effective content ideas to marketing. Blogs, articles and social media posts along with help center should reflect customers concerns in order to offer considerable value.  Build trust fast if you want to impress prospects.

3. Personalize with gated premium content

Generating quality leads can be greatly enhanced by promoting the use of premium gated content. Those unfamiliar with exactly what ‘gated content’ means must understand it first. All online material like white papers, eBooks, articles and videos make it compulsory for users to fill a form in order to gain access. This form asking for a name and an email address becomes your gate to content. Gated content can generate excellent B2B leads for in-demand products/services.

Promote content or pin it on social accounts. Change cover photos or use custom tabs. Well planned promotions can incorporate gated content – form for access – to drive leads to your website at super-fast speeds.

4. Two Way Communication Is Being Super Sociable

Social media is a two-way digital information highway. Defecting to competitive bidders is very high amongst the millennial consumers. If you ignore social support be sure 1 in 3 will defect immediately. Responsibility is all about the ability to respond on time and in a most effective manner.

Social media is giving us a unique opportunity to act as a ‘trusted friend’ rather than a sterile corporate identity. Increase your social engagements simple and quick using the following points.

  • Doing research

Analyze target audience and tracking behavior. Interests, locations and activity times indicate important data. You can produce accurate content and target ads from lead generation tactics

  • Personification animates even premediated responses

When customers get a feel of interacting with a real person, communication gets personal. Posting content in first person and signing comments as well as sharing comments gives a personalized touch. Crystalize real time insurance leads by simply being aware constantly when you are online.

  • Tagging influencer’shelps you do undo unto others as you want others do unto you

Online blog, article, PR and social media content cannot get along without mentioning plenty of influencers. Emailing these people or better yet, tagging them on social media immediately pull them into your web of networking effectively. Influencers noticing support are bound to return the favor.

  • Listen attentively

Yes you can listen intently on the digital information highway too! Listening means keep both your eyes as well as your ears open. Monitor your tracking conversations to build a loyal online brand community.

  • Initiative gives you the lead

Responding instantly saves your audience from looking elsewhere. Track and engage online discussions to generate prospective leads. Free advice, answers to queries, probing for information with simple and quick queries of your own engage and entertain potential customers.

5. Social Media Is THE WAY to Follow Online Surfers

Tweaking and tuning strategies effectively will gain enhanced traffic to your websites. However, the next step is to ensure responsive websites that adapt to all screens and devices. More than 80% consumers rely on smartphones for online engagement. Especially landing pages should be responsive, lightweight and fast. Forms and buttons with technical issues may block progress making you lose important leads.

Become an impressive B2B entity in no time. Conversions are all about arresting the slightest interest and making surfers spend a lot more time with you than they plan. Tracking website pixels for being competitively responsive is a must. Ensure this is done by your support team.

In Conclusion

If you have not yet started you must be dreading the prospect of success with your new project. However, a job well begun is a job half done. Once you begin your efforts, investing time and money, optimizing social channels proves to be an important game changer.

Once again, concentrate on the most profitable channel with maximum inputs with what works best for you. Follow up each lead as if it is the last one crucial for your survival. Coordinate teams and bombard potential customers with target ads.

These five surefire winning ways will enhance B2B lead generating tactics with optimum use of your social media channels.


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